Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Sunday 2/26/2017)

3 Perfect Prosecutors:

1. Related to you.

2. Are your friends.

3. Are on your side.


A comfortable list-

Revelent to Dept. Of Justice.


Three Meryl Streep:

1. Out of Africa.

2. Sophie’s Choice.

3. The Iron Lady.


A great talent indeed-

Surely without a

WH approval need.


3 Types Of Subscriptions:

1. New.

2. Renewal.

3. Patriotism.


Do not mess-

With our Freedom of the Press.


Three Crooked:

1. Mile.

2. President.

3. Administration.


To insist-

To resist.


3 To Continue:

1. Win.

2. 1 more win.

3. More wins much needed.


To be rid of the 1-

Full of corruption.


Three Reasons To Skip Dinner:

1. Gravyboat of jokes.

2. No guts.

3. Sandwiched in between lies.


Would become a total heck-

Just cannot stomach.


Three Weapons:

1. Eyes.

2. Ears.

3. Vote.


A brand new song-

To right the government

that has gone wrong.


3 Sean Spicer:

1. WH Press Secretary.

2. Born in USA.

3. No waste of time.


Critic of media, a la carte-

From very start.


Three Updates:

1. Weather.

2. Traffic.

3. Documentary.


So remember watching this one-

With mom and daughter at Grey

Gardens mansion.


3 Tantrum Acts For Two Year Old:

1. Kicking legs on floor.

2. Hitting head on wall.

3. Screaming “rigged”.


New gig-

To holler rig.


3 Rigged:

1. Rainy day.

2. Skeeter population.

3. Long red light.


In the groove-

To holler “rigged” for

anything that I

do not approve.


Three Spells:

1. Happy.

2. Control.

3. Do no harm.


Witches to combine-

With a remedy to find.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Saturday 2/25/2017)

3 To Combat Media Is

Enemy Of The People:

1. Read.

2. Listen.

3. Remember Russia.


Stay 1 step ahead-

Country that picks what is read.


Three To Do With Fake News:

1. Read it.

2. Measure it.

3. Weed it out.


As we’ve always done-

Fake stories on the run.


3 Deconstruction:

1. No regulations.

2. No real media.

3. No real justice.


All set-

With corrupt political



Three Carnival Global:

1. Parades.

2. Costumes.

3. Beads and trinkets.


Mardi Gras to unfold-

Purple, Green, and gold.



Three Written:

1. Words.

2. Paragraphs.

3. Rhyme.


Poets & Writers Ball-

In the midst of a resistance wall


Three Places To Drill:

1. Badger Two Medicine, Montana

2. Bears Ears, Utah.

3. Thompson Divide, Colorado.


And of course where profits are huge.

Alaska wildlife refuge


Three Hole Varieties:

1. Donut.

2. Ozone layer.

3. The huge one in the middle

of a Houston Freeway?


It was an urgent goal-

To hurry up and fix this pothole.


3 Jobs Trump Promised:

1. Middle class.

2. Middle class.

3. Middle class.



To sign up to protest at town hall?


3 For Balinese Room:

1. Socializing.

2. Dinner.

3. Margaritas.


History of late-

Puts creation by Santos Cruz

in 1948.


Three To Collect:

1. Thimbles.

2. Cars.

3. Favorite animal.


Dogs, cats, and you know-

That much loved hippo.


Three Quick:

1. Microwave biscuit.

2. Bullet train.

3. Walmart convenient store.


We’re game-

If prices held the same.


Three Happy Meals:

1. The ones that Grandma made.

2. The ones that your favorite aunt made.

3. The ones created at McDonald’s.


For a girl, or a boy-

And even an adult, that special toy.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Thursday 2/23/2017)

Three In The Air:

1. Bird.

2. Plane.

3. Jumpers.



Bouncing on that trampoline.


3 Said Regarding Scott Pruitt:

1. Doesn’t care.

2. $$ triumphs.

3. He drinks same water & breathes same air.


His grandkids will too-

Oh, poo poo.


3 Who Will Drink Tainted Water

Minus less EPA regulations:

1. Dems.

2. Repubs.

3. Independents.


To note-

Even those that don’t vote.




Three To Clean Up:

1. Maintenance crew.

2. Janitors.

3. Vice President.


Second in place-

With huge jobs to face.



