Three That Age (2014)


1. Trees.

2. People.

3. Reindeer.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-
Turned 50, with much cheer.




I Hear That Train Whistle (2014)

A train fascinates both the grown up and the little ones.
There is nothing more exciting than to stop, for a train,
and hear a grandchild, in the backseat admire it.


The louder the whistle, the better. Not only does it warn
those crossing the train tracks, but it also entertains the


The one thing that I miss is the caboose. Every time I see
a train, that is about to finish up its’ passing, I have an urge
to wave. Nowadays, there is no one to wave to. I would
imagine that a bit of downsizing took care of that one.


Trains carry all sorts of things. We’re not always sure what
is on board, when asked by the little backseaters. I know that
they have an important function, and transport all types of needed


It’s always fun to go somewhere that collects trains. A setup
delights both young and old. I just love the little stations and
trees that are added to make it realistic.


We all know that Santa rides in a sleigh, on Christmas Eve, but
I also like to see him running a train engine around the Christmas
tree. Surely the reindeer and elves like to ride too. It’s just a nice
addition to the Christmas tree.


“Round and round they go-
As the world of delight and curiosity, continue to grow.”



Three That We Love To See On The Book Shelves (2014)


1. Grandmother’s pottery.

2. Family pictures.

3. A new children’s book.


Enriched reading in store-

Always room for at least one more.


Three Spots Turkey Eaten (2014)

1. Mama’s.
2. Eatery.
3. Space Station.
Took seat-
Caught piece of floating turkey meat.


Three That We Remember Most (2014)

1. Kind words.
2. Thoughtful actions.
3. Play cars we used to ride in.
Wasn’t hard-
Ridden in backyard.


Three To Happen During Storm (2014)

1. Drivers slow down.(LOL)
2. Umbrellas come out.
3. Lights out.
To see-
Evaporation of electricity.


Three Steps To A Great Garden (2014)

1. Pick your spot.

2. Buy your seeds.

3. Start digging.
It ain’t gonna happen on its own-
For it comes from hard work that is home


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