Three Ways To Ease This Awful School Shooting Problem

 1. Stay alert.
2. Report any odd goings on with the realization that no one is perfect.
Yes, the FBI erred, but be thankful for all else they are doing
and will do in the future. One mistake cannot take down our democracy.
3. Sign a bill making it easier for those with mental illness to obtain guns?
 HJ Resolution 40 signed by Trump and not to be re-seen?
Done early in 2017?

Three For The Working Poor

1. Fake milk.
2. Canned foods.
3. Peanut butter.
Making America Great Again
knows best aka red cap-
America’s Harvest Box to replace
what is now called SNAP.

P.S. No fresh veggies or fruits. Remember those

horrible days with suggestions to eat healthier

during the Obama administration? This government

knows best.

Letter To The Editor (True Stories)

Every once in a while you’ll be watching a

movie and then suddenly realize that the stuff

going on really did happen. I know it’s called

a true story.


It happens all of the time, but some of those

movies are just too hard to believe. I recently

went to the theater and watched one of those



Won’t say which one because I don’t want to

spoil it for someone else, but the setting for

the movie really amazed me, as I did not know

it existed.


The subject matter was another story. One that

can actually be believed or on the other hand one

that can be shifted to some type of mental illness.

Nevertheless when I got back home I had to look

up the house that was in this movie and read all

about it. So much history involved, and so much

more to learn about the subject.


It’s funny how a movie and peak one’s interest.

I still have many questions and will take my time

researching the subject.



Much interest involved in this unnamed movie.”


Letter To The Editor (Looking For Spring)

We are beginning to hear the sounds of spring.

Not that it is almost here, but we do have a yearning

for it.

Here in Texas a few cold days is enough. How they

manage it in the North is beyond me. One big chill

is enough for me. Surely before spring does arrive

we will have a few more cold days.


The groundhog said so when he saw his shadow,

and the weathermen tell us the same. This is not

the time to put up the sweaters or the coats as

they will come in handy before we know it.


Here comes both Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day.

The year will fly by if we don’t get a grip on it.


Spring will be here soon enough and then we

know what comes after that. A long hot summer.

I can wait.


“Spring time blues-

But first we must pay all of our winter dues.”

Three I Won’t Hold My Breath For

1. A certain statement.

2. A soothing moment.

3. What was supposed to be said.


This is the President of the United States

and Russia interfered in our election-

And I will with all of my power and might

get to the bottom of it and make sure it

is NEVER NEVER EVER again done.

Letters To The Editor (Fish And Bones)

I was out to eat with the husband the other night and fried

fish was on the menu. Bone or boneless was the choice. I

clearly remember eating catfish with my grandmother and

watching out for those bones.


She lived near the levee outside of New Orleans and her brother

would walk over the levee and go fishing right there in the

Mississippi River.


After catching several catfish he would come home and

get them ready for my grandmother to fry. With bones

intact she would dip them in the batter. The smell

throughout the house was so good, and when it was

time to eat, the fish pieces would melt in your mouth.


The only thing to spoil it might be a bone or two. Lucky

for us we would catch them in time. No choking for any

of us and the thought of that happening was not a good



Back to our recent dinner. I chose the boneless fish.

Of course with the realization that there was always

a chance to find a bone anyway. Until the world is

perfect I have to assume that fact.


“To enjoy and wish-

For the perfect boneless fish.”

Three Things In History That Might Have Been Different If Only

1. If Elvis had never walked into Sun Studio.
2. If Gilligan’s boat had not been capsized.
3. If the President of the U.S. was not
dishonest, with something to hide.
And had acknowledged Russian interference
with serious taken action to protect us all.
Instead of trying to hide behind a continuous
“fake news and hoax call.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (That Word)

What was that word?
That was readily heard?

And then cried-
And of course partially denied.

A word that is clear-
For children not to hear.

Personally as an adult it makes me sick-
This word to identify people of a certain click.

Doesn’t sound very conservative christian to me-
Or patriotic in this land of the free.


To continue to excuse-

To call other wrongdoing fake news.


A word not to miss-

A word you might not want to share on a regular basis.

What was that word?
That was readily heard?


Three For Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

1. Reduce national monuments.
2. Permission to drill anywhere.
3. No more “new” national monuments or land protections.
No need for advisory board for
the National Park Service when there
is a straight aimed burst-
Highlighting only profit, by this administration for few first.

Three Said

1. He said that.
2. No he said that.
3. I didn’t hear any of that.
But for those that did-
That “first” word wasn’t meant
to be heard by a decent adult or kid.

