Three That Fly (2011)

1. Birds.

2. Airplanes.

3. Cockroaches.


One would have to agree-

That if some are seen crawling

on a plane, they are riding for free.

Three Ways To Know You Are Lucky (2011)

1. Your lotto number came in.

2. You have many friends, who
really care.

3. You were aboard that burning plane,
and made it to safety.
With an engine on fire, landing in Singapore-
With thankful passengers, and so much more.

Three Ways To See Germany (2010)

1. Take a plane.

2. Order a brochure.

3. Google.
One can do-
20 of the biggest
cities through Street View.

Three To See In The Sky (2012)

1. A bird.

2. A plane.

3. The world’s largest ferris wheel.


The New York Wheel-

On Staten Island, at 625-feet,

for both riders, and those on

the ground, a good deal.

Three ways for Texans to get to Louisiana (2007)

1. By car.

2. By plane.

3. Via a Harris County bus.
Prisoners getting into the groove-
Patiently waiting on their privitized move.


Three Snakes Found (2017)

1. On the plain.

2. On an airplane.

3. In the bathroom.
A sure bet-
A surprise found lurking
in the toilet.




Three Places To Sleep (2016)

1. Bed.
2. Train.
3. Plane.
More room, a treat-
To purchase that
empty seat.





Three Ways To See The World (2016)

1. Plane.
2. Train.
3. Pics.
Dedicated photographer-
To cause a worldwide stir.





Three In The Sky (2016)

1. Birds.
2. Planes.
3. UFO’s.
Spotted all the time-
In much rhythm and rhyme.




Three Ways To Travel (2016)

1. Train.
2. Plane.
3. Recipe.
Far away faced-
On your table, great taste.




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