Alternate Reality

It was the strangest experience and it opened
up my eyes. I had read about a church that I
had gone to in the third grade that was shut
down because the Priest had died and several
around him had been tested positive.

I was relaying this story to another person and I
said it was now here. Meaning it was near our town.
I have noticed that many people in the area said it
would not affect us and we were not like NY.
Nevertheless it has arrived and I was not really
making an issue. Just stating facts.

The reply I got was did the Priest die from the
virus and then she said I am not afraid. My
thoughts of that is maybe there was a chance

he was surrounded by the virus and did not get

catch anything. It would be better if he just died naturally.

Several people testing positive and thousands exposed,
leading to the parish being shutdown.

I guess one way to deal with this issue to ignore
the facts.

I skipped the story in Springfield Missouri. I could not
stomach the excuse for making this one all okay.


Three About The Government

1. It cannot be trusted.

2. It does work in our best interest.

3. According to this administration
we “readily” take advantage of the
food stamp program.
As USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue
argued last year-
The SNAP program was meant to
provide “assistance through difficult
times, not a way of life.”

It’s Not About You It Is All About Me

Now that we’ve decided to ask
Ain’t it just too inconvenient to wear a mask?

We could focus on the other things too-
As we pass others on our daily way through.

o put out my cigarette before entering the store-
Seems like a waste even in the midst of asthma and such a bore.

Stopping at that red light will make me late-
So why do I have to even if it involves another one’s fate?

Good sakes alive-
Let’s go back to that drink and drive.

For it is my choice-
Let me do as I please with my actions and voice.

Rules are for those who are weak-

At least that is what this present population
continues to seek.

Never mind if all of the above is for the common good-
I want to do as I please as I readily could.

You sneezing and spreading your germs all over me-
Don’t sound too good for a pandemic experiencing

Now that we’ve decided to ask?
Ain’t it just too inconvenient to wear a mask?

Three Now That The WH Will Not Back Up Distancing

1. WH tours open to public?
2. WH grandchildren gathering at crowded neighborhood park?
1. Entire WH family gathered at crowded beach.
In the meantime-
Untied States Supreme Court taking
care of their business from home, on
video call in both rhythm and rhyme.

And There Were Fine People On Both Sides

Three That Blend Together:

1. This 2020 publicly held sign
in the United States.
2. The one at the entrance of Auschwitz.

3. The workplace of Dr. Mengele.
As Trump said that there were fine
people on both sides to read out loud-
The experiments that Dr. Mengele did
to the non-Nazi crowd.

P.S. I would recommend Republican parents
reading the life of this doctor to their children
at night. Makes for sweet dreams.

Three That This Sign Represents Carried By Low Info

1. Small child packed in boxcar.

2. Crowded no water, food, or place to
empty waste.

3. Arriving at Auschwitz.
Welcomed by sign saying
Arbeith mach frei meaning
work will set you free. Nazi
propaganda.In this case DEATH.
And then time is spent-
Child torn away from parent.
P.S. Off to the gas chambers and then
body to be burned.
Or if lucky got to meet Dr. Mengele to
participate in his horrible and painful



Three To Do While Trump Investigating China

1. What did they know?
2. What did they do?
3. Why have they not paid any tariff money?
Does Ivanka have to give back?
Those Chinese Trademarks that
were oddly given to her cause of
her daddy hack?

P.S. And why did Trump praise them so much

in the early days?

Three To Make One Comfortable

1. Invincible Pence not wearing a mask.
2. Ivanka in full evening outfit joining in MAGA health rally.
3. Jared’s praise of his father-in-law.
If only to send these wondrous “advisers” to
visit and see-
Those rotten and infected meat processors
that have become an “OPEN” coronovirus nasty.


Three About That 30 Billion Given To Farmers

1. Tariffs were enacted
on China.
2. China did not pay
3. Farmers were paid
via U.S. Treasury.
So many lies-
Saying otherwise.


Shhhhhhh. sounds a bit like socialism….

Two years in a row….

Three Questions

1. Why did the First Daughter receive Chinese Trademarks?
2. What all was traded in order for this to happen?
3. Why has she not given them back?
A simple family WH appointment?
With much reaping time spent?

In The Midst Of A Crisis

That granddaughter I was talking about made it to

a testing site, waited in line 3 hours, through 3 tents

and 2 deep nasal swabs. She and her mother are now

going to wait for 3 days for the results. Hopefully all

works out well.


Things haven’t worked out too well at a well established

store in Colorado. Three employees have

passed with at least 6 more testing positive.

The grocery store is on the front line and some


of the stories that I have heard are so sad.


“We have to stand back this far?”

“Why are you closing early?”

“This is ridiculous.”

“I couldn’t find all that I needed.”

“How disgusting? How can yall wear those masks?”


