Catering To The Lunch-Bunch


Three Responses:

1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Yes.


In much reversal, Trump

should accrue-

And break down and like

the rest of them do that

Mueller team interview.



Three For A Wisconsin Tax Cut


1. Plant closing.

2. 800 jobs lost.

3. Paul Ryan’s home state.


Well on track-

Harley-Davidson buying hundreds of millions

of dollars worth of its outstanding shares back.


Three To Trust

1. In God.
2. Your family.
3. DevIn Nunes.
Hardly able to manage or get done-
After living through that suspicious AKA
“wiretapping” WH midnight run.

P.S. Now we’re working on the fake “spy” thing.

Three Coming Slow

Three Coming Slow:
1. Snails.
2. Slugs.
3. Russian involvement evidence.
As it should be-
Coming soon in truth and
investigative reality.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch


Not new news to LEAK-

Knowing that it is once again the middle of the week.

Three For A Purpose

1. Broom-sweep.
2. Rag-wipe.
3. Holler hoax-distract.
The sound began to ring-
From the VERY VERY beginning.

Three Dangers At The White House

1. Cockroaches.
2. Mice.
3. Ants.
And the attempt to mix the
Separation of Powers-
Amid a sinkhole on the north lawn
that is beginning to flower.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three Daily:
1. Teeth brushing.
2. Noon lunch.
3. Pleasant day.
To make it that way-
Only you can ensure
a great day.

Three To Treasure

  1. Executive power.
  2. Judicial power.
  3. Legislative power.


Coming from the WH the ultimate fix-

Is to simply take the Separation of Powers

and then do a “mix”.


P.S. Remember The United States Constitution.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three Branches:

1. Legislative.

2. Executive.

3. Judicial.


Separation of Powers-

To not be damaged or crossed from

any golden towers.


Three Sunday Morning

1. 33 minutes.
2. 5 tweets.
3. 11 false statements.
Trying to make the most-
Of things continuing to get awful close.

Three For A “Suspense” Movie

1. Wizards, spells, and magic.
2. Witches, yellow brick road, and flying monkeys.
3. Phantom phone tappings, Ghost spies, and
golden towers.
The third one?
Presently being scripted, presently on the run.

Three Reasons To Stop

1. Project over?
2. Tired of project?
3. Getting too close?
As it were-
The caving in of a “lifetime”
of crude and narcissistic

Three Ways To Attempt To Avoid The Truth Coming Out

1. Call it fake news.
2. Say it is a hoax.
3. Finally utter someone is trying to frame me.
On the lying defend-
Til the very end.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three Words That We Do Not Hear:

1. Chinese trademarks.

2. Hotel Trump Moscow.

3. Russia.


Simply to bunt-

As witch hunt.


Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three For Those Missing Bank Records:

  1. Gone.
  2. Erased.
  3. Held in safety.


Either way-

They will eventually see the light of day.

Three To Believe

1. It’s a hoax.
2. It’s a witch hunt.
3. Whatever you are told.
So smart-
Until it gradually all falls apart.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three Jobs:

  1. Full time.
  2. Part time.
  3. Chinese?


Not to shunt-

Sudden WH interest in the loss of

Chinese jobs brought up front?

Three Steps To An Indonesia Golf Course

1. Land.
2. Plans.
3. Finance.
Moments to swap and seal-
WH and China deal.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three For A Sad Day:

  1. Dress up.
  2. Present new embassy.
  3. Severe violence less than 50 miles away.


Truly a sad sad day-

When ignorance and illusion tend to get in the way.


Three Choices

1. Maybe.
2. Go ahead.
3. Don’t.
In the mid-
Of one well dressed couple
with no PLAN B who did.
(Death in Gaza)

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Still living that Mother’s Day dinner-

That was delicious and quite a winner.

Three That Take A Long Time

1. Great art.
2. Great literature.
3. Great investigations.
To age like wine-
With many more details to find.

Three To Revisit

1. One early morning strange meeting.
2. Never did say where he went. Of course nowhere near WH.
3. Came back with some surprising news and
never did recuse self and to this day works against Russian investigation.

