Three For A Combination


1. Man wearing t-shirt that says come and take it.

2. Same man walking with his wife and children at an Easter festival.

3. Students gathered around world to protest school violence and deaths.


With no compromise found-

May all children in the world stay safe and sound.



Three Going On This Morning

1. Opinion.
2. Stance
3. Protests.
Demanding school life-
Minus the death and strife.

Three Planned For The Weekend

1. Fun.
2. Relaxation.
3. Anything to distract the country.
From that awful fright-
60 Minutes coming on Sunday night.

Purple Linings: To Cross Over The Line

Ten individual stories written in poetry-
To take one into a world, that we
generally do not see. 




Three Noises Heard In The Background


1. Drip, drip.

2. Tsk, Tsk.

3. Chip, chip.


Beneficial regulations for ALL of course-

Being chipped away for profit, in full force.



Three To Color

  1. A room.
  2. A page.
  3. An egg.


And when dry and set-

Time to add to that Easter basket.

Three Reasons That Probe Should Have Never Started

1. No need.
2. No reason.
3. He’s been doing this all of his life.
And with the lying, cheating, threatening,
and paying off he has gotten away-
Not realizing that it would catch up with
him on one bright sunny day.

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