They say that pandemics bring out the best and the worst.

This must certainly be the worst. Folks complaining at a grocery

store in the midst of so much death around them? Priorites are in order?


Me, me, and me. The store in Colorado is shut down

for a bit to get an extra cleaning. I hope the customers

would appreciate the store opening back up and the

people working there as they fill up their baskets.

Enough is enough.

“A lesson to learn-
To step outside of oneself
and show some concern.”

Dr. POTUS And Body Injections

I got a little uneasy when I heard that Dr. POTUS
was touting injections of disinfectants to beat
coronavirus in order to clean out the lungs.

We had already been through the episode of
that drug he had blasted for weeks called
Hydroxychloroquine and the other one called
Remdesivir. It turned out to be a
disaster and a danger to mankind. “Profits lost”
aside thank goodness that idea was rejected.

Now as we get back to those injections of
disinfectants I begin to think that I have heard
of this before. Digging a bit deeper I suddenly
thought of Auschwitz the Nazi concentration

In 1941 there were prisoners who were injected
with highly concentrated solutions into their veins
using hyrogen perhydrol, ether, hydrogen peroxide,
benzene, Evipan and phenol. The most effective way
to kill was to inject phenol into the prisoner’s heart.

A room in block 20 called the Behandlungszimmer

was the location to take care of these killings. At
another concentration camp Birkenau several
barracks were used for the same purpose. Eventually
gas chambers were developed to kill larger numbers
as we have all read regarding the Holocaust.

To have Dr. POTUS talk about such injections sounds
like a horror story to me. He did once say that there
were fine people on both sides when referring to

Thank goodness a Dept. of Homeland Security official
later said that federal laboratories are not considering

such a treatment option.

“Can’t predict next what will be said-
In the midst of a crisis where so many
are dead.”

Big Fat Liar (Watch The Video) Is This Fake News?

On March 6th he said so
You can get tested wherever you go,
Well the granddaughter I talked about today-
Just left a big local HOUSTON hospital that has no coronavirus test to say.
Off to a cornonavirus testing site, the anxiety does grow.

Today is April 23rd and where was that test said the mother-
We live in the greatest country like no other.
Trump rally on TV each and every day-
Blah, blah, and more blah is what he has to say.
Hold tight to your loved ones your sister and/or brother.

P.S. The hospital said it looked like the virus from an

x-ray but they had no test.

All In The Same Morning


The granddaughter could not catch her breath.

She was in the middle of working when she approached

her superior. The first thing that came out of the

superiors mouth was to ask if she could stay and

finish her job before she left to go to the hospital.



In the meantime her mother was working at a

to go eatery. She informed her superior that she

had to leave as her daughter was on the way to

the hospital and could not breathe. The superior’s

response was “in the middle of lunch?”



They say that in these times not only are we suffering

from the actual coronavirus, but it is also showing much more.


Thank goodness most people have a soul. Not everything is the

bottom line. May these two superiors never have a family

emergency. Do you think that they might finish up their last task before

heading to the hospital to see how the most precious thing in their life is

doing? Especially during a coronavirus pandemic in our country?


Of course not. There is nothing that would stop them

from dropping whatever they were doing to rush to

a hospital to sit outside and wait for the results of

their loved one. Not allowed inside but as close as

they could possible get. To not wish this situation

on anyone.

“To later see-
The results of this emergency.”

John 3:16 Rewritten Texas Style

For God so loved the world that he gave
his only son, so that everyone who has
faith in the economy will have eternal life and
never really die.

GOP Texas Lieutenant Governor. March 24,
2020-Old people should volunteer to die
to save the economy.
April 21, 2020-
There are more important things than
living to justify reopening the state’s economy.


Open Your Own Door Please

When I was a little girl I was in a hurricane. Betsy to
be exact in New Orleans. The storm came and we saw
the destruction. It took a bit but eventually we picked up
and went about our business.

Today is a different story. The big monster did not come
out of the sea, but it is certainly traveling the land with
hardly an end in sight.

In the meantime we all have to do the best we can. One thing
I cannot stand is for people to make up those “odd” stories.
Like it ain’t really real and so on and so on.

I try the best I can to keep up with things and those burials on
Hart Island outside of New York must be well played out.
Nonsense we have a serious problem where unclaimed bodies
are having to be buried with dignity.

We all want to have our freedoms back to go and get a haircut
and get our nails done. In the meantime we much all have patience.
My grandmother used to say patience is a virtue. Now is the time to
practice that one.

As our government encourages the red states to open up I would love
to see a little bit of action on their part. Open up that White House. It
is our house and the tours are closed.

All inside come on out and shake our hands. Let us truly know that
all is well and that you have a bit to lose too. Life is precious which
applies to all of us.

