Three Things That Can Give You A Headache (2006)


1. Loud noise.

2. Stress.

3. Warnings about pain relievers.
Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin-
Mixed together, do not mend.


Three Answers To The Question About Who Is Taking Care Of The Business (2006)


1. Someone who is qualified.

2. Someone who acts like they are qualified.

3. A friend of a friend.


Many bad decisions have been made-

When the person in charge, doesn’t really pass the grade.


Three Perks To Being Just One Of The Regular Folks (2006)


1. You blend in.

2. Your life is not picked over.

3. Filing for divorce does not make the news.


Taking the circus course-

Does not appeal to most in the midst of a divorce.


Three Ways To Know That It Was A Close Call (2006)


1. You almost missed your hair appointment.

2. You checked out your library book, just as they were locking the doors.

3. The acetaminophen bottle, you have in your cabinet,

that you have been using for over a year, almost matched one of the recalled batch numbers.


Still good to take-

For that headache!


Three Moments Of Time (2006)


1. 30 seconds.

2. One minute.

3. Sixty Minutes.


Ed Bradley, we will miss-

A mighty fine journalist.


Three Ways To Feel The Effects Of Yesterday (2006)


1. Play hopscotch.

2. Jump rope for a while.

3. Do the hula hoop for an hour.


Either I’m losing my mind-

Or I just don’t remember the

muscle pain of this kind.


Three Things To Do With A White Suit Jacket (2006)

1. Wear it to a special event.

2. Have it cleaned.

3. Trade it in for a red apron.


Col. Harland Sanders, of KFC-

Is changing his looks, as we will shortly see.


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