Three Shelters

1. Bomb.
2. Hurricane.
3. Tender age?
Protections from danger
to face-
With the third one simply
being labeled an
American disgrace.



Three Not To Forget

1. Children taken from parents.

2. Children shipped across the country.

3. Children used as pawns by the United States of America.


And so Trump says he saw worse via Obama in 2014?

To trust a man who did the above after supposedly

knowing what he knew and what he had seen?

(Coming from the original creator of fake news…)

P. S. Trump alone caused this and Trump alone is gonna fix this………




Crazy are the days-

When the one responsible needs praise,

For this dirty deed had been done-

By this certain narcissistic one.

Who needs no praise, while he untangles this

horrible self-made maze.




An executive order suddenly?

How could that possible be?

Disgraceful behavior seen and swirled-

All throughout the world.

Otherwise the WH would have kept up this til eternity.


P. S. This situation did not affect the WH until the world

saw it.



Thank You To Those With A Soul Throughout The World

Thanks goodness the world did not miss-

What the White House did and did take notice,

For more than likely this BS self serving press conference

would not have taken place-

It had to be done, in order for souless people to save face.

No apology of course from the narciccistic one to insist.


P.S. We will not allow the WH to rewrite this story…We

know exactly what they did and they need to be held accountable.

Voting is the best tool.



We Have Nothing To Feel Guilty About


Instead of just turning a monster situation around

Too much self gratifying happened to be found,

Children are suffering and will continue to do so-

While we listen to politicians praise themselves through and through.

To drop the BS and let’s hurry up and try to soothe a child’s crying sound.



Three Things Not Said Right Now

1. We have made a mess.

2. We have ruined many lives.

3. We now need to put these families back together.


Not a moment to miss-

Sessions and WH, not the DEMOCRATS did this.

P.S. Kids were shipped around the country……………What a farce………..

Why was this not known beforehand? Weak minded leaders?


Three For Brave WH Man

1. Sign dangerous policy.
2. Implement dangerous policy.
3. Revoke dangerous policy after worldwide outrage.

And then as it were-
To make himself look like a savior.



P. S. Children were used as pawns

without any thoughts afterwards.

A shame and a disgrace.

Three To Own

1. Golf courses.
2. Hotels.
3. Children at border being
taken from their parents.
It was the White Houses’ will-
That was signed, sealed, and
delivered to create this ordeal.


Three Who Benefit From Suspension Of Major Joint Military Exercise Between U.S. And South Korea

1. China.

2. N. Korea.

3. Russia.


And according to Trump

through and through-

To save us money too.



Three Entrees For The DHS Secretary Nielsen

1. Taco.
2. Salsa.
3. Shame, shame, shame hollered by
those protesting her prescence.
Picking a high scale Mexican eatery
for dinner-
In this case appeared not to be a winner.

Three Reasons To Quit UN Human Rights Council On Tuesday

1. It is Anti-Israel?

2. It is hypocritical?

3. It is self serving that makes a mockery of human rights?


It is just a coincidence that on Monday-

An announcement was made by this council regarding Trump’s immigration

policy of separating children from parents illegally unconscionable

was underway.


P.S. In the meantime according to the WH Putin and Kim of N. Korea are rock stars.



Lies And More Lies

The lies

To rise,

3,251 so far and counting done-

Ain’t this so powerful and so much fun?.

Hell tends to be the ultimate prize.


Stop Hollering Fake News

Daddy it looks bad when tariffs thanks to you don’t purposely affect my bottom clothing line-

Daddy it looks bad when hubby and I gain so much money with WH positions to find.


But none of this looks as bad as what is going down on the border-

Our hollow hearts are showing and it looks like we have finally gone too far out of order.


To take away the children and then to do whatever we choose-

It looks like our narcissistic wrongful actions are being seen and condemned in the world news.



Hollow Cover

It was obvious that
anything would be done

To keep the truth on the run,
It was obvious that it was a
To distract, to put anyone in
front of a bus.
But to use children, is a
moral far fetching stun.


