Three Who Can Tell The Future

1. Tarot card readers.

2. Those who look into crystal balls.

3. Politicians?

This went on and was seen-

Back in 2016.


Never mind Hillary.

Pay attention to Putin wish list, puppet. and NATO.




Responsibility On Both Sides

“You’ve Got To Stand For Somethin'”

But today you showed you stand for nothin’-

Except to “Stand By Your Man”-

The one at the other podium on hand.

“So Hard To Make A Stand”with a treasonous ring.



Three Both Sides

1. Both Sides Now.
2. Both Sides of the Sky.
3. Both Sides of the Story.
And now sad for our country to see-
Russia and USA per Trump sharing
Both Sides Of Responsibility.

Three You Do Not Do With Your “Position” In The WH

1. Sell shoes.
2. Sell clothes.
3. Diss the integrity of our country by accepting trademarks from China.

Hudson’s Bay, the latest-
To drop Ivanka’s clothing line at best.

P.S. With more to come.

Three To Expect Monday

  1. Nothing.
  2. Something.
  3. Whatever.


It will be a very very very productive greeting-

For TRUMP and PUTIN as planned at this one

on one meeting.



“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

  1. Hoax.
  2. Fake news.
  3. Witch hunt.


A familiar ring-

Rang over and over again

from the very beginning.


P.S. If you don’t know who said

the title of this three, LOOK IT UP.


Three Important

1. Life.
2. Liberty.
3. Separated children.
So much better-
When they and their families
are put back together.


It’s hard to brush this one under the rug as

other issues have easily been done.

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