3 For Sunday

1. Rest.
2. Relax.
A sure win-
Over and over again.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 659 (The Pumpkin Patch)

The idea came to hatch-

That we had to visit the pumpkin patch.


It was just a small drive-

And, then all of a sudden the scenery

came alive.


The vines were so green-

Amongst the orange pumpkins, that

were seen.


Big ones and small ones, and some

in between-

Some were huge, and of course, some

were lean.


To choose, was a hard thing to do-

As we continued to walk, as we continued



And, then all of a sudden we saw the perfect


We snapped it off the vine, we were finally



Sad to leave, though, for it had been so much fun-

Back through the field, to pay, and it would all be



We smiled as we drove away-

With the perfect pumpkin, for Halloween Day.


The idea came to hatch-

That we had to visit the pumpkin patch.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose #662 (The Candy Bowl Was Overflowing)

The candy bowl was overflowing-

As a matter of fact, it was glowing.


And then the doorbell rang, and it

began to get low-

For there were so many trick or treaters

on the go.


A handful here and a handful there-

Little hands, with bags were everywhere.


Dressed in costume from pumpkins to

the princess-

All the children in the neighborhood were

dressed in their Halloween best.


Before long the candy bowl was empty-

Not a piece left was there to be.


Had to hurry and fill it up once again-

For the doorbell was still ringing more now

than then.


The candy bowl was overflowing-

As a matter of fact it was glowing.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (05) Working To Keep That Candy Bowl Full


The candy bowl was full when I heard the first knock-

It was still early, as I looked at the clock.


It was Halloween night and as the children came-

The contents of the candy bowl were never again the same.


I filled it up over and over again to keep it topped-

And, had to keep it up earnestly as the traffic never stopped.


They came by the droves and were all so cute-

The idea to run out of candy could never be in dispute.


The candy bowl was full when I heard the first knock-

It was still early, as I looked at the clock.


Three To Pardon Me

1. To release from punishment.
2. Restores offender’s civil rights.
3. Does not erase a judgement of conviction.
To not wilt-
Joe Arpaio’s guilt.

Three Ways To Get Harvey Relief Funds:

1. Ask.
2. Request.
3. Agree not to boycott Israel.
Way done-
In Texas, City of Dickinson?

Three We Need To Know

1. What happened?
2. Why were we not informed?
3. Why did it take so long to call the family?
Facts to steer-

Three Untainted Traits

1. 700 kinds of plants.
2. 200 types of birds.
3. 47 mammal & 42 fish species.
“Pristine” at the moment and huge-
National Wildlife Refuge.

Otter Thanksgiving (Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose)

The otters all over the river met-
The Thanksgiving table was set.
Fork and spoon-
To eat real soon.
Each otter took seat-
To enjoy this yearly treat.
They were all thankful for sure-
For the wonder year they did endure.
Pumpkins were able-
To highlight the table.
Pies at every end-
What a dinnertime to spend.
The otters did this every year-
To much friendship to much cheer.
As they all loved each other-
As much as any sister or brother.
The otters all over the river met.
The Thanksgiving table was set.


Three That Took Front Row

1. NFL.
2. Puerto Rico.
3. Golf games.
Tweeting faze-
For a total of 12 days.


Otter Trick Or Treat Upstream (Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose)

The otters went stream to stream-
To get candy and maybe some ice cream.
Every stream that they did see-
Had loads and loads of yum candy.
Smiling and looking ahead-
As they reached each stream trick or
treat was readily said.
Mama otter was with them as
they moved around-
She stayed further back and didn’t
make a sound.
For she ibkt wanted to watch them get
their trick or treating done-
She didn’t want to interfere in any
of their fun.
She had made them a trick or treat bag-
Out of one of her old dust rags.
Unique for sure and she knew it would
come in handy-
As they filled it up with Halloween candy.
The otters went stream to stream-
To get candy and maybe some ice cream.

Three To Take Credit For

1. Wind.
2. Rain.
3. Stock market.
And anything else to see-
That happens to come naturally.

Three Owners For The Oldest Hardware Store To Be Closed


1. Daniel Waldo-1782.

2. Elmwood Adams-1969.

3. Maurice Champagne and Nelson Cloutier-1958.


Elmwood Adams after 235 years different name-

But same hardward store in Boston all the same.

