Purple Linings: To Cross Over The Line Part 2 (Day Dog Dead)

She was always reminded of the fact that she had done wrong-

As a matter of fact her mother played that same old song.


Remember when you brought that dog along with you?

And it tore off the ear of my dog before it was over and through?


All through the years she harped and repeated-

It was like on the subject she would

never be completed.


To end all of the buzz-

This is exactly what a narcissist does.


She never did mention that when her daughter was a little girl-

Her dog was found under the house, and it rocked her world.


Why was it outside the yard and how did that happen?

What was amiss and where was the emotional spin?


The only other memory that was intact-

Is that the little girl ran to her closet to cry for

their was no available emotional contact.


No consoling or hugs allowed in this childhood-

Is exactly what was always understood.


A dark closet was the only way-

Of reaching out to grieve on that particular day.


That closet became her refuge when other things

went wrong-

The little girl would go inside and simply sing

a comforting song.


One day she noticed it had a trap door-

And she could not even imagine what it would be for.


So she gave it a push and threw in a toy-

She could hear it go plink and the sound was no joy.


Must be hell is what she thought-

Must be a scary place one not readily sought.


So she decided to invite her uncaring parent

to come look and see-

Giving her a push into hell for eternity.


The trap door disappeared-

And the girls’ anxiety was cleared.


She no longer needed that closet-

For justice had been manually set.


Written by

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey






Purple Linings: To Cross Over The Line
Ten individual stories written in poetry-
To take one into a world, that we
generally do not see.

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