“Show us the way-
And prove what you say.”


Three That Suggested Trump To Put His Name On Stimulus Checks

  1. A little bird.
  2. Voices in the background.
  3. The U.S. Secretary of Treasury.


He did of course-

With suggestions at hand in full force.


P.S. An uninformed voter said that Obama

would never pass out these checks like Trump

has done for he was not a billionaire like Trump is.

Not to pop bubble but not one cent is coming from

Trump. It is coming for your own United States Treasury.


Three Lies And Other Stuff

1. Trump must have been elected at beginning of 2020 as he
inherited an “empty” stockpile.
2. Look at the new task force, and then look at your
favorite grandmother.
3. Trump cannot explain what all he did during the month of February.
And when asked-
He immediately dug into the reporter
taking the usual of “fake news” to task.




Three Reasons That POTUS Needs No Mask

1. Doesn’t look right.
2. Can’t find right fit.
3. Don’t need one like
anyone else might.
Not a fool-
All in room in contact with POTUS
is now required to have coronavirus

P.S. Quick test and results……..

For the general population without

“special” care might need to wear one.


Three To Catch On The Beach

1. Volleyball.
2. Wave.
3. Coronavirus.
Another look to take-
College students getting coronavirus
on spring break.

Three About The Same Time (End Of February)

1. Politicians privately discussing Coronavirus
and problems ahead.

2. Politicians selling stock and relaying all is okay.

3. Last Trump Rally.
Stating at best-
Hysterical acting about the
virus via the press.


Three That Might Have Done That

1. The butcher.

2. The baker.

3. Multiple third-party advisers.
In the meantime about same time
stock is sold a good round-
Of relaying the message that
a far as the Coronavirus all
is safe and sound.

Three For The Perfect Data

1. Rally.
2. MAGA Rally.
3. Coming straight from
the horse’s mouth.
Up until a few days ago-
A completely different
viewpoint and action is
what we all came to know.

P.S. Such a reversal that I’m
surprised some followers did
not get whiplash.


My Toilet Paper


Three Suddenly

1. Quickly.
2. Speedy.
3. The need for government entity in a crisis.

Action finally done-
With no more WH hoax on the run.


P.S. Couldn’t tweet way out of this one.


Three To Be Seen In Full Detail (The Tweets Don’t Pass Muster)

1. This is a hoax. 

2. It will simply go away.

3. Anyone can get a test
that wants one.
And on and on and on til
Until finally the “national
emergency” takes a full seat.

P.S. We have it contained. You don’t
think that it is contained?




1. Exposed to virus. (Brazillian aide who met Trump tested positive.)
2. Never to be tested.(Brazil’s President has been tested.)
3. Will never acquire virus. (But Lindsey Graham is worried about himself

as he self-quarantines after Mar-a-Lago visit.
In the world of “alternative facts”
and a “hoax” endeavor-
Let’s all remember that it was the
largest inauguration EVER.


Three Open Travels Amid European Travel Ban

1. Turnberry. (Scotland)
2. Doonberg. (Ireland)
3. Trump International Golf Links. (UK)
Eric Trump to head expensive taxpayer induced tours in full force-
Spots via Trump exempt golf courses.



Three For A Breath Of Fresh Air

1. A woman who holds her own.

2. A woman of influence.

3. A woman of substance.
Always teaching her class at college
with no spin-
No fancy works just pure goodness
Jill Biden.

Three That We Gave Our Darned Best To Believe

1. It is a hoax.

2. It is a plot by Democrats.

3. It is Obama’s fault.
And at the very best-
Everyone who requests
can get a test.

Three Same Old Same

1. It was the largest inauguration EVER.

2. Mexico is building the wall.

3. There are tests for this virus for everyone.

(Not according to VP Pence.)

If you need a test just ask for it.
Lies are fine lies are okay-
Except when with your life
they “might” get in the way.

Three If I Want

1. If I want royalty to admire William and Kate.

2. If I want celebrity to admire Beyonce and Jay Z.

3. If I want political substance in the WH to admire
Joe and Jill.
For all it is worth-
For love of country, down to earth.


Three For A Breath Of Fresh Air

1. A woman who holds her own.

2. A woman of influence.

3. A woman of substance.
Always teaching her class at college
with no spin-
No fancy works just pure goodness
Jill Biden.



Three To Gut

1. Fish.
2. Science.
3. Your government in general.
(programs cancelled and temp this
position and temp that position.
Expertise in full collapse-
With an emergency not completely under wraps.