An Important Testimony


Three Going On At Moscow World Cup

1. Singing.

2. Chanting.

3. Beer-swilling.


So much so-

That the beer has almost been consumed

and is all but at the brink of running low.



Simple Decision?

To spin

Stephen Miller’s SIMPLE DECISION,

This is not my country-

As the entire world can see.

No where near a moral win.



Three More Complaints

1. Politicians.

2. Present and former First Ladies.

3. The United Methodist Church.


The United Methodist Church sent a signed

letter, condemning member Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions’

separation policy-

Citing child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination,

and other religious standards to be.



Three For Sale Online

1. Blankets.

2. Salt and pepper shakers.

3. Anything else not tied down.


Thieves to find-

Amongst passengers on any luxury airline.



Three Very Very Very Very Very Bad

1. Children ripped from parents.
2. This really really really bad policy.
3. The WH lies associated with the situation.
It was the Trump administrations’ will-
To initiate this zero tolerance policy (no law) back in April.


Three Press Steps

1. Turn news around if it does not agree with you.
2. Call it the lying press.
3. Agree with it when it is entirely state-controlled.
Sounds familiar?
Coming regular from WH and performed
in the past by Adolph Hitler.


Three About That Rip The Child Away From Their Parent “Policy”

1. Too harsh for George W. Bush administration.
2. Too harsh for Obama administration.
3. Just right for the Trump administration.
Not a law but a Trump zero policy-
Including bible quotes
what an audacity.


Three Required To Get An EB-1 “Einstein” Visa

1. You have your nails painted.
2. You buy plenty of clothing.
3. Your hair is always done.
Time spent getting an unqualified visa as
it was not meant-
And also acquiring more for both a parent.


Passing By Less

We waited for the train

With plenty of time and cars to gain,

For less will this train pass-

With more free time for vehicle traffic

to amass.

To only see a caboose head down the lane.



Three To Add To

1. Fast food order.

2. Plants on patio.

3. Cars on freight train.



With productivity stronger.


Three To Drag Up

  1. Same bible verse used to uphold slavery.
  2. Same bible verse used to uphold Nazi ideals.
  3. Same bible verse to uphold children being separated at the border from their parents.


A few words is all it took-

Taken directly from the Good Book.

Three To End

1. Hunger.
2. Children taken from their
parents at border.
3. The end to a ridiculous impeachment?
Ridiculous so they wish and say?
As we watch more and more
evidence gather each and everyday.


Help Thy Self

A sensation-

A private charity foundation,

For family members to access-

With patron and offspring knowing best.

In the meantime, true charity an abomination.



George Washington In The “Modern” Day

Narcissistic George Washington as best as he did try
Never told the truth, he often did lie,
Especially when it came to that cherry tree-
He couldn’t have done it, so who really did is a mystery.
In the end to find a bible verse to back up lies to fly.



Like Kim stand up to Trump at attention?
Is not how our country gets it done,
Especially with our time spent-
When it comes to respecting the USA and the president.
We have The Constitution and a dictator we have none.


Three That Might Be On The Pardon List

1. Charles Manson.
2. Al Capone.
3. John Wayne Gacy.
In the neighborhood once
known and found-
As one “TALENTED” clown.


Three Reminders Of The Talented One

1. Uncle executed.

2. Half brother assassinated.

3. American citizen Otto Warmbier.


So much time spent-

Giving certain persons

special treatment.


Three For Magic

1. Wave a wand.
2. Mix a potion.
3. Fly to Singapore.
To simply wave a wand-
And all of those decades
of danger are suddenly


Three To Believe

1. Mine was the biggest inauguration ever.
2. I was the biggest electoral college winner since Ronald Reagan.
3. After a quick trip to Singapore North Korea Poses No Nuclear Threat.
One more “story” after another-
One to brush under the rug to be
able to swallow the next and the other.

Three For Trump Moscow

  1. Fake news.
  2. Hoax.
  3. Witch hunt.


Not a beat to miss-

To keep the truth hidden

with much much practice.