The thing that I cannot get out of my mind-
Is the “look” on a certain congressman’s face that we came to find.

Three Done With A Sears Catalog

1. Wished.
2. Wiped.
3. Cherished.
To long for the days-
That are gone and done in different ways.

Three For Today

1. Fun.
2. Motion.
3. Nothing.
To have your way.

Three Best To Decide When An Investigation Should Be Over

1. Those doing the investigating.
2. Family and friends of those
being investigated.
3. The ones being investigated.
For whatever reason-
This has been ONE strange season.

Three To Drain

1. Bathtub.
2. River.
3. Swamp.
To set the tone-
By leaving the WH and
its’ cabinet alone.

Three Suddenly And Out Of The Clear Blue Sky

1. Daylight.
2. Weekend.
3. Shock over “gross” and “disrespectful”
remarks about Senator John McCain.
We ignored it the first time it was done-
Not from a WH aide but from the main one.

P.S. “He’s not a war hero,” said Trump.

“He was a war hero because he was captured.

I like people who weren’t captured.”

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three For A Day:

  1. Monday.
  2. Wednesday.
  3. You know.


Fridays make one see-

That we do become weekend hungry.

Three Political Parties Back In The Day

  1. Democrat.
  2. Republican.
  3. No Nothing.


Until more begin to sing-

Today we have a full blown “KNOW NOTHING”.

Three For A Good Day

1. Sunshine.
2. Smooth traffic.
3. It’s Friday.
After a long week wait.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

The best deal-

To prepare a healthy meal.

Three For Junior To Do On Campaign Trail

1. Vote for Daddy.
2. Republican highlights.
3. Discuss Russian adoptions.
This time out in the open-
Insead of how it was “done” way
back when.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Amazing to see-

The middle of the week already.

Three Done Regular

  1. Cancel Plan A.
  2. Have no Plan B.
  3. Just hope for the best.


All found?

Feeling safe and sound?


Three More Everyday

  1. Hoax.
  2. Witch hunt.
  3. Fake news.


Beginning to sting-

With the possibility of money laundering.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Got over Monday-

With nothing else

major to get in the way.

Three Small Changes

1. Title.
2. Cover page.
3. Couple of graphics.
The First Lady’s “Be Best”-
Does not pass the plagiarism
problem smell test.


Three That Travel Fast

1. Bullet trains.
2. Jets.
3. The weekend.
One mean trick-
Gone so quick.

Three For A Sunday

1. Sunshine.
2. Water.
3. Park.
Once again heading
out to Splashtown.

Three For A Mystery

1. To solve.

2. To disect.

3. To figure exactly where it came from.


A professional team will not fail-

To follow a certain golden money trail.


Three In The Cabinet

1. Documents.

2. Projects.

3. Benefits.


An enormous win-

For one holding the

main position.


Three In A Row

1. Justify.
2. Good Magic.
3. Audible.
Winners of the Kentucky Derby on the scene-
In Louisville, Kentucky in the year 2018.

Three Glasses

1. Drinking.
2. Window.
3. Prescription for vision.
In every society-
Their use promotes the
the act to better see.


Three Weapons Used To Rob Bank

1. Gun.
2. Threatening note.
3. Forklift.
Another use to see-
For this type of machinery.

Three To Stand By You

1. Mama.

2. Daddy.

3. Your brand new lawyer.


Standing there-

With no ridiculous details revealed to spare.


Three To Follow

1. Rules.
2. Yellow brick road.
3. Money trail.
Time to spend-
Searching where it began and where
it will end.

Three New And Accepted Marriage Vows

1. I do.

2. I will.

3. Until you are expecting first child.


And then all is on?

Where did those “other” Conservative Christian religious rules go?


Three To Pay

1. Debts.
2. Entertainment.
3. Cover-ups.
To be fair-
To pay when there is
NOTHING there.

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