Three I Can Believe:

1. An act.

2. A statement.

3. A visit.


No suspense-

Minus the one in command,

one might half-way believe



Three To Do In The Company Of Others:

1. Dream.

2. Read.

3. Mind your own business.


Manners to dare-

Whether on the ground

or in the air.


Three To Guess:

1. Is it true?

2. Is it not true?

3. What?


On hand-

Questions to ponder,

after listening to Kellyanne.


Three That Won’t Change:

1. Feelings.

2. Thoughts.

3. Disgust.


To take and keep hold-

No matter what number polled.


3 To Ride Horses:

1. Putin.

2. Cowboys.

3. U. S. Speaker of the House.


All in order-

Paul Ryan with shirt ON,

riding USA-Mexican border.


Three Orange:

1. Fruits.

2. Clothing.

3. Accessories.



With great health results to see.


3 Not Enough:

1. Saying you’re against something.

2. Saying you said many times you’re against same.

3. Credibility?


In midst-

Of office.


Three Not Mentioned:

1. Cut up those credit cards.

2. Official WH endorsement.

3 Make America Great Again.


To end the suspense-

Any above make difference?


Three Shifts:

1. Aprons.

2. Work schedule hours.

3. Blame.


To divert stuff sway-

To shoot into another

direction in full sway.


Three For Burger King:

1. Home of the Whopper.

2. Have it your way.

3. Love that chicken from Popeye’s.


To be one and the same-

In the business takeover game.





Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Wednesday 2/22/2017)

Three Tunes For Three Pair Of Eyes:

1. These Eyes.

2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.

3. The Light In Your Eyes.


Lyin’ Eyes-

And last of all Bette Davis Eyes.


Three Changes In The Sky:

1. Cloud formation.

2. Traveling birds.

3. Downtown sky lines.


One building up, after one coming down-

Old companies gone, while new ones

taking off the ground.



1. Boo hoo.

2. Awe.

3. So sad.


National Zoo, Bao Bao

the Panda Bear-

Taking flight to China,

in the air.


Three Evil:

1. One with no compassion.

2. One with no conscience.

3. One who will topple gravestones.


So brave to attack the dead who are gone-

In a cemetery, on a burial lawn.


3 Not Enough:

1. Saying you’re against something.

2. Saying you said many times you’re against same.

3. Credibility?


In midst-

Of office.


3 That Will Make Anyone Smile:

1. 1 panda bear.

2. 2 panda bears.

3. 3 panda bears.


In plain black and white-

Laughter to come to light.





Three About Those Death Panels:

1. They didn’t happen.

2. The woman who uttered that made it up.

3. It is back in the news.


To end susupense-

Those with “taken away” Obamacare

will suffer immense.



Three Partridge Family:

1. Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Loved.

2. I’ll Meet You Halfway.

3. C’Mon Get Happy.


I Think I Love You, and

it makes me sing-

I Woke Up In Love This Morning.


3 Places Seizing Oil idea Came From:

1. Book.

2. Play.

3. The bright one.


On the scene-

Folks sent to fix and clean.


Three Responsible For Opioids

Missing From VA Hospitals:

1. Drs.

2. Nurses.

3. Pharmacy staff.


Usually Medicare users are named-

When it is others playing this type of abusive game.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Tuesday 2/21/2017)

Three Subjects For Documentaries:

1. Known.

2. Unknown.

3. Those that we thought would never

come to light.


For a start-

To educate and touch a heart.


3 Impossible:

1. Elvis live in concert next week.

2. Specks counted on world’s beaches.

3. 1000’s voting in another state.


Bused in-

To encourage illegal win.



3 Puppets:

1. Pinocchio.

2. Kermit the Frog.

3. Presidential spokespeople.


To spin your head-

When their words are

both said and read.




3 Found When The

Swamp Is Drained:

1. Billionaires.

2. Large political donors.

3. Inexperience.


To host-

The latest post.


Three To Make America Secure:

1. Stephen K. Bannon.

2. Jared Kushner.

3. Stephen A. Feinberg.



Third one a billionaire

Judging our Intelligence.


3 America First:

1. France second.

2. UK third.

3. Next?



Russian interference.