Three Reasons That Trump Will Not Go To UK:


  1. Doesn’t like to travel?
  2. Too many protestors?
  3. That embassy move issue caused by “Obama”.


Check it out-

“George W. Bush” embassy business in October 2008

due to security reasons was already on route.


And then checkout Trump’s Tweet……..


Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Dance)

Just by chance

“So You Think You Can Dance”.


“Dance Moms” around the world-

Gave it their best swirl.


It has always been that way-

From way back when to the modern day.


Much talent did we happen to see-

On “The Arthur Murray Party”.


With bubbles floating on the dance floor-

“Lawrence Welk” presented much dance to the core.


“American Bandstand” gave us many new moves-

We danced through many types of music and stayed in the groove.


Through the years all the same-

As we involved ourselves in “Club MTV” and “Fame”.


But as it were-

These were humans in full motion stir.


Nature also has it own dancing spin-

Simply called the Red-capped Manakin.



Letter To The Editor (Powder)

She looked at the glass container and suddenly thought about

her Grandmother. It was round on the bottom and steeple shaped

on the top. It held body powder that her Grandmother regularly

wore and when the container was empty, she would call her Avon

lady to get a refill.


It was a part of her childhood. She could not remember when the

glass container was not on the dresser with the mirror behind it.

It shined by itself and in its own reflection in the mirror.


She not only admired the glass container but she loved the smell

that it contained, for it had become her Grandmother’s smell.

Whenever her Grandmother entered the room the scent came

with her. Whenever she would leave the room the scent stayed

behind for a while.


It has been years since the glass container was last seen, but

one was in a quaint antique shop and when she saw it the

memories flooded in. Even though it held no scent she

suddenly remembered the one that her grandmother

carried with her. Some things never leave us. Sweet

Grandmother memories is one of those things.

“Time spent-

Reliving a comforting scent.”

Three On The Fast Track

1. Hamburger order.
2. Racing cars.
3. Book published.
On the run-
You know exactly which one.

Three To Make A Difference

1. Those concerned.
2. Those who care.
3. Those with growing populations
such as Alaska, Arizona, and Utah.
A better voting win under the gun-
With a sprouting Native American

Three Suddenly Gone

1. 2017.
2. Warm weather.
3. Voter fraud panel.
Tis the season-
To eliminate a panel that
was devised for simply no
good reason.

Three To Stay With Us In 2018

1. Our love for chocolate.
2. Household chores.
3. The Russian interference investigation.
To the very end to see-
To ensure our democracy.

Letter To The Editor (Sticking To That List)

The lady left the house to go and pick up a loaf of bread. After shopping

for a while in her neighborhood thrift store she decided that she had

better get out of there because she had no intentions of shopping there

to begin with.

This is a typical scenario for all of us. Usually it happens within the same

store, but we can venture off into other directions. How many times have

we gone into the store to get one item, and before long our arms are


Those extra items can get heavy and then of course we wished that we

had gotten a basket. It wasn’t done when we entered the store because

who needs a basket for one item?

So this year one of our resolutions is to make a list and stick to it. No

extra and no more got to have that. If it is not on the list keep walking.

We’ll see how long this lasts. Don’t we just love those good intentions?



Only for list stuff without stopping.”

Three For That Make America Great Again


1. Not new.

2. Used before.

3. Used during the time that Ronald Reagan

gave amnesty to 3 million immigrants and

made them American citizens.


A scenario to occur-

To see a recent “distortion” of a

slogan that sounded familiar.


Letter To The Editor (No Royal Magic Wand Involved In This One)


I recently saw a commercial where a little girl

thanks the president for letting us say

Merry Christmas again. I thought that

was odd because no one or no president had

ever stopped me from staying such a statement

and exactly how did he fix this?


Did he accomplish this by attending the church

of his choice on Christmas Eve? He doesn’t attend

church regular because he is putting the public at

the church in danger. This doesn’t count for any

other gatherings.


Maybe he banned buying gifts on the Savior’s birthday.

That certainly was created by humans and is readily

practiced. If it is your birthday then why am I getting a gift?

That takes some calculating.


Did he do this by banning any other religion in the United

States? This would certainly take care of the problem as the

War on Christmas is actually about other religions, especially

Hanukkah and Kwanzaa getting in the way. Check out what Henry

Ford and The John Birch Society said back in the 1920’s and the 1950’s

regarding anti-Semitic ideas.


Taking a step back further in the 17th and 18th century, the Puritans

did not celebrate Christmas at all. Pagan holiday from Rome. Folks

were fined and jailed for doing so for many years. 1870 was when

Christmas became a federal holiday.


Obviously someone is trying to take credit for something that they

did not do. There is plenty of room for many beliefs including my own.

