Three Resolutions For The New Year

1. To lie only 5 times per day.
2. To lie only 9 times per day.
3. To quit lying altogether.
Surely never to happen that number three-
For some folks live their lives and cannot
be lie free.



Three On Three

Three Reasons To Focus On The Wall:
1. Mueller.
2. Cohen.
3. Foundation.
And anything else going on-
That shouldn’t have been a
part of the WH lawn.


Three To Look Forward To Next Fall:
1. Cooler weather.
2. Leaves falling.
3. Downton Abbey movie.
Excitement in the air, to be seen-
Loved that show 2010-2015.


Three Gone:
1. Fall season.
2. Christmas season.
3. 2018.
Shortly to be seen-


Three Programs That Trump’s Base Do Not Require

1. Medicaid-Socialist program.
2. Food Stamps-Socialist program.
3. WIC-Socialist program.
As he told them before the
mid-term election-
Do not vote Democrat for
you will be making a
socialistic selection.


P.S. Socialist programs are

funded by the government.


Three For New York’s New Year’s Eve

1. The ball will drop.
2. The truth will unfold.
3. Journalism and press freedom will be honored.
This is no rouse-
To thwart those that holler untruths, hoaxes, and fake news.


Three To Keep In Mind While Trying To Build That Wall At The Border

1. Acquire your own citizenship
or your spouse’s
in the “proper” manner.
2. Hire only documented
workers at your place of business.
3. Do not make false documents
for those workers.
Proper order-
Coming directly from the border.


Three Patterns

1. Habit.
2. Print.
3. Lying.
To shout a must-
Obviously lifelong and

Three Frozen

1. Ice.
2. Snowmen.
3. Federal worker’s pay for 2019.
According to Trump “serious economic conditions”
call for this-
Never mind the great tax cuts for the rich that the top
percent did not miss.




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