Three For An Arkansas Turkey


1. Raised.

2. Flown.

3. Dropped.


For 5 decades a live turkey drop,

from the air, is what we’ve got-

At the Annual Yellville Turkey Trot.


Three Steps


1. Ophelia.

2. Dust kicked up in Sahara Desert.

3. London sky red.


The combination-

To create a sensation.


Three About The Stock Market


1. Healthy.

2. Has been growing.

3. Continues to grow today.


No surprise-

The “several” years in rise.


Three Reasons For Backout Drug Czar


1. Didn’t want position.

2. The Washington Post.

3. Sixty Minutes.


Unusual decisions, unusual views-

Coming because of “FAKE” news?


Three Golf Moves


1. Tee.

2. Hole in one.

3. Make that call?


After another tee-

To view and see.


Otter Truth Exception

Otters always tell the truth on hand
Whether it be on water or on land,
No amount of money in suspense-
To take over, to influence.
White lies don’t count & are buried in sand.

Three To Protect

1. Country.
2. Citizens.
Other President’s response
to fallen soldiers alleged-
To cover the neglected 4 Green
Berets in Niger that were not

P.S. Plenty of golf games in between.

Three About The Presidents And USA Fallen Soldiers

1. Former Presidents did not ignore.
2. Former Presidents took care.
3. Present President has lied once again.
All along-
Different words singing same old song.

Three Growing At The WH

1. Grandchildren.
2. Apprehension.
3. Legal fees.
Continuing upward bound.

Otter Halloween

The otters were seen-
Planning for Halloween.

They knew they would cause a stir-
With orange as the season’s color.

The pumpkins were picked in the field-
Many desserts would they yield.

Such as cakes and pies-
The otter’s were happy and filled with surprise.

For they knew that many treats were on the way-
To join the otters and have a grand Halloween night and day.


Three Ongoing

1. Expensive govt. plane rides.
2. Profits of $60 hamburgers sold
down street from WH in govt. leased building.
3. Subsidies from poor cut.
The will-
To see profit and equal.

Three Going On

1. Leaves changing colors.
2. Pumpkin sprouting.
3. Costumes being chosen.
For a good reason-
Both Halloween and the fall season.

Three For Marriage

1. 1st marriage.
2. 2nd marriage.
3. 3rd marriage.
Must I say more?
How about the number 4?

Three For Political Flying

1. Flying for fun.
2. Flying for leisure.
3. Flying just because.
Not really funny-
Using taxpayer’s money.


Halloween On The Way

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves begin to fall off of the

trees and the costumes begin to appear in the stores.

We know that Halloween is coming. We see the festivals listed

and the candy sales are out in droves.

Halloween is no longer just for kids as the adults are now highly


The word chocolate comes to mind. I remember always looking

for chocolate in my bag. Of course the other sweets are cool too.

Halloween has certainly expanded. We used to make our own

costumes and now they must be store bought. The characters

have also become endless. Both scary and fun, there is something

for everyone.

Parties, recipes, and every treat imaginable. The prep is

certainly underway.

To have a safe Halloween is the real deal. To watch out for trick

or treaters on the street especially after dark.


“Trick or treat smell my feet-

Let’s all enjoy something good to eat.”



Three For Fake News

1. Not real news.
2. Hollered on a regular basis.
3. An excuse for being caught up with.
An author in jest-
He who hollers it the loudest.

Three Sections Read

1. Comics.
2. Opinion.
3. Fact check.
The third one-
Recently added, a necessity that had to be done.

Three To Make You Dance

1. Good song.
2. Good feeling.
3. Good day.
Going strong-
Like all day long.

Three Extra Long

1. Waits in line.
2. Some bridges.
3. A St. Bernard’s tongue.
Measuring at 7.3 inches from snout to tip as it were-
Mochi from South Dakota, bearing quite a licker.

