Three Who Can Tell The Future

1. Tarot card readers.

2. Those who look into crystal balls.

3. Politicians?

This went on and was seen-

Back in 2016.


Never mind Hillary.

Pay attention to Putin wish list, puppet. and NATO.




Responsibility On Both Sides

“You’ve Got To Stand For Somethin'”

But today you showed you stand for nothin’-

Except to “Stand By Your Man”-

The one at the other podium on hand.

“So Hard To Make A Stand”with a treasonous ring.



Three Both Sides

1. Both Sides Now.
2. Both Sides of the Sky.
3. Both Sides of the Story.
And now sad for our country to see-
Russia and USA per Trump sharing
Both Sides Of Responsibility.

Three You Do Not Do With Your “Position” In The WH

1. Sell shoes.
2. Sell clothes.
3. Diss the integrity of our country by accepting trademarks from China.

Hudson’s Bay, the latest-
To drop Ivanka’s clothing line at best.

P.S. With more to come.

Three To Expect Monday

  1. Nothing.
  2. Something.
  3. Whatever.


It will be a very very very productive greeting-

For TRUMP and PUTIN as planned at this one

on one meeting.



“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

  1. Hoax.
  2. Fake news.
  3. Witch hunt.


A familiar ring-

Rang over and over again

from the very beginning.


P.S. If you don’t know who said

the title of this three, LOOK IT UP.


Three Important

1. Life.
2. Liberty.
3. Separated children.
So much better-
When they and their families
are put back together.


It’s hard to brush this one under the rug as

other issues have easily been done.

Three Trump Souvenirs To Be Brought Back From Latest Trip

1. Golf tee from country club.

2. Photoshopped photos of the crowds gathered minus protest signs.

3. Those 12 Russian agents indicted.


Like any patriotic American President would do-

No exceptions, through and through.

Three Ways To Know That The People Are With You

1. You say so.
2. You wish so.
3. You ignore the huge crowds.
At best-
In your direction-PROTEST.

Three For Trump’s Scotland

  1. Golf course.
  2. Visit.
  3. Protesters.


The birthplace of his immigrant mother-

Who was welcomed this week like no other.




Three For Fake News

1. Do an interview.
2. Deny what you said.
3. Call it fake news.
Let it play-
While some continue to
see it in the confusing lying way.


No suspense-

Makes no sense.

Three To Avoid

1. Certain people.
2. Crowds.
3. Those who don’t care for you.
At best-
While stating that everyone likes you, it
is best to stay out of sight of any protest.


Three To Grill

  1. Chicken.
  2. Beef.
  3. Anyone or anything not related to Russia.


Time after time-

To ask questions to divert from any Russian interference crime.

Three Forms Of Transportation

1. Car.
2. Bus.
3. Helicopter.
As it were-
To not drive through, but
to fly over, with eyes closed,
to avoid the protesters.

Three To Note

1. To create a crisis.
2. To pretend to fix the crisis.
3. To take praise for what was
never wrong to begin with.
To choose-
To take credit for self-made fake news.


Three Happy Places

  1. Festival.
  2. Fair.
  3. Russia.


In order to agree-

To turn on and watch some of

their “Trump” going their way TV.

The Conversation

Did you do that?


I believe you.

Now let’s get down to some real business.

Trump Moscow and removal of sanctions?


And of course I will never tell what it is that

I have holding over your head.



Three About That Breakfast

  1. Not enough grease.
  2. Not enough fat.
  3. Not enough salt.


More lying spin-

To add a bit more bacon.


Three Years Regarding NATO Being On Track

1. 2006.
2. 2011.
3. Yesterday 2018.

Things were already as they

should be-

With or without yesterday’s

stunt or interfering entity.


Three Who Disagree With Trump’s Lying NATO Rhetoric

1. All members of NATO.
2. The United States Senate.
3. The United States House.
All of the other ridiculous may have
been ignored-
But this downing of this NATO issue we could not afford.


P. S. No party involvement. This was an issue concerning

the true interest of our country.


And where are the babies? We will not forget.

Three Going On In North Dakota

1. Soybeans were not grown at all in the state in the 1940’s.

2. Now common since 1998.

3. 400,000 acres extra planted between 2002 and 2007.


Cancellations to now please-

The orders for future firm orders by the Chinese.


Three For John Kelly’s Breakfast At The NATO Summit

1. Regular fare?
2. Pastries and cheese?
3. Bullshit two seats down.
Germany is totally under Russia’s control-
Is how the breakfast story was foretold.


Three Reasons To Praise Putin

1. No harm?
2. Nothing else to do?
3. Trump Moscow?
Friends to hash-
While doing the true friend

P.S. So why does Trump love
Putin so much?

Three What Is Really Important

1. There are those who are for Trump.
2. There are those who aren’t for Trump.
3. There are those who would never be for Trump
and don’t vote.
To take note-
To find the number three and get them out to vote.


Three To Study


1. Words.

2. Facts.

3. NATO.


Time spent no suspense-

The ONE spreading ignorance.


Three That Finally Woke Up


1. Snow White.

2. Rip Van Winkle.

3. The United States Senate.


Passed 97-2 support for NATO, and

calls on administration to get busy-

To counter Russia’s meddling in

other democracies and our country.