Three For A Golf Course:

1. Tee time.

2. Deals made.

3. To hold wastewater.


With excavations to unfold-

Eventually to take on flood control.


Three Places To Find Clear

Water in Houston area:

1. Bathtub.

2. Swimming pool.

3. Man made lagoon.


They will come-

To stand on edge and see the bottom.


3 Ways To Save At Grocery:

1. Coupons.

2. Sales.

3. Stick to that list.


Final bill gets rough-

With extra added grocery stuff.



Three Fave Ingredients:

1. Perfect French bread.

2. Fried oysters.

3. Swiss cheese.


Almost ready to go-

After slapping on that mayo.



Three Reasons He Is Gone:

1. He was mistreated by the media.

2. It was a matter of trust.

3. Only certain folks really know.



This paraded circus.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Monday 2/20/2017)



Three In The Running:
1. Gold.
2. Purple.
3. Green.
First rate-
Mardi Gras Galveston Update.


3 Ways To Know You
Didn’t Pay Attention:
1. You got wet.
2. Missed discount.
3. Trump owns your news.
Didn’t see-
Media wasn’t REALenemy.

Three Companies:
1. This one.
2. That one.
3. All same one.
To merge-
To converge.


Three Continuing To
Spread Across Country:

1. Disagreement.

2. Friendship.

3. Walmart.
Always room for one more-
Wal-Mart store.


3 To Appreciate:
1. Sunshine.
2. A pleasant moment.
3. A hand made craft.
To treasure, to keep-
With good feelings to reap.




Three Thought About Nat Gas
Explosion in South Texas:

1. Glad no one was hurt.

2. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

3. We need less regulations.
Or which two to take away-
When one is added today.


3 Reasons Folks Of
Same Team Can’t Get
Info Straight:
1. ?.
2. !.
3. Confusion.
Oh, brother-
Hard to keep track of
one lie after another.




3 To Prepare For:
1. Occasion.
2. Special date.
3. Next holiday.
Better fared-
When prepared.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Sunday 2/19/2017)

Three For President’s Day:

1. Honor Presidents.

2. Attend sheet sales.

3. Be careful.


A call-

To watch out for a lot of rainfall.


Three Ways To Get Energy

Off Of A Crowd:

1. Brag.

2. Brag some more.

3. Produce jobs.


Do what you said you would do-

Follow through.


3 Who Would

Agree That Freedom Of

Press Is The Enemy:

1. Lenin.

2. Putin.

3. Trump.


Propaganda &


Not in U.S. Constitution.


Three Who Thought or

Think That Freedom Of

The Press Is The Enemy:

1. Lenin.

2. Putin.

3. Trump.


As highlighted in the Constitution

of the United States to insist-

That we love our freedom of

the press, and do not want one

person telling us what is going

on in our mist.


3 Bouquets:

1. Table.

2. Wedding.

3. Spring.


No beauty to spare-

Especially worn in the hair.


3 Re: My Birthday:

1. Celebrate today.

2. Celebrate tomorrow.

3. Celebrate every single week.


Can’t lie-

Need to celebrate til eternity.


3 Ways To Create Jobs:

1. Lower taxes.

2. Make stuff.

3. Knock stores that ain’t selling

your daughter’s clothing line.





Three To Tell Teachers How To Teach:

1. Those who have never taught.

2. Those who have never sat in a public school.

3 Those who are rich and worm their way in.


To rule?

To push only the private school?


Three Ways To Learn:

1. Study.

2. Research.

3. Experience.


No excuse-

To put to good use.



Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Saturday 2/18/2017)

3 Ways To Get Away With Crime:
1. Don’t do it.
2. Smartly do it.
3. When caught plug the leaks.
& of course, keep track-
Of media attack.

Three Types Of Errors:
1. Not done on purpose.
2. Accidently.
3. Didn’t mean to.
In this case cannot skirt-
The disappointment, the hurt.

Three Done For Profit:

1. Dumping.

2. Spoiling.

3. Polluting.
Before and after the EPA-
With no regulations in the way.

Three Done For People’s Health:

1. No dumping.

2. No spoiling.

3. No polluting.
So much profit and polluting
of the land before that EPA-
With only 50 years under the
collar, to continue like back
in the day.