Three Good Weekends

1. This one.
2. The next one.
3. Every one.
For sure-
Much leisure.

Three Cute:

1. Dolls.
2. Stuffed animals.
3. Real otters.
In their midst-
To love simply cannot resist.

Three For A Good Day

1. Smile.
2. Grin.
3. Make it that way.
Good days-
In many ways.

Three Every Morning

  1. Eyes open.
  2. Feet on floor.
  3. Coffee in full perk.


Caffeine away-

Every morning, every day.

Three Turned Brown

1. Leaves.
2. Trees.
3. Entire forests.
Lifeless looks to gain-
Thanks to Puerto Rico hurricane.

Three Really Really Really Huge

1. Elephants.
2. World.
3. Deep blue sea.
To know how it is-
In this island describing biz.

Three To Believe

1. Those who are there.
2. Those who aren’t there.
3.Those who always require excellent high ratings.
Simply can’t be-
Any regards for choice numbers 2 & 3.

Three For George Washington’s Teeth

1. Wooden?
2. Human?
3. Ivory?
Used to believe it was number one-
But 2 and 3 is what was really managed
to get that smiling done.

Three Off And Running

1. Kids.
2. Pets.
3. The week.
Making that weekend-
Up and over the bend.


1. The sun is yellow.
2. The world is round.
3. If you delete a tweet it is still there.
Everyone except you know who-
Can this be real? Can this be true?

To Simply See-One More “True” Conspiracy Theory

Three Reasons For That Cypress Forest In The Gulf Of Mexico:
1. Grew there?
2. Always there?
3.God took away Alabama’s land even before the white settlers
arrived because he knew they would be sinful.
For sure-
To think like Ray Moore.

Three Finally On The Way To Puerto Rico

1. More aid.
2. Needed help.
3. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort.
After nudging to see-
Coming from Hillary.


Hillary Clinton

President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens. https://twitter.com/samynemir/status/911401368983924736


Three Mornings

1. Good.
2. Bad.
3. So so.
Your choice-
Your actions, your voice.

Three For Lock Her Up

1. To highlight Make America Great Again Trump rally.
2. Private e-mails used to conduct govt. business.
3. Hillary wasn’t the only one.
As in everyone at the White House-
Such hypocrisy including the daughter and her “problem solving” spouse.

Three Tri-Tasking

1. Following knee rebuttals after SOB remark.
2. Following Kushner private e-mail use, Russian probe and waste of flying taxpayer money by cabinet.
3. Following Korean scenario.
Triple action-
With no distraction.

Three To Enjoy

1. Good weather.
2. Fun interests.
3. Entire weekend.
For both Saturday and Sunday.

Three In Grand Repeat

1. A sunrise.
2. A sunset.
3. Judi Dench as Queen Victoria.
To rule-
In Victoria and Abdul.

Three Outdated

  1. Talking about Hillary.
  2. Talking about “fake news”.
  3. Bringing up the 2nd amendment in scary fable form to appeal to a small group of folks.


Does the president not know?

That everyone, and I mean EVERYONE and your Mama who

wants a gun has one, and the trend will always be so.


Three To Keep Doing (2014)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Loving.
2. Reaching for the stars.
3. Teaching.
With strength and wit-
The art to teach has no age limit.


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The Need-To Read (46)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Yes, I have been over there-

For reading takes me everywhere.



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Three Ways To Know That You’ve Got A Great Job (2009)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. You get days off once in a while.
2. You have nice co-workers.
3. You get a huge bonus, and I mean a huge bonus, no matter what your performance is.
Sounds like a bubba calamity-
Cause it just ain’t something that ought to be.


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Three Types Of Employees (2009)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Men.

2. Women.

3. Key.


Wind them up and there they go-

Filled with bonuses and laying low.


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Three That Save Lives (2014)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Firemen.

2. The average brave person.

3. Pets.


Many times to warn up ahead-

Danger in the house, everyone

get out of bed.


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Three That We Like To See Animals Do (2014)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Dance.
2. Swim.
3. Talk.
Sometimes on hand-
They appear almost


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A Quick Say-In A Rhyming Way # 16

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Just when you think you’ve got all under control-

Life’s little bitty human irritations begins to unfold.



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