MEinRhyme Twitter Feed (Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times) Thursday 3/23/2017

MEinRhyme Twitter Feed (Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times) Thursday 3/23/2017

MEinRhyme Twitter Feed (Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times) 3/22/2017

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Wednesday Yarn (The Waltons)

Whenever I get a chance I love to watch

The Waltons. It’s not just the adventures

that they involve themselves in, a lot of

times it is that sitting down to that dinner

table that interests me.


The long wooden table with the fresh table

cloth takes care of this family with room

left for a guest.


It seems like it would take an awful lot of

food and cooking to feed this family on

Walton’s Mountain, but show after show

they manage to do just that.


Grandma Walton has been seen picking the

green beans, Mama works out in the garden,

and one of the children tends to the chicken



One thing that is apparent is that there is

always a plate of bread on the table and you

hear someone say pass that butter.

Surely it is real butter. You know the kind

that was churned on the porch. One can

imagine Grandma Walton baking that

bread and then the family spreading on

that delicious butter. Makes a good filler



The other night the family had company,

and right after dinner they went outside

to enjoy their dessert. Cut pieces of water-

melon were shared by all.


As I said before it took a lot of food and

cooking to feed this family, but they

worked as a team and shared the burden.

There were no fast food places to ease

this burden. It was just a matter of fact.


Simple with hard work, but what a joy-

When the day ended and we heard good

night John Boy.”


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Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

Three To Skip:
1. Meeting.
2. Cracks on sidewalk.
3. One hour of sleep.
Not too hard-
As we spring forward.

Three Not Quite Right:
1. Sideways.
2. Wrong.
3. Upside down.
To remember when-
Spicer adjusted
his worn USA pin.



Three To Dodge:
1. Bus.
2. Ball.
3. The American People.
A no peek-
Hide and seek.


3 Purple:
1. Skies.
2. Ground.
3. Dreams.
To stand still-
To be enlightened
in purple.


3 Tuna:
1. “A Tuna Christmas”.
2. “Red, White, and Tuna”.
3. “Tuna Does Vegas”.
Oh wow!
“Greater Tuna” playing now.


3 To Miss:
1. Hillary’s e-mails.
2. 1 more Benghazi hearing..
3. Truth.
& lies.


3 Left Behind:
1. Crumbs.
2. Backpacks.
3. Bumblebee footprints.
Left scent.


3 In Control Of This Flight:
1. Pilot.
2. Sec. of State.
3. WH.
Mid air-
Shhh.. fare.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

3 To Not Mess With:
1. Grandma
2. TX.
3. Black panther.
Much awe-
With active claw.


Three For Plays:
1. Sports.
2. Childhoods.
3. On the stage.
A sure Saga UK win-

3 Dug Lately:
1. Tut’s Tomb/Egypt.
2. Richard III/Engliand parking lot.
3. Colonists coffins/PA.
From ground-
History found.

3 To Shrink Over Years:
1. Food products.
2. Manners.
3. Airline seats.
To squeeze-
Like chin on knees.

3 To Pass Thru
Local W. VA Drugstore:
1. Cherry cokes.
2. Candy sales.
3. 9 mil opioid pills.
Over 2 years-
Bringing state
many tears.

3 Complicated Jobs:
1. Scientists.
2. Mathematicians.
3. Sean Spicer.
Difference to beg-
Rounded lies being fitted into
a square peg.

3 Closed:
1. Shop.
2. Media invite to
travel with Sec. of State
to Miexico?
3. Armadillos.


What was phony in the past
3 Federal Employees Do:
1. Follow law.
2. No selling of wares..
3. Represent citizens.
Profiteering to drop a jaw-
Regarding ethics law.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

3 Good For USA:
1. Full access.
2. Everyone covered.
3. Phony in past, real for today.
To mix-
Pain & politics.

3 Dolls:
1. Plain.
2. Fancy.
3. To look just like you.
To better endure-



3 Ways To Fix It:
1. Glue it.
2. Lie about it.
3. Seek additional guidance.
To set the tone-
To leave WH alone.

3 Good & Well:
1. Forms filled out.
2. Forms trusted that are filled out.
3. You’re hired.
To detect-
No background check.?


Three To Spring:
1. Blooms
2. Love in the air.
3. One hour ahead?
Daylight Savings Time to
possibly no longer amass?
In the State of Texas?


3 Turned Quickly:
1. Storm direction.
2. Mind.
3. Job report accuracy.
Was fake-
Now Trump winking
& on the take.


3 Overheard:
1. Repeal.
2. Replace.
3. Just as promised.
Pitter patter-
Rural areas who voted
Trump don’t matter?

Three To Look For:
1. Fountain of Youth.
2. Russian ties.
3. Richard Simmons.
Out of sight, not much seen-
Since 2014?


Three Men Don’t Do:
1. Ovulate.
2. Menopause.
3. Get PG.
But last I heard-
They were heavily involved on 3rd.

Three Sales Clerks:
1. On floor.
2. At computer.
3. In WH.
Caused a stir-
That WH Senior Advisor.


3 Ways For Great Sales:
1. Good ads.
2. Great prices.
3. Daddy in WH.
Business tricks-
With no ethics.


3 For Odd News:
1. Bigfoot.
2. Walmart tunnels in TX.
3. State Department being gutted.
To get a feel-
For fake, for real.

Three About Those Job Numbers:
1. Unemployment down.
2. More jobs.
3. Fake reports.
To lump-
Past few remarks and results with Trump.


Three Promises:
1. Jobs.
2. Infrastructure.
3. Insurance for all.
To rate-
In full wait.

MEinRhyme Twitter Feed (Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times) Thursday 3/23/2017

Three Places To Stay (2012)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Hotel.

2. Motel.

3. Politics.


Time spent-

In some kind of paid employment.

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Three Ways To Caffeine (2012)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Cup.

2. Pill.

3. Inhale.


An inward breath, to take-

To stay wide awake.

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Three Needed For This Morning (2012)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Umbrella.

2. Jacket.

3. Strength and patience.


They say patience is a virtue-

And, much will be needed for riding,

in the traffic, where much rain will acrue.

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Three Offshore (2012)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Fishing.

2. Drilling.

3. Bank accounts.


A guest-

With no taxes, and much interest.

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Three Songs (2012)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Baby Love.

2. Love Child.

3. Where Did Our Love Go?


From the past, found-

Diana Ross and the Supremes,

in the midst, of Motown.

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Three That Are Early (2012)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Birds.

2. Some employees.

3. The seasonal allergy.


Earlier than expected-

With the regular symptoms, to be


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