Three Thoughts Coming From This Coyote:
1.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
2. My ancestors traveled through here many moons ago.
3. You think you’re surprised?
Surely it’s time for me to get on-
To travel to another block, to cross another lawn.


3 OK:
1. Trash streams.
2. Drilling “anywhere”.
3. Running sand tar oil
thru mid-country.
Eventually with no EPA-
To get in the way.

Three For No:
1. No real substance check on Scott Pruitt.
2. No patience.
3. No EPA.
Nothing seen-
With 3000 oil and gas
e-mails unseen.

Three Places To Get Med Info:
1. Book.
2. Online.
3. Dr. office.
In person.


Three Ways To Know That You Were Born Too Late:
1. Marijuana used to be sold in grocery stores.
2. Grocery stores used to give out Top Value and Green Stamps.
3. Kroger no longer gives 10% discount to senior citizens.
No longer to find-
Beginning at age 59.


Three Math Problems:
1. One plus one equals two.
2. Two plus two equals four.
3. Add one and take away two
equals more corporate profit.
Regulations equaled better health-
Not focused on “only” wealth.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Friday 2/17/2017)

3 Types Of Oil:

1. Motor.

2. Lamp.

3. Tar sand.


To be readily seen-

As it takes years and years to clean.

(if ever) See Kalamazoo River


Three About Fake News:

1. Oh.

2. What.

3. Not real.


A sure bet-

No “real” secret.


3 Special Interest:

1. Billionaires.

2. Millionaires.

3. Everyone else found while draining the swamp.



In midst of lies.


Three To Control:

1. Media.

2. News.

3. Intelligence.


USA not to be akin-

To Russia’s Putin.


Three Places For Vacation:

1. Beach.

2. Island.

3. Russia.



Future Trump hotel.


3 Still Going On:

1. Sunshine.

2. Daily doings.

3. Still bragging about that election.


Good grief-

To “move on” and turn over a new leaf.


Three Reasons For Regulations:

1. Safety.

2. Health.

3. People in general.


But they get in the way-

Of those who “profit” today.


Three Odd:

1. Don’t know what day it is.

2. Don’t know what’s going on.

3. Got gun loaded.


All same-

Fair game.


Three That Need To Be Done:

1. To look.

2. To research.

3. To look again.


A cinch-

Many words do not convince.


Three Components Of Fake News:

1. Not real.

2. Lies.

3. To cover up whatever.


To diffuse-

Lying news.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Thursday 2/16/2017)

Three Guests Yesterday At White House:

1. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

2. Trump son-in-law.

3. First Lady.


To see-

Plenty of company.


Three Vacation Homes:

1. Winter.

2. Summer.

3. All year round.


Quality time to spend-

Every single weekend.


Three Memory Sayings:

1. Can’t recall.

2. Can’t remember.

3. I Forgot To Remember To Forget.


Number 3, Elvis song-

Let’s all sing along.




3 Ways:

1. Up.

2. Higher.

3. Highest.


Time spent-

Working out of that basement.


Three Reasons Obamacare Not Replaced Now:

1. No ideas.

2. No thoughts.

3. No replacements.


So clear-

Gee the naysayers have had years…..



3 Forever:

1. Love.

2. Petrified wood.

3. Diets.


As of late-

Which to choose

to lose weight?



Three About That Russian Phone Call:

1. Why?

2. Why?

3. Why?



To give this scenario purpose.


Three Who Need A Security Clearance:

1. Waiters.

2. Dishwashers.

3. All guests.


At Mar-a-Lago-

Where at anytime

classified info may



3 Reasons To Make

Media Look Strange:

1. Because.

2. To confuse.

3. For full coverage.


Idea planned & bought-

When & if you get caught.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Wednesday 2/15/2017)

Three Places To Get In Shape:

1. Spa.

2. Exercise spot.

3. Doctor’s office.


In Canada, the one-

Where medical field

focuses on prevention.



Three For Infrastructure:

1. Rusted pipes.

2. Rough highways.

3. Leaking dams.


Bars none-

Get it done.



Three Not To Do:

1. Don’t question me.

2. Don’t ask that.

3. Don’t disagree with me.


To detect-

BS 100 percent.

Three Snake Songs:
1. Tube Snake Boogie.
2. Union of the Snake.
3. Snakecharmer.
The Snake Crawls at Night-
Not to be taken light.