Three Other Things For Junior To Do AKA Appearing On Fox News In Full Lie Regarding Democrats And Coronavirus

1. Revisit that trip to Mongolia to
kill endangered sheep.

2. Relish that trip to Alaska to kill
Grizzly bear.

3. Visit Scotland and Ireland.
Not for hunting-
But via lawmakers there
interested in purchase reckoning.

Three Toe Pumps Worn By Ivanka

1. Gianvito Rossi.
2. Jimmy Choo.
3. Manolo Blahnik.
Also wears styles from
her own more accessibly
priced label bill-
This Senior Adviser to
POTUS can certainly
give MAGA a “comfortable and profitable” feel.


Three For A Hoax

1. Mueller report-Excused by William Barr.
ignoring 10 instances of obstruction.

2. Impeachment-Acquitted minus witnesses.

3. Coronavirus-Democrat induced to take
POTUS down. Turn off your TV’s except
FOX news.
If you get sick call your political representative-
As all of our info is being filtered through the
VP in full political give.


Three Other Things For Junior To Do AKA Appearing On Fox News In Full Lie Regarding Democrats And Coronavirus

1. Revisit that trip to Mongolia to
kill endangered sheep.

2. Relish that trip to Alaska to kill
Grizzly bear.

3. Visit Scotland and Ireland.
Not for hunting-
But via lawmakers there
interested in purchase reckoning.

Three Other Things For Junior To Do AKA Appearing On Fox News In Full Lie Regarding Democrats And Coronavirus

1. Revisit that trip to Mongolia to
kill endangered sheep.

2. Relish that trip to Alaska to kill
Grizzly bear.

3. Visit Scotland and Ireland.
Not for hunting-
But via lawmakers there
interested in purchase reckoning.

Three History Flight Lessons

1. Despite the ever increasing Ebola disaster, Obama refuses to stop flights from West Africa.It’s almost like he’s saying F-you to U.S. public
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2014

2. President Obama – close down the flights from Ebola infected areas right now, before it is too late! What the hell is wrong with you?
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 5, 2014

3. My businesses depend on travel and my legacy depends on the stock market.
Different spin-
Now from then.


Three More In Order Not To Question If You Are A Trump Loyalist

1. (VP) rejects science.

2. (Kudlow) extreme wrong financial predictions.

3. (Azar) former pharma executive who oversaw
price gouging of insulin.
Now look at your family-
And know that they are in the best hands of a team
to combat coronavirus as they could possibly be.


Three In Order Not To Question If You Are A Trump Loyalist:

1. Monday-Stock market slide.

2. Tuesday-Stock market slide.

3. Wednesday-Democrat debate.
The market slid because of the debate-
And now it it is up to VP to make all of
this smooth and great.

Three Important To Discuss Around The Dinner Table

1. Is our rural hospital going to stay in business?
2. How long is the Coronavirus going to last?
3. Ivanka Trump got to wear her fav clear heels while in Dubai.
Onstage at the Global Women’s Forum-
Not important to most only important to quaint some.

P.S. Not much going on in this country to address per
The president’s “senior advisor”. MAGA

Three Famous Lovers

1. Romeo and Juliet-Star-crossed.

2. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page-
“lowlife” FBI lovers according to

3. Trump and Stormy Daniels-
Porn queen affair.
Money paid-
For services top grade.

Three You Might Know

1. One who has threatened a judge.

2. One who has lied.

3. One who obstructed justice.
Whether it be friend or spouse-
Why are they in prison when the
above behavior is so well liked
by the White House?

P.S. They take care of their friends
and leaving you behind?

Three Looking Out For Us

1. Unqualified.
2. Temporary.
3. One who is there to simply
be loyal to the one up above.
Supposed to keep us safe and sound-
Depending on what and what doesn’t
come around.

Three To Pardon

1. A criminal.

2. A cheat.

3. Someone who will
keep your secrets.
Time spent-
With attempts to ultimately
do the evident.

Three For Old Time Three Ring Circus

1. Elephants if not shot for fun.
(Rare goats included.)

2. Son-in-Law as Wonder Boy.

(The Wall, Middle East, Coronavirus task.)

3. This.
People are dying-
And this does not soothe
a nation that is crying.

P.S. The prep binders are fake news but the

pic is praised on POTUS’ twitter.

One Scenario To The Next

First Scenario:

Went to grocery store
Got baby supplies and more,
Then back home to family-
For groceries so grateful to be.
At this time with virus we have a good score.

Second Scenario:

Went to grocery store
Got baby supplies and much more,
But no haircut to be had-
The life we live is so disgusting and bad.
Not grateful for nothing to the core.


Third Scenario:

Went to the grocery store
With plenty of tears and much more,
For a family member is no longer alive-
Sadness back at home when I arrive.
To know that we are now counted in that
coronavirus death score.



Fourth Scenario:

Went to the grocery store
To get what was needed and not much more,
If only I could turn back to the time-
When not getting a haircut or wearing a mask freely didn’t feel like a crime
A time when precious life was appreciated with a true roar.


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