Three To Color (2014)

1. The world.

2. A page.

3. An Easter egg.


Purple, green, or blue-

Yellow, Pink, or another hue.


Three For Vinegar (2014)

1. Easter egg dye.

2. Salad.

3. Shine.


In the kitchen, to find-

To both disinfect and shine.



Three To Drop (2014)

1. Supplies.
2. Cookies.
3. That New Year’s Eve Ball.
By millions, to be seen-
To celebrate 2015.


Three Special Places To Read (2014)

1. Café.
2. Bus stop.
3. Near the fireplace.
Just as cozy-
As it can be.


Three Steps For The Christmas Tree (2014)

1. Cut.
2. Deco and enjoy.
3. Return to the earth.
Let it be-
For the garden, or around the tree.


Three Out Front (2014)

1. Treasure.
2. Statue.
3. Art.
From Beijing, to be
more readily seen-
In the year, of 2015.


Three Once Again (2014)

1. Read book.
2. Watch movie.
3. Celebrate Luise Rainer’s life.
To re-birth-
The Good Earth.


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