Three Magical

1. Magicians.
2. Storytellers.
3. Ivanka’s influence.
Regarding claim of creation of jobs done-
6 million total done during this administration,
as she claims 14 million.


P.S. Maybe we should re-count those

freely given Chinese trademarks?

Three Reasons That Those “Delegated By Congress” Held Funds Were Suddenly Released To Ukraine

1. The WH changed their mind?
2. The “corruption” investigation was over?
3. The Whistleblower spilled the beans.
Not much was bought-
As those involved in this plot
were caught.

Three Coming

1. Turkey.
2. Tamales.
3. Fixings.
Thanksgiving dinner-
Sure to be a winner.

Three By Mary Elizabeth Rumsey


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose: The Oil Spill
The Gulf Coast oil spill through my eyes.


Purple Linings: To Cross Over The Line
Ten individual stories written in poetry-
To take one into a world, that we
generally do not see.



Three For A Cult…I Get It

1. He could do no wrong.
2. He was perfect.
3. But the line has be drawn
at God first and loyalty
to one’s country.
Elvis has always been fun-
Compared to another “ONE”
that continues to do God and country undone.

Three Who Were In The “Secret” Basement Hearings

1. Republicans.
2. Democrats.
3. Witnesses.
Republicans act like they
were indicted-
By lying and making the
public think they were not

Three Sudden Thoughts

1. WH midnight run.
2. Wrestling.
3. A pair of pressed loyalists.
As close as one could get-
To reminding me of that
expression to do with skeletons
in the closet.

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