I don’t need anyone’s okay to do so. I do not live in a kingdom with a ruler

to wave a magic wand.


I recently saw a commercial where a little girl thanks the president for

letting us say Merry Christmas again. I thought that was odd because no

one or no president had ever allowed or stopped me from saying such a

statement and it’s time we said so out loud.

“To give it a try-

To squash one more lie.”


Three Reasons To Keep The Russian Interference Investigation Going:

1. Truth.
2. Justice.
3. Democracy.
To take the “American” side-
With nothing left to hide.

Three Colors

1. Red.
2. Green.
3. Many other ones.
To highlight-
A string of Christmas light.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (New Year Resolutions)

It’s hard to believe that we are about to enter into a new year. 2018

is right around the corner. Surely with all of the Christmas preps we

haven’t really thought about it, but it is coming anyway.


The resolutions have to be made. One fun thing to do is too look and

see what you promised last year, how long it lasted, and will it be on

this year’s list once again?


I think that one of mine at the top of the list might be to attempt to not to lie.

As kids we were taught not to lie. That it was not nice and not good, but nowadays

with so many adults lying it is time that some adults take a stance to try

and set a good example.


Don’t know how long that will last as we just cannot help ourselves. We

are dedicated for this and that until it affects us personally and then we bend the rule.

Human nature as it is. And what is this world coming to? The same as it has

always been.


“Many New Year Resolutions seen-

At the beginning of the year 2018.”

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Solo Ice Cream)

While waiting in line at the bank, I overheard two women


discussing a little ice cream machine. Rock salt is what you


put in it and then you had to stir it for a long time. One woman


said that she would be too lazy to stir it for a long time, and the


other one said that is why you invite friends over.


The conversation concluded with the thought that there would


not be enough ice cream for the people invited over to stir.



The solution was easy enough as it was stated that was the time


for the invited company to go home. Problem solved.

“A cold cold scheme-
To create and eat homemade ice cream”.


Three To Make You Filled With Wonder

  1. Life.
  2. Mountains.
  3. Stuff like this.


Not to miss-

Nominated for what purpose?

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Original Shakers)

The European Shakers made their way-

To America in 1774 back in the day.


For freedom of religion and movement-

Via founder Mother Ann Lee, along the Hudson

River on New York is where they went.


With any problems of frontier life they did better fare-

As they ate healthy, were clean , and practiced good healthcare.


With decoration being offensive to God they created their

very own furniture-

That contained simplicity and beauty that to this day

still does endure.


They expanded to New England, New

York, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio-

Eventually dying out, with their furniture

giving way for their history to grow.


A small second order of Shakers today in Sabbathday Lake, Maine-

Keepers of the faith with supporting the heritage to gain.

Three Said Often

1. Hoax.
2. Fake news.
3. Whatever it takes to offset truth.
In full spin-
To attempt to stop that truth
finding and digging in.


Three That Folks In Alabama Don’t Need

1. Clean air-less regulations.

2.Clean water-less enforcement of EPA.

3. No CHIPS.


Numbers to find-

That 84,000 folks with kids

(both Repub and Dem)

will “not” be put in a bind.

P. S. Next comes the downsizing of

Social Security and Medicare, and Medicaid,

to offset those tax cuts for the rich. (Let’s

celebrate and MAGA. This time like

back in the old day without

slavery, as per good old Roy Moore.


Three To Call Names

1. A woman.
2. Someone’s mother.
3. Your fellow countrywoman.
A presidential bully for sure-
Rightfully so to endure?

P. S. No complaints heard when and if it

is your Mama or Grandma being “downsized”.

Three To Pass The Time

1. Shop.
2. Run around the block.
3. Investigate Hillary’s e-mails.
As we proceed-
To continue to investigate
the Trump/Russia collusion deed.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Old Man’s Christmas)

It is always clear-

To tell the same story every year.


At this time-

In full rhyme.


For it is an important one-

That must readily be done.


The old man would-

Talk of his childhood.


As children so much to amass-

At Christmas.


No expensive toys to be had-

But true gifts that would make them glad.


On Christmas morning they would open-

A sack filled with goodies to open over and over again.


Also containing nuts and fruit and a bit of candy-

Treats not always throughout the year handy.


A childhood filled with awe and wonder-

One that as an old man he would often visit as it were.


It is always clear-

To tell the same story every year.


Three Changes

1. Season.
2. Weather.
3. Clothing choices.
All she wrote-
Wearing a sweater and or a coat.

Three To Brush Under The Rug

1. Lies.
2. Untruths.
3. Anything you can fit.
Without a doubt-
To eventually break free and slip out.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Otter Christmas Morning)

The otters woke up Christmas Day-

And the gift opening immediately got underway.