Three Reasons For Leaks:
1. Low maintenance.
2. Outdated.
3. Too many flat out lies.
WH sowing-
New form of whistle blowing.


Three Shoved Under The Rug:
1. Dust.
2. Dirt.
3. You know.
To clean, to sweep-
No more secrets to keep.


Three Beginnings:
1. Once upon a time.
2. Genesis.
3. That resignation.
To view and see-
The ENTIRE story.


Three Reasons To Move On:
1. You’re in hurry.
2. You’re in a rush.
3. To avoid the real issue.
We all know-
Where we need to go.



3 Transcripts:
1. High school.
2. College.
3. Russian conversation.
No doubt-
Isn’t this what the flub
is really all about?





Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Never Without A Doubt)

The snow came down and through the window looked so pretty-

It was as wondrous as someone could ever try to see.


And as the little girl pressed her nose to the window pane-

She could see the other houses down the lane.


The other houses had children just like her, but her time was spent-

Realizing that they were better than her and that her life was so much different.


She wasn’t as good as the other children, at least that is what she thought-

With no one saying otherwise, it is an idea that she had bought.


At an earlier time her father had left, and found him another little girl-

Leaving her behind, pretty much alone in a big wide world.


Her own mother didn’t like little girls, it was obviously so-

And this was the way her life began, and expanded as she began to grow.


She watched as others were treated special by their parents, something she

didn’t know-

In her own personal family life, she was an outcast, from the beginning

it was so.


No wonder the little girl was always filled with doubt-

For it was her destiny, to travel that route.


Eventually she had to validate her own life, for it would

never be done, by the parents who brought her into the world-

Deep inside, they no longer mattered, for she had turned into

a strong determined woman from that rejected little girl.


The snow came down and through the window looked so pretty-

It was as wondrous as someone could ever try to see.



Three by M. E./Rhymes of the Times (Tuesday 2/14/2017)

Three To Thin Out:
1. Your hair.
2. Traffic.
3. Your home.
Gets rough-
When you have too much stuff.


3 Last:

1. Tree on Easter Island.

2. Piece of ice in Arctic.

3. Bumblebee.


When 1st one was done-

End of ‘that’ civilization



Three Metallica:
1. Until It Sleeps.
2. The Memory Remains.
3. Turn the Page.
Hero of the Day-
With a scheduled Houston concert
in July date, on the way.




Three Ways To Pass A Test:
1. Study.
2. Cram.
3. Take a no-fail test.
For sure a real academic stir-
To make-up your own
unresearched answer.


Three Ways To Catch Up On Inspections:

1. Hire more help.

2. Work harder.

3. Kill those regulations.


Then no hurry-

As in past, no worry.



Three For Sure:

1. Absolute power.

2. 100 % correct.

3. Never wrong.


Time spent-

Listening to folks

defend the USA




Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (MONDAY 2/13/2017)

3 Responsibilities:
1. Spay.
2. Neuter.
3. Microchip.
All set-
For every pet.

Three That Continue On:

1. Sunshine.

2. Cloudiness.

3. Voting fraud.
A day not gone by-
Without having to repeat
the same VOTER FRAUD overbeaten lie.

Three For ZZ Top:
1. Cheap Sunglasses.
2. Tube Snake Boogie.
3. Legs.
Got Me Under Pressure, to go-
To join everyone at the Houston


Three Sensational:
1. Sunshine.
2. Cheese.
3. That Houston mac and cheese festival.
Oodles and oodles-
A variety of enhanced noodles.

Three Funny Regarding SNL:

1. This week.

2. Last week.

3. Next week.
In this case, a forever-
LMAO endeavor.




Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 898 (The Unexpected Mardi Gras Bead)


I saw Granny standing on the side, of the road-

She was at the Mardi Gras parade, and looking to get her a load.


The beads were so beautiful, and she did give her best try-

But, for some reason or another, she didn’t get any beads yet,

and didn’t know why.


She hollered ‘throw me somethin’ mister’, and that did no good-

She put up her hands, as everyone, at the parade should.


She finally gave up and figured that in regards, to any beads,

she would get none-

For she hadn’t acquired one yet, and the parade was about done.


