Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three Daily:
1. Teeth brushing.
2. Noon lunch.
3. Pleasant day.
To make it that way-
Only you can ensure
a great day.


Three To Treasure

  1. Executive power.
  2. Judicial power.
  3. Legislative power.


Coming from the WH the ultimate fix-

Is to simply take the Separation of Powers

and then do a “mix”.


P.S. Remember The United States Constitution.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three Branches:

1. Legislative.

2. Executive.

3. Judicial.


Separation of Powers-

To not be damaged or crossed from

any golden towers.


Three Sunday Morning

1. 33 minutes.
2. 5 tweets.
3. 11 false statements.
Trying to make the most-
Of things continuing to get awful close.

Three For A “Suspense” Movie

1. Wizards, spells, and magic.
2. Witches, yellow brick road, and flying monkeys.
3. Phantom phone tappings, Ghost spies, and
golden towers.
The third one?
Presently being scripted, presently on the run.

Three Reasons To Stop

1. Project over?
2. Tired of project?
3. Getting too close?
As it were-
The caving in of a “lifetime”
of crude and narcissistic

Three Ways To Attempt To Avoid The Truth Coming Out

1. Call it fake news.
2. Say it is a hoax.
3. Finally utter someone is trying to frame me.
On the lying defend-
Til the very end.

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