Three Going On In North Korea

1. No sanctions?
2. No defensive war games?
3. Plenty of nuclear materials still being made?
North Korea one go-getter-
Don’t we all around the world feel
so much the better?

Three To Highlight


1. Meeting in Singapore.

2. No more war games.

3. About one year ago.


Otto Warmbier, an American student held

in N. Korea for 17 months was brought

home by air-

In a coma with only 6 days left to fare.




Three For Complete Nuclearization

1. No more nukes.
2. No more war games.
3. No more sanctions.
And all ends well-
Almost sounds like
another Brooklyn
Bridge sell.

Three That We Really Really Like

1. Ice cream.
2. Candy.
3. Russia?
As of yet haven’t heard-
Nothing from WH not one single bad word.


P.S. Why is this? Surely details to come……..


Three To Tighten

1. Bolt.

2. Clothes line in yard.

3. Requirements for asylum or any immigration claims in the U.S.A.


Unless one has an “extraordinary ability” such

as “modeling” or is a rocket scientist-

Those admitted here must be curtailed and/or not missed.

Three For Michigan Central Train Station In Detroit

1. Opened in 1913.

2. Closed in 1988.

3. Became quite an eyesore.


18 stories no longer a failure to see-

As it will become Ford Motor Co.’s

campus focused on advanced automotive



Three To Tape Back Together

1. Torn bag.

2. Notebook.

3. Presidential documents and papers.


Ripped and torn at whim-

Trump’s personal “filing system”.



Three For That I Do

  1. Til death do we part.
  2. Through sickness and health.
  3. Downright forever.


Unless you are a couple married 25 years in the UK-

Husband said the dogs or me, and he was merrily sent

on his way.



Three To Have Survived

  1. Krakow ghetto.
  2. 4 concentration camps.
  3. A lifetime of pain and memories.


Gena Turgel, the “Bride of Belsen”, and author of I Light

a Candle-

Gave solace to a dying Anne Frank during her own

grief in overkill.


Three To Fall In Place

1. Porn queens paid to be quiet.

2. Out of country trademarks given to WH family members.

3. A famous pimp in Nevada running for a seat in the state Legislature.


Many more examples no longer rare-

The third one to become regular fare.

Three Reasons That Conservative Christians Can Support Trump

  1. They like him.
  2. They can overlook him.
  3. Bill Clinton did a few bad things.


Overheard in a lunch room lane-

Didn’t know that other sinners give us all a religious free rein.

Three To Move Really Really Fast

1. Tornado.

2. Racing car.

3. Singapore meeting.


Without fail-

The quicker it goes, the less

details to have to nail.


Three Quickly

  1. Land in Singapore with no plans.
  2. Hold hands and smile.
  3. Leave Singapore with nothing else done.


And then to take rise-

To collect that much undeserved prize.


Three To Meet

1. Dictator and President.
2. North Korean Leader and POTUS.
3. 2 Dictators?
Fake news to cause a rouse?
Said and called out by Fox News.


To Change The Words To Clear-That Much Nagging Fear # 129

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

The year is passing by too fast-
Let’s get up early, tomorrow
morning, so that we can make
it last.

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The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 25

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Not thinking about anything,
is how I’d like to spend-
The entire weekend.

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Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet # 610

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

While I was at the grocery store-
It suddenly dawned on me, that
in regards, to veggies, I should
eat more.

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Three Things That We Did Not Hear (2010)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three things that we did not hear:
1. That tree fall in the deep forest.
2. The iceberg that cracked.
3. The notion to say no to drugs.


It was a good try-

But, illegal drug use is at a nearly ten year high.

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Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. The first set of standard bankruptcy laws
were rushed and used throughout the nation.  (1841)

2. The gold rush in California had begun.  (1848)

3. Parents all over the country at record
speed hurried their children to the bus
stop for their first day of school. (2002)


And, to school, off they went-

After a wonderful summer vacation was spent.

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Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. It’s against the law.

2  You cannot handle your car as well in
case something suddenly happens.

3. You cannot predict what is going on with
the cars or the folks driving ahead of you
that could cause an accident..
Much pileup has been amassed-
When secure people are driving too fast!

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