Three For True Dedication

1. Paid family leave is an investment for American families.
2. Ivanka Trump works on this.
3. Ivanka Trump is quiet when the “other” babies are taken away.


May we all stay safe and sound-

With this type of leadership in the WH to be found.

Me, Myself, and I

No swerving
Self serving,
Trying to ward away-
The truth every single day.
With a base that requires continuous unwavering curving.

Three To Stand Up

1. Those who know what is up.
2. Those who knows what is going on.
3. Those who need to protect this country.
To rise-
To weed through the continual and daily lies.

Where are ALL the children?

Three Not To Worry About

  1. Chemical warfare.
  2. Pulitzer Prize awarded.
  3. North Korea giving up their chemical weapons.


North Korea even knows-

Where the lying winds blow.

Three Reasons Not To Worry About The Soybean Problem

1. There is always another year to catch-up.

2. There is always another crop to choose.

3. It’s not that bad for everyone.


Those tariff’s won’t affect-

Ivanka’s Chinese made shoes as far as we can detect.



Three Really Really Really Really Old

  1. Hearing Elizabeth Warren being called Pocahontas.
  2. Hearing John McCain being attacked.
  3. Hearing the Bushes also being attacked.


Instead of watching same old rally, with bully slams and lies,

over and over and over and over again-

Lets focus on that Russian investigation while finding out the location of the

babies and the children.



Three Questions

  1. Where are the children?
  2. When will they be reunited with their parents?
  3. Show me the plans the government have to take care of this?


On the run?

Obviously there is none?

Three Still Not

1. No conclusion.
2. No agreement.
3. No deal.
Never was-
During this North Korean denuclearization

Three Things To Do When You Get A New Position

1. Celebrate.

2. Study up on tasks.

3. Delete your wife’s Twitter account.


Shoving stuff under the rug while turning over a new leaf-

Congratulations to the new WH Staff for Communications Deputy Chief.


Three Reasons That China Is Suddenly Into Soybean Farming

1. They love soybeans.

2. It is a good hobby.

3. It will cause pain to Trump supporters in his political heartland.


The trade war has begun-

With a vast army of Chinese soybean farmers on the run.


Only You Not Them

The president is supposed to
Represent all through and through,
Not just a certain few-
As he appears daily to do.
The 30ish % base that faithfully comes through.


Happy Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July is celebrated and made-

To attend concerts, family reunions, barbecues, picnics, firework shows and parades.


Three To Invest In

1. Our children.
2. Infrastructure.
3. Soybeans.
The third-
May end up bringing one to
the brink of absurd.


Three Reasons For Congressman Shelby Of Alabama To Be In Russia

1. For touring?
2. To make amends?
3. Nothing else to do?
Looks like the opioid problem in
his home state-
Has been solved or can wait.


Turning 100 Years Old

To land on American soil from Russia, was the 5-year old-

With his immigrant family, much happiness did happen to take hold.

Leaving behind those who had tormented his family-

His mother often said God Bless America, with much emotion to be.

In 1918 he became a naturalized citizen, served in the military, and

eventually this song was to unfold.

“God Bless America”
By Irving Berlin

While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free.
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair, as we
raise our voices in a solemn prayer.

God Bless America, land that I love.
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans white with foam.
God Bless America, my home sweet home.
God Bless America, my home sweet home.


Three For That Devin Nunes’ Tweet To LeBron James

1. Strange.
2. Odd.
3. Sounds like WH verse.
Probably was-
Part of that middle of the night
run hostage to WH buzz.

Three Famous Dogs

1. Lassie.

2. Toto.

3. Sam.


“Duke” loved and seen-

In commericals for Bush’s Baked Beans.


Three Reasons Senate Panel Was Able To Uphold Finding That Russia Backed Trump Contradicting House

  1. Did research.
  2. Ran by Republican and Democrat without influence.
  3. No one inserted in Senate similar to you know who in House.


We remember the day-

When that middle of the night

meeting caused so much sway.



And so the weirdness began

With that strange visit to the WH at hand,

No one could replace-

The look on that Congressman’s face.

Some type of spell was put on this man.




Three Not To Knock


1. Other religions.

2. Catholics.

3. Evangical Christians.


For they are all the same-

To reverse their thinking

to ensure more points for

their own winning game.


Three Closed For The Weekend


1. Some banks.

2. Government office.

3. WH.


On Tuesday half-staff Flag came of course-

After golf game and tee over in full force.



Another Generation Of Fools

From the very beginning to be deceived

As the lies began to rant and were never reprieved,

From the biggest inauguration ever-

To all of that fake news, hoax, know no Russians, and

witch hunt endeavor.

Like Hitler said “If you tell a big enough lie and

tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.



Montgomery Clift To Keep On Knocking But He Didn’t Get In

Starring Olivia de Havilland back in 1949-
The Heiress an extraordinary movie to find,
One involving lots of inherited money-
And a man trying to trick to collect a life of honey.
A Happy 102nd Birthday, for this actress, for us to keep in mind.


Three Pressed

1. Waited Saturday.
2. Waited Sunday.
3. Waited Monday.
Results on the word-
Of flag half-staff finally heard.


The First Amendment

So sad not to laugh
No flag at half staff,
For those whose time was spent-
Honoring, working, and respecting that First Amendment.
Perhaps another WH gaffe?


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