Three Statements Depicting The Thought That Someone Just Got Back From A Long Trip (2006)


1. Rome was beautiful.

2. Coast to coast had its moments.

3. I just survived cancer .


The experience was mindblowing-

And now homefree is where I am going.


Three Who Cheat According To A Study (2006)

1. Business students-56%.

2. Engineering students-54%.

3. Physical Science students-50%


One might wonder what percent would amass-

In a good old fashioned ethics class!


Three places that the mentally ill do not belong (2006)

1. On the street.
2. In an unsupervised environment.
3. In jail.
We need to figure out a special place-
So that for some, life is easier to face.

Three Times When A Kid Will Get Up Early (2006)

1. When he is going to the fair, that morning.

2. Saturday or Sunday.

3. Any day, that does not involve a school day.


The no school, is not a surprise-

When it comes to that early rise!


Three Fun Games (2006)

1. Monopoly.
2. Mother May I.
3. Red light, green light.
Pay as you go-
As the redlight camera locations,
continue to grow.


1. Build floats.

2. Purchase throws.

3. Remove the debris and sweep both the streets and the sidewalks.





Three Reasons For New Orleans To Continue To Rebuild (2006)

1. It is one historical place.

2. It is a great tourist attraction.

3. It is where I was born.


Not that it is just for me-

But many others will be born there,

to create the world’s poetry!


Take The Time To Vote (2006)


I wish that I would have voted in the last election-
I wish I could have put in my two cents’ worth, to make my selection.

I wish that I didn’t let it pass me by-
For whatever reason, I just don’t know why.

Maybe it was the “other” things that I was doing that got in the way-
Or maybe I just plain forgot. What else can I say?

Let’s see, there is the early voting or through the mail that I could have done-
I must say that there are quite a few days involved in either one.

Or I actually could have gone on the selected day-
I admit it; I just downright let those too many other things get in the way.

There is shopping, working and others things to tend to-
I guess I didn’t have enough time left over when I was through.

There is clothes washing, dusting and cleaning the car out-
If I’d had a little time left over, I might have voted after running all about.

But, wait! Did I happen to forget that voting in this country is my right?
Thanks to all who did and are leading the fight.

To ensure that I can continue to have the privilege to vote-
I guess by not voting last year, somehow or another I missed the boat.

There are too many reminders, for me to forget-
It’s all over the TV, covered in the newspapers, and even flashing at me on the Internet.

I think that this year I will push everything else aside-
And take a few moments to vote, with much dedication and pride.

And in case you’re wondering what really kept me from voting that very last time-
I really did! I just wanted to encourage those who didn’t, in my own expression, through rhyme.

Let’s all make an effort to remember-
To get out and vote this November.


Presidents During My Lifetime (2006)

When former President, Gerald R. Ford, passed away,

Some disheartening words, I heard some younger folks say.


“I don’t know who he is, for he was President before my time”-

Which made me want to review the Presidents in my own

lifetime, with a little added rhyme.  



George W. Bush (43)

Born July 6, 1946


Our present President since 2001-

On his second term in the midst of getting the job done.



William J. Clinton (42)

Born August 19, 1946


Served as President 1993-2001-

Yes, with that balanced budget, he was the one.




George H.W. Bush (41)

Born June 12, 1924


Served as President 1989-1993-

No new taxes is what he said, but it was not to be.



Ronald Reagan (40)

Born February 6, 1911

Died June 5, 2004


Served as President 1981-1989-

Not only a President, but an acting career he did find.




Jimmy Carter (39)

Born October 1, 1924


Served as President 1977-1981-

A compassoniate man, and a peanut farm he did run.




Gerald R. Ford (38)

Born July 14, 1913

Died December 26, 2006


Served as President 1974-1977-

Best remembered for putting our nation on the mend.




Richard M. Nixon (37)

Born January 9, 1913

Died April 22, 1994


Served as President 1969-1974-

Because of Watergate, much controversy

was in store.




Lyndon Johnson (36)

Born August 27, 1908

Died January 22, 1973


Served as President 1963-1969-

In 1965, with Social Security already in

place, Medicare became next in line.




John F. Kennedy (35)

Born May 29, 1917

Died November 22, 1963


Served as President 1961-1963-

Assassinated in Dallas, Texas, a tragedy in

our Amercan history.




Dwight D. Eisenhower (34)

Born October 14, 1890

Died March 28, 1969


Served as President 1953-1961-

He was a General, during the time

when WWII was won.



Since I was born in 1957, ten Presidents of the United States have

served this country-

Leaving thiry-three  more that have formed our American history.


A list that we all can all freely review every now and then-

Acknowledging the fact that we didn’t need to “be there,” in order to remember when.



Three Things That You Do When You Go To The Grocery Store (2006)


1. You check out the fruits.

2. You browse through the frozen section.

3. You forget what you came for to begin with.


And as soon as you pull up in the drive-

You remember, and once again to the grocery

store you have to arrive.


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