Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Rubber Band Guns)


My mother’s childhood was spent
Not like today, but different.

They stayed gone most of the day
until dark-
Whether it be in the forest, for in
the local park.

And so many games were played
back in the day-
Imagination was used to pass time

One in particular was shooting each
other with a rubber band gun-
It was daring and every bit as fun.

I asked if it hurt and got a great reply-
Of course it did, it stung, and felt like
one was gonna die.

When asked where did this “toy” come
from, out of the blue-
The answer was that great-grandmother
made them, with her skills that she did

I find it funny and as a grandmother I
would find that idea hard to fly-
Simply with the reasoning, that someone
is might lose their eye.

A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme-2022 (35)

Yesterday we watched the Thanksgiving parade-

Where marching bands and characters come to life,
and dreams are made.

To Sing Along-When You Hear Your Favorite Song-2022 (32)

As they should-

Certain song tunes suddenly
bring back our younger days,
into our childhood.

To Carry A Heavy Load-While Driving On The Road-2022 (32)

Seems like the harder the rain
falls and gains-

The faster the cars, on the road,
travel on the slippery lanes.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Conspiracy Theory Back In The Day)

I noticed that a sanitary napkin product is in the news.
Which prompts me to step into my grandmother’s early
childhood shoes.

In the early 1900’s no one talked about certain things-
Such as sex, periods, and any other such topics with stings.

All was kept quiet, so if you wondered you might have to guess-
Explaining such things, as in today’s conspiracy theories, at their
very best.

My grandmother had a large family, with no birth control-
Is the way this story,can easily be told.

So babies came in the family, on a regular basis-
With another detail, that came regular too, that the other
children could not miss.

Babies came and little rags were hung on the clothes line-
Which became to the children, more babies to come, in full
visual sign.

So one day when my grandmother’s big sister hung some
of her own little rags on the clothesline-
All of the children including my grandmother had a sudden
anxious moment to find.

Their big sister was not married and God forbid-
Having a baby, unmarried, is something that would have
to be hid.

Back in the day, unmarried folks had kids, but kept it
Adopting in or out of the family is usually what would be

Little did my grandmother know that her big sister was in
full menstruation-
So off with the rumors and conspiracy theories in complete

Thank goodness nowadays we are all woke about these type
of facts-
For misinformation is such an ignorant attack.

Not knowing what is going on and making up a good
Is not a reasonable and safe way to go.

Getting back to the little rags at hand-
Thank goodness modern day sanitary products
are available across the land.

For the little rags did not hold quite good enough-
And surely back in the day, the women had it rough.

“Modern technology to capture-
What women, in all walks of life,
have to endure.”

The Need-To Read-2022 (32)

Many of us are simply found-

Not being able to put that interesting
book down.

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old-2022 (32)

Vinyls popular once again-

Like the 33 1/3’s, and 45’s,
that on our record players,
we used to spin.

Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite-2022 (32)

To set that Thanksgiving table in full tone-

We know that we don’t care for all of our
relatives, as is pretty much always been
well known.

Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet-2022 (32)

To watch what I eat every day of
this coming week-

Except for Thursday, where I might
have my eyes closed, minus a tiny

Clear-That Fear-2022 (32)

Time has got to be spent-
Living every single moment-to-moment.

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