She raised her hand up to scratch her head, and out of nowhere-

A gorgeous gold, purple, and green bead wrapped around her pinkie,

right in the midst, of her hair.


Granny had finally gotten what she had came for, and she was

so proud-

As she wore her bead, in the midst, of the Mardi Gras crowd.


I saw Granny standing on the side, of the road-

She was at the Mardi Gras parade, and looking to get her a load.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 911 (Hearts On Parade)


The hearts were on parade-

Both chocolate and paper made.


A large array, of color-

From the rainbow, as it were.


A valentine for you, a valentine for me-

For that is exactly, how it should be.


All shapes and sizes, are given out-

And, if you don’t get one, you know that

it is enroute.


A day of love, a day of friendship-

A day to also see flowers, and strawberries in

chocolate dip.


The hearts were on parade

Both chocolate and paper made.



Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times Sunday 2/12/2017

3 Nordstrom:
1. US chain luxury store.
2. Via 1901.
3. Many employees.
Like no other-
Screw “cut the credit cards” brother.


Three Felt But Not Seen:
1. Elephant in room.
2. Ghost.
3. Sugar in cereal.
Plenty to unfold-
With each and every
breakfast bowl.


Three In Order:

1. Mama Moli.

2. Daddy Noah.

3. Baby Baird’s Tapir.
Brand new and a name
shortly to accrue-
By the caretakers at the
Houston Zoo.

Three To Believe:

1. Fairies.

2. Unicorns.

3. Bowling Green Massacre.
As it were-
Never did occur.


Three Looking:
1. Them.
2. They.
3. Me.
Time spent-
Looking for writing employment.



Three In The Running:
1. Gold.
2. Purple.
3. Green.
First rate-
Mardi Gras Galveston Update.

3 Responsibilities:
1. Spay.
2. Neuter.
3. Microchip.
All set-
For every pet.



Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times SATURDAY 2/11/2017

Three About Those Recent Oaths:

1. Nice.

2. Quaint.

3. Still using a bible?



In the midst of so many lies?


3 Ways To Get Good Med Deals::

1. Coupon.

2. Good insurance.

3. Secretary position.


Price is right-

With stocks and bonds in full sight.


Three Whoops:

1. Did it.

2. Said it.

3. Got counseled.


Punishment hurled-

By the best boss in the world.


Three Steps Ahead:

1. Good sense.

2. Good product.

3. Good Daddy influence.



For every daughter.


Three For Valentine’s Day:

1. Flowers.

2. Candy.

3. Scary clown house.


Variety of love-

Shown up above.


Three Written:

1. One letter.

2. Another letter.

3. A whole sentence.


To love-

The written words above.


3 My Mother Used To Say:

1. Clean room.

2. Mind business.

3. Be you.


To arrive-

In full drive.



3 Tales:

1. Fun.

2. Creative.

3. Lovable.


Stories to share-

Involving Teddy Bear.


Three What Is In A Name?

1. Montague.

2. Capulet.

3. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.


A brand new Valentine Day whim-

To choose a name for a cockroach at

a Houston museum.


Three Occasions To Say Something Nice:

  1. Job interview.
  2. Front of strangers.
  3. Funeral.


Not in every case-

As some were not born fit to belong

to the human race.



Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (FRIDAY 2/10/2017)

Three We Remember Most:

1. Wish lists.

2. Visits to the mall.

3. Catalogs.


It was always a great sell-

Finding that Sears catalog

in the outhouse, that was

read well.


Three At The Same Time:

1. Snow moon

2. Comet.

3. Lunar Eclipse.



In full sight.


Three Traditions:

1. Honor.

2. Service.

3. Taps.


To take over Guv Taylor’s

Taps at sunset-

As his 84 years in Galveston

and on this earth have been



Three Leaks:

1. Pool.

2. Pipe.

3. White House.


Positions to tuggle-

Politics to struggle.



Three Ways:

1. My say.

2. My way.

3. The highway.


Be my guest-

Tweeting politics at its best.


Three Found In The Swamp:

1. Cypress trees.

2. Gators.

3. Rich folks.


To gain-

Immediately upon drain.


3 Places To Look For Truth:

1. Heart.

2. Soul.

3. WH vault.


Under lock and key-

Not sometimes but regularly.


