Three Dangers At The White House

1. Cockroaches.
2. Mice.
3. Ants.
And the attempt to mix the
Separation of Powers-
Amid a sinkhole on the north lawn
that is beginning to flower.

Three For Michigan Central Train Station In Detroit

1. Opened in 1913.

2. Closed in 1988.

3. Became quite an eyesore.


18 stories no longer a failure to see-

As it will become Ford Motor Co.’s

campus focused on advanced automotive



Three To Strain Your Ears For

1. Birds singing in the distance.
2. Children laughing at the back of the store.
3. The President warning us of the dangers of that caravan.
Sudden time spent-


Three Ways To Attempt To Avoid The Truth Coming Out

1. Call it fake news.
2. Say it is a hoax.
3. Finally utter someone is trying to frame me.
On the lying defend-
Til the very end.

Three Reasons For Congressman Shelby Of Alabama To Be In Russia

1. For touring?
2. To make amends?
3. Nothing else to do?
Looks like the opioid problem in
his home state-
Has been solved or can wait.


Lies In The Middle Of A Big Squeeze

It was obvious that the WH would follow through

To do whatever it had to devise and or to do,

In order to avoid getting caught and going down-

It looks like that is failing and things are coming around.

In the meantime, the WH will continue with more lies to accrue.


Three Other Presidents In Death Transported By Train

1. Abraham Lincoln.

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

3. Dwight D. Eisenhower.


As recently done-

For the body of President George H.W. Bush on the

route to College Station.



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