For this event they had waited all year long-

And now it was here coming on strong.


It began late last night-

When not a sound was made and an otter was not in sight.


For they all knew that Santa Claus was coming-

And many gifts is what he would bring.


There would be no ifs, ands, or buts-

For all of their eyes had to be shut.


Mama otter had made Santa a special cake-

One that Santa loves for goodness sake.


And then they poured some milk in a glass-

All set now with a napkin to readily amass.


Santa came somewhere during the night-

Actually before the morning light.


And that is where the otter’s story began-

It happened all along the river, all over the land.


The otters woke up Christmas Day-

And the gift opening immediately got underway.


Three Sold

1. 7-11/Tokoyo.
2. Burger King/Canada.
3. Hoover/Hong Kong.
Utah Sacred Indian land as it were-
Now up for grabs by highest bidder.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$   MAGA    $$$$$$$$$$$$

Three Reasons That Some Tweets Are So Bright

1. Done in sun.
2. Done with much thought.
3. Done by WH lawyer.
Sometimes not to get it quite right-
Done in full daylight.

Three To Lock Up

1. Lock her up.
2. Lock her up.
3. Don’t lock me or my son up.
Much concern-
When the situation begins to turn.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Trees Are Ready)

Mike was working in the back of the store-
Putting Christmas trees together on the floor.
Piece by piece, they began to form as a tree-
A happy finished product this was going to be.
As the day went on the amount of trees began to grow-
They flourished in detail, row by row.
And Mike’s looks began to change-
His beard grew and his clothing was re-arranged.
Mike was beginning to look like he lived among these trees-
With nature amongst the animals, amongst the slight breeze.
The stars twinkled and touched the tree tops-
This was a natural decoration with no halts or stops.
The put together trees turned into a wonderful forest-
Thanks to Mike who put them together and you know the rest.
The store disappeared and nature took over for a good reason-
As for the end of the year, this is the most important season.


Three Once Again

1. Weekend over.
2. Relaxation gone.
3. Monday here.
Not to miss-
On a regular basis.

Three For Sure

1. December is coming.
2. Christmas is coming.
3. Much shopping is being done.
Wrapping too-
Through and through.

Three On Welfare

1. Lazy.
2. Worthless.
3. Those on Social Security Disability?
To not stand still-
And let this administration screw
around the most vulnerable.

Three Places To Shop On Black Friday

1. Online.
2. At the mall.
3. At your local department store.
Anyway you can-
On this shopping day all over the land.

Letter To The Editor (A Step Back Into Time)

I decided that 2018 was going to be a pleasant year

beginning now. My first step was to make

things fun and simple, so I began my adventure with

having my picture taken with Santa Claus.


I spotted him and thought why not? It had been years

since I had done such a thing. As I watched the young

ones telling him what they wanted, I had to think

about my choices.


He ended up taking a break and when he passed by I

got to stand next to him. He didn’t ask me what I wanted

and I never got around to telling him, but as we both

smiled it was obvious that I had already gotten what I



A picture with Santa Claus. A step back into time, and

a good moment to experience. All at one shot. I would

say that was a good beginning.


“This the season-

To enjoy it all for a good reason.”



Happy Thanksgiving

So many things to be thankful for-
With many good things ahead in store.
Memories of Grandma and a brother-
Like no one else on earth, like no other.
Children and grandchildren living-
Simply God created and given.
So many things to be thankful for-
With many good things ahead in store.


Three On The Mind


1. Turkey.
2. Dressing.
3. Olives.
And a spurt-
Of many a dessert.

Three For Politics

1. Democrat.
2. Republican.
3. Other.
A choice-
Given by every voter,
every single voice.


Three In Order

1. Thanksgiving.
2. Christmas season.
3. Santa.
Nowadays Santa first-
Before the art of Thanksgiving is completely immersed.

Three For Saturday

1. Fun.
2. Relaxation.
3. Catch-up.
To figure not hard-
Both in the house and in the yard.

Three To Tend To At WH

1. Overseas Trump brands.
2. Trump Tower Tax Cut.
3. Elephant trophy hunting.
Now and then-
To be reminded to write condolence
letters three months later to
families of dead servicemen.

Letter To The Editor: Thanksgiving Dinner Way Back When

The first Thanksgiving Dinner-
In history was a winner.

Not just a whim-
But thankful eating between Wampanoag and Pilgrim.

Local veggies and fruits as best as able-
Set this special table.

Highlighted by fish and shellfish caught near-
Added to Wampanoag gift of five deer.

An event that has become a tradition-
An annual American family sensation.

“Happy Thanksgiving-

On this day and in everyday living.”

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