Three Places To Find Full Pockets:

1. Oath takers.

2. Change makers.

3. Politicians in general.


Well spent-

By the 1 percent.


3 Good Decisions:

1. Have children.

2. Respect children.

3. Don’t move children middle of school year.


To end suspense-

Can get tense.


3 That All Fathers Do:

1. Love daughter.

2. Protect daughter.

3. Defend daughter.


If only we all had-

A WH Dad.


3 Reasons To Be Impatient:

1. Those jobs.

2. That wall.

3. That best ever health ins.


To fare-

Over Obamacare.



(3) Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Dictionary, White House Sales, First Ladies)


3 Growing:

1. Economy.

2. Backyard brush.

3. Dictionary.


1,000 brand new-

Words to accrue.



3 For Selling::

1. Billboard.

2. TV ad.

3. WH winks.


Travel public office lane-

Invested in private gain.


3 Ads:

1. Mrs. Eisenhower organ recordings.

2. Mrs. Kennedy clean silk sheets.

3. Now-stuff.






(3)Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Education Secretary, School, Obamacare-ACA)

3 For Education Secretary:

1. Billionaire.

2. To promote choice of schools.

3. To take care of all students.


No whim-

Public and private system.


3 Schools To Like Best:

1. 1st one you went to.

2. 2nd one you went to.

3. 3rd one you went to.


Maybe the 7th one?

1/2 years, so much fun.





3 To Not Miss Obamacare:

1. Those who aren’t on it.

2.Those who don’t care for it.

3.Those using ACA.


Ding ding bell to ring-

Suddenly with no coverage, nothing.




(3)Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Fool, Profit, Blood Pressure)

Three Important:

1. Church.

2. School.

3. Not acting like a fool.
By far-
Wherever you are.



Three To Lower:
1. Lifeboat.
2. Volume.
3. Blood pressure.
Better found-
Numbers down.


Three For Profit:

1. Prisons.

2. Schools.

3. Politicians.
To suffice-
Just the right price.




(3)Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Parking, Quake, Lights)

Three Worth Fighting Over:

1. Custody of children.

2. Liberty.

3. Parking lot spot.
When you cannot reasonably
figure out who got there first.


Three Ways To Study History:

1. Books.

2. Family tales.

3. Pictures.
In the wake-
Of that 1906 San Francisco quake.



Three Tips For White House Lighting:


1. Clap on.


2. Clap off.


3. Clap together.


Once again-

WH team, let’s do that again.




(3)Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Jersey, Kellyanne, Lies)

Three Gone Missing:

1. Keys.

2. Sock in the dryer.

3. That Super Bowl jersey.
Possession no longer intact-
With Tom Brady wanting it back.

Three To Do If You Don’t Like That:
1. Ignore.
2. Think otherwise.
3. Lie.
Not now & then-
But over & over again.


Three Repeated By Kellyanne:
1. Once.
2. Twice.
3. Waiting on that third time.
As the 1st and 2nd was spent-
Hoping that no one would notice
that  massacre accident.




(3)Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

Three Cow Highlights:


1. Jumped over moon.


2. Gave at the dairy.


3. Ran though Weatherford, Texas.


With vehicle and horse to find-

Police and cowboys chasing this bovine.



3 Green:

1. Green Light-(No Dodd Frank)

2. Green River-(No EPA)

3. Bowling Green Massacre-(No truth)


In land-

Of Kellyanne.





3 Explanations For Changes:


1. Can’t figure out the day.


2. Can’t figure out what to eat.


3. Can’t figure out where you are.


Great reason-

To eliminate gun background checks, this

very season.





Three Ways To Know That Time Has Passed (2017)

1. You have a few wrinkles.

2. Your patience has improved.

3. Fred Savage is forty years old.


The Wonder Years little boy at hand-

Has transformed into a middle aged man.



Three Famous Triplets (2017)

1. Huey, Dewey, & Louie. (Donald Duck)

2. Annette, Colette, & Danielle.(Lady & the Tramp)

3. Cute Face, Funny Face, & Pretty Face. (Atascocita, TX Walmart residents)
Until when-
They are removed from their garden.


Three Scary (2017)

1. Those Texas tunnels under Walmart.

2. Entertainment figures and satan.

3. Marriage taken so lightly.


Let it be-

The norm for today’s WH is marriage

times three.



