Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Orange and Black)

To address-

The holiday we love best.

The one to sport the orange color-

And a bit of black as it were.

The one where we wear a costume-

The one that can be filled with doom.

On the other hand the one that is fun-

With silly characters on the run.

Where much candy eating is done-

After retrieving when we no longer see sun.

Door to door to trick or treat-

Where many neighbors and the children meet.

Bags filled in overflow-

We all have our fav places to go.

To address-

The holiday we love best.

Three Walls (2016)

1. Backyard.
2. The one “Trump” says he will build.
3. China.
Time spent-
Looking at the modern, and the ancient.





Three Ways To Prepare For GOP Presidential Debate (2016)

1. Study.
2. Rest up.
3. Visit Scotland.
Regular Donald Trump fare-
No worry, no real plans to prepare.


Three Republican (2015)

1. Serious infrastructure work finally.
2. One payer health system for all.
3. Bringing those jobs back from overseas.
Time spent-
Donald Trump running for president.


Three Reasons For Smiles (2015)

1. Just because.
2. Back to school.
3. Autumn around corner.
So much the better-
Calmed nerves and better


Three To Look Forward To (2015)

1. An Autumn day.
2. Grandchildren.
3. Becoming a winner.
A moment to rise-

When you win the grand prize.



Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (353)

Up thumb?

For the season of Autumn?




Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (356)

Getting ready to say goodbye to a summer season-

Being that Autumn will be shortly around, as a good reason.



Three Here (2015)

1. Cooler weather.
2. Leaves falling.
3. Pumpkins arriving.
For whatever reason-
This is the Autumn season.


Three Expected (2015)

1. Cooler weather.
2. Bit of rain.
3. Leaves falling.
Autumn to greet-
To say goodbye to the summer heat.


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