Flying By

The warm weather has arrived so off to the
water park we went. We get a pass and try
to go as often as we can.

When we arrived I noticed that many changes
had happened since the last time. Another
company had taken over and it had a new name.

Fine with me as long as the river was still running.
I love the wave pool and that long relaxing river.
So soothing.

As we approached the river I noticed that many heads
were basically flying by. Something was different but
it was hard to figure at the moment.

As soon as we got in it became obvious that they had
ramped up the river speed. At least 3 times as fast. It
was no problem, but it was funny when I got ready to
grab the bar to get out on the stairs.

I missed the bar and went down a little further. In past
days that would be no problem as you just hang onto
the side and work your way back.

Well I grabbed the side and the force of the water would
not let me get back. It pulled my entire body. Imagine me
hanging on with my legs out straight getting ready to go
the other direction. Well in this case I simply had to
go back around. Of course, I didn’t really mind. Who
can complain when they are stuck for another round
in a river motion?

“On a whim-
To do a faster swim.”




Hurricane Season

It looks like hurricane season is coming up once again. Every

year we like to think that it is further away, but then here

it comes again.


I first experienced the big winds and water when I was

eight years old. Hurricane Betsy in New Orleans back

in 1965. Okay I know. Just don’t put the two together

to figure out how old I am.


Anyway I remember lining up at school to go home

early, and the clouds up above us was dark and evil



During the night I felt like I was in the Wizard of

Oz for I assumed that the house would blow away.

It didn’t of course, but at the time I knew no



2005 almost took out my old hometown, but

they survived. I wasn’t there, but of course I

watched with horror. Love that place.


Jumping to 2008 Hurricane Ike is still fresh in

my mind. As it came through I can clearly hear

the swishing of the oak trees in the yard. It

took many of them down and it took almost

a year to clear them up. Luckily none of them

hit the house, but took a toll on the shade in

the yard.


As I get older I do not cherish the thought

of hurricane season, but as we all know

there is nothing we can do about it.


“To prepare for a good reason-

Simply called hurricane season.”


Letters To The Editor (Babies)

I love babies. You love babies. We all love babies.
We’ve all had our own babies and if we didn’t then
we take those moments to enjoy other people’s babies.

The ones that we see in public are cute. We notice how
cute they are dressed, and they interact with their feet.
Many go barefooted during the summer and do quite
a bit of kicking.

When we are in public we don’t mind them screaming
as we know it is temporary and eventually they will be
leaving the building. In some cases they don’t quick
enough, but then that is another story in itself.

On my last grocery shopping trip, I stopped by the door
for a bit to enjoy an ice cream cone. This reminded me
of the days when I loved to sit in the middle of the mall
and watch the people pass by.

In this case it was the little ones being strapped in the shopping
carts. They are sitting facing the parent, strapped in and
ready for an adventure.

For many the adventure begins even before they enter the
main part of the store, for when they are strapped in they
stretch their necks almost completely around. They are not
just satisfied to see where they have been. They want to see
where they are going. Now that is a wise baby. One that will
grow up to have plenty of curiosity and go after their dreams.

“To cause an entertaining stir-

To watch the babies go by, both wee and toddler.”


Letter To The Editor (Flying Tarps)

Okay. We have completed our checklist as

we get ready to journey in the car. The freeway

can be scary so we certainly do want to be



The car has been gassed up, and the oil has

been checked. The windows have been cleaned,

and the seat belt is secured.

The eyeglasses have also been cleaned and are

fixed rightfully so on the face. They might not

be the best thing in fashion, but they serve their



Being able to see what is up ahead is an important

element in the art of driving. If you cannot see what

is up ahead driving can become quite dangerous.

That is the reason we are not supposed to text while

we are driving. You are supposed to pay attention to

what is going on around you and what all is involved

in the road up ahead.


Fortunately for one of my daughters she had a stroke

of good luck, for as she was driving on the freeway

she could suddenly no longer see. She saw the big

blue tarp heading her way, not sure what it was, and

then suddenly is was wrapped on her windshield.


Driving at a high rate of speed this was certainly

unexpected and through the grace of God, there

were no curves on the freeway or anything else

for that matter. For those few seconds, that seemed

liked eternity, she had not sight whatsoever.


As fast as it hit her windshield the tarp was suddenly

gone. On down the freeway perhaps to mess with

someone else.


“Loose tarps coming out of nowhere-

Have no place on the freeway,

with no excuses to spare”.


Letter To The Editor (Long Eight Hour Days)

We know the scenario. It’s the end of the week and we have had

enough. Forty hours of work has done us in. We cannot take another

moment. As a matter of fact it feels like someone added an extra day

in the mix and in reality we worked 6 days of 8 hours total.


In reality it is not like that. We may feel overworked but it is nothing

like it was back in the old days. Take for instance in Ludlow, Colorado

back in 1903, the workers had to go on strike as the workers were not

treated right. The strike did not last as they hired many strike breakers

and others were removed.


1913-1914 brought more fights. There was not enough money to feed

families, and things got real tense. Along with the fact that hey were

working 10 and  12 hours per day.This all involved a greedy company,

the state’s governor, and the militia. When it was all said and done 11

children and 2 women  died amongst over 60 others.

Eventually they were forced back to work, but things did get better. They

got better benefits, including an 8 hour work week.


So the next time we want to complain we have to realize that we have it

so much better thanks to a group of brave coal miners in Colorado.


“Might feel like a long one-

But nothing like days in the

past were overdone.”


Letter To The Editor (Chickens)

It was a little piece of land. It looked odd in the modern

day, but at one time it was and is still a very special place

to me.


It was where my grandmother lived. In a single wide trailer

on a highway outside of New Orleans. All one had to do to

reach the Mississippi River is to cross the highway and walk

for a whole ten minutes.


The trailer is gone and so are the flowers and plants that she

cared for on her porch. I can remember when she used her

washing machine, and then would hang up her clothes on

a mini clothesline out in the yard.


This was near the small garden that she tended to that

consisted of collard greens. I remember picking them with

her and she would then cook them. Never tasted better.

Now that was truly homegrown.


If only she had been able to have some small chickens in

the yard. I heard her talk about that often. It reminded

her of her younger days, when she grew up on the farm.


I didn’t grow up on a farm, but that little piece of land

certainly does remind me of some former good days.

Ones that give me a warm feeling.


“Back in the day-

Grandmother made memories that

to this day are welcome to stay.”


Letter To The Editor (Short Weekends)

We have had a busy year so far. Celebrated the New Year and now

we are heading into Easter. If we don’t slow things down, the plans

to run in the next Turkey Trot will be made.


Before you get your Mardi Gras beads tucked away, it’s time

to start thinking about those boiled eggs and all of that candy.

If anything can be shaped into a rabbit it will be, for the Easter

Bunny is heading this way.


I’ve always been a fan of slowing down time, especially during the

weekend. The week on many occasions tends to run slow and then

after we realized that it is the weekend, it quickly flies by.


I guess that it wouldn’t feel right if the work week flew by and then

we just sat on the weekend. Too much relaxation is not good for



As I watch the cold weather up in the Northeast, I’m about to

tuck away my sweater, but I know better, for as soon as you

do that the ‘last” cold snap appears.


The true season of spring will come quickly enough. And if

it doesn’t then we will have to develop a bit of patience.


“Still stands true-

Patience is a virtue.”



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