Three Elected (2017)

Three Elected:


1. President.

2. Most of First Family.

3. Others.


And even more to scheme-

To fulfill their dreams.



Three Ways To Acquire A 2004 Super Bowl Ring (2017)

1. Be the owner.

2. Be on the winning team.

3. Just keep the owner’s ring.
Putin mistook-
The act to only try on and look.


Three Places For Birds (2017)

1. Air.
2. Tree.
3. Your garden.
Flown in to sit-
Flew in to visit.


Three To Benefit From Less Regulations (2017)

1. Corporations.

2. Big Business.

3. Man in White House.


To the core-

Bought the store.



Three Filled With Goodness (2017)

1. Fruits.

2. Veggies.

3. Wholesome food in general.
Not to be rude-
But we are being cheated with
much of that fast food.



Three To Choose And Pick If You Can (2017)

1. Can’t read those books.

2. Can’t celebrate that holiday.

3. Can get married 3 or 4 times.
To protest-
At its best.


Three That I Could Easily Miss (2017)


1. Military strike decisions over
dinner with two real estate experts.

2. Promised swamp drain being replaced
two fold with rift raft.

3. Breaks for Russia and rich folks.
To pass-
What about that middle class?


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose


Three Forever (2017)

1. Repealing Obamacare.
2. Replealing Obamacare.
3. Replealing Obamacare.
Replacing Obamacare-
Replacing Obamacare.


Three MEME’S (2017)

1. MeMe.

2. MeMe.

3. MeMe.


Every moment,

every occasion to see-

All about MeMe.



Three Yellow (2017)

1. Sunshine.
2. Product labels.
3. Lemons.
Tart to be-
Straight from the tree.


Read This Somewhere…….

The Senate is poised to scuttle an Obama rule preventing coal

mining debris from being dumped into nearby streams –

Yeah that seems safe. Good thing its only drinking water

for red states near coal mines. Imagine that!



Three Streams (2017)

1. Those that are polluted.
2. Those that were once polluted.
3. Those that are about to become polluted.
Drop those regulations, I want to keep intact-
The way that my country was, I want my country back.


Three To Pray For (2017)

1. Peace.

2. Stability.

3. The ratings of a TV show.
So hallow-
So shallow.


Three That I Have Watched So Many Times (2017)

1. A good play.

2. A BBC program.

3. I, Claudius.


Just can’t skirt-

To watch more Sir John Hurt.


Three For A Protest (2017)

1. Complaint.
2. Agenda.
3. Simply show up.

Signs and all-
Suddenly on call.

Three To Profit (2017)

1. Small business.

2. Big business.

3. Individual.


As long as it isn’t via White House-

President, grown children, & spouse.

(Who is watching this scenario? Someone appointed by President?)


Three Ways To Take My Country Back (2017)

1. Is the water safe? (No EPA)

2. What will keep my water safe? (No regulations)

3. Where is that “really” good looking first cousin of mine? (Whoops)
To heave and sigh-
Of good old days gone by.


Three Way To Boost Company Profits (2016)

1. Sell.
2. Buy.
3. Sell more.
Especially time spent-
While posing as president.


Three Via Fake Tears (2017)

1. Not true.
2. Propaganda.
3. Tears brought on by true plight.
Suffered loss-


Three Clues (2017)

1. Actions.
2. Circumstances.
3. Words from the horse’s mouth.
Hard to get around.



Three Things That Folks Shoplift (2010)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. CD’s.

2. Jewelry.

3. Make-up.
Knocks out the notion of needy-
Instead swaying more towards

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The Need-To Read # 285

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Yes, I will-
One day, break down,
and read that complete

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Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 495

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

To attempt to make a dent-
To reach out to one that is different.

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The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 256

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Things used to be closed, back in the day-
On any given, major holiday.

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The Need-To Read # 286

Rigged of course….

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Believe only part, of what you read-
For someone, evil, may be trying
to plant a deceitful seed.

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Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet # 633

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Chicken and dumplings-
Has got to be my favorite thing.

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To Change The Words To Clear-That Much Nagging Fear # 152

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

I watched someone get bullied, at school
today, and just stood by-
It’s hard to stand up for others, but in
our own way, we sometimes, have to
break down, and give it a try.

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