Three Political Gifts (2012)

1. Donations.

2. Outsourced contracts.

3. Appointed positions.


The gift-

That provides a “real” lift.


The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 567

Dancing atop, the Berlin Wall, we did find-

As East met West, in Germany, back in 1989.

Three Bought At The General Store In The Past (2012)

1. Flour.

2. Sugar.

3. Marijuana.


Between 1850 and 1937, the

country came to acrue-

Quite a large revenue.


Three Types Of Dolls (2012)

1. Crying.

2. Those that wee wee.

3. Breastfeeding.


Made in Spain-

Having a hard time putting on the

shelves, in the mainstream lane.

Three To Connect With (2012)

1. Your next flight.

2. Your neighbors.

3. Those who might vote for you.


To run-

And, make that connection.

Three That Could Happen (2012)

1. It might rain.

2. The day may bring sunshine.

3. Puerto Rico may one day become a state.


One day, to possiblity get done-

State number 51.

Three Abraham Lincoln Movies (2012)

1. Abraham Lincoln-1930.

2. Young Mr. Lincoln-1939.

3. Lincoln-2012.


Directed by Steven Spielberg, with time


Highlighting, the drive, for the Thirteenth


Three That Are Slow (2012)

1. Turtles.

2. Long lines.

3. Recovery of the US economy.


Slow, but, in the right direction-

To keep that path, to let no part,

of it become undone.

Three Ways To Get A Community Project “Started”

1. Use taxpayer money..

2. Make sure it looks like it  benefits the community.

3. Make sure it benefits you.


Big pockets, to hold-

Any extra dime, as the project begins, to unfold.

-mary elizabeth rumsey-




The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 564

For today, only one thing, on the mind-

The American people, waiting to vote, standing in line.

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