Wednesday Yarn (Eggs)

I like eggs. There are so many ways to fix the things.

To scramble, boil, add to other foods, and to fry, just

for a small list.


My grandmother had quite a few chickens on the farm

in which she grew up, and when she got older, that was

the one thing that she yearned for was to have a small

stock of chickens out in the yard. Unfortunately, where

she lived it was not permitted, but she still dreamed

about the thought anyway.


It could have been that she really loved the chickens, and

or that it reminded her of an earlier time. We all like to

go back and think of those special moments in our



There are all kinds of eggs, but the ones we generally think

about are the ones in the hen house. The ones that we buy

at the grocery store. The ones that come in all sizes. The ones

with the yellow yolks.


This is the time of the year when a different type of egg is

both bought and brought. The kind that is made and filled

with chocolate. To take it even a step further we are inclined to

go for the chocolate ones with the other types of filling inside.


I can vision my grandmother as a child heading out to the hen

house, to gather some eggs for breakfast. More than likely

there would be times when she might drop and break one. To

be more careful next time is what she learned.


We’re getting closer each day to the Sunday that the eggs will

change colors, as they would be dyed the night before. To hunt

in the grass, where the special one left them. To crack one open

and eat it, with a piece of candy too. Oh, for the good old days.


“Eggs cooked well-

Cracked open or still in the shell.”

Fake News And Justice

When I first heard the term “fake news” I got a funny feeling in my stomach. It sounded familiar, but as everyone else, I put it to the side. Obviously it was not going away, as it was repeated over and over again.

It was said so hateful and said so often that I began to wonder if there was anything behind it. The source where it was coming from was the main curiosity. It was coming from the main man in the White House. The one who is supposed to represent our country, and protect our Constitution.

In the meantime, something is wrong as he is in the midst of daily tearing down a major piece of this Constitution. As time has gone by, it has become obvious that there must be a reason to do this. They say that if you repeat something often enough, the people will begin to believe it. I would hate to think that something has been done that is so terrible that the President of the United States would begin to tear down our Constitution for his own benefit.

I see this going on not only in the press department, but also in the judicial department. The President’s speech to a group of police the other day was my case in point. This is a country where you are supposed to be innocent until you are proven guilty. So to be rough and throw someone in the back of a “paddywagon” doesn’t sound reasonable.

I noticed last week when the President’s son-in-law went to answer questions regarding talking to Russians and their meddling into our country? Until he is found guilty he is innocent. He was not thrown about or shoved. He was picked up by a limo, brought to his location, and treated with much respect.

What is the difference between the two scenarios? Both should be considered innocent before being proven guilty. There are crimes and then there are crimes. Each situation is supposed to be protected, not just the special few.

“As we continue along-
To keep our Contitution from
being put in the wrong.

Wednesday Yarn (Fried Eggs)

I remember the Fourth of July when we went out to the lake

with my grandmother. She made potato salad that was so good.

I’ve tried to make it like she does, but it just isn’t the same. I do

us the same mayo though, as it has always been my favorite.

There’s just something about grandmothers that make food taste

so much better. The first time that my grandmother was married

she and her first husband had some type of eatery, so she got to

cook often and acquired a knack for it. One of her fried eggs was

a dream. Surely there wasn’t anything special about the chicken

that laid the egg, it was her special touch that brought it to life.

She has been gone for a long time now and I really miss her.

Her cooking, her stories and her acceptance of me. I really

needed that during my lifetime. It still comes in handy.

As far as those fried eggs go, I still cannot cook as well as

my grandmother, but one thing is for sure. It is so hot in

Texas, that cracking an egg on a sidewalk might get it

going. At least in the sunny side up department.

“Always thinking, always looking-

For memories of Grandmother’s cooking.”


Wednesday Yarn (Pie Tin)

I cannot remember when it began but I just love to

eat my lunch out of a pie tin. I’ve never been camping,

so it didn’t come from there, but I use one on a daily



It’s funny how some things can become your favorite things

and then someone else might look at it differently. One day

I fixed my grandson a sandwich and put it on the pie tin.

He looked at me, he looked at the plate and he finally had

to ask as to why did I put his sandwich on that plate.


I had to explain to him that it was my favorite thing to eat

off of and that I was not being weird by serving

his sandwich on one. I had a choice of a paper towel, a

paper plate or even a regular dish plate. After I explained

that to him he took it in good stride. Bless his little heart.

“Favorites to some-

For others might seem unusual or dumb.”

Wednesday Yarn (Charging That Cell Phone)

There comes a time when you just cannot keep up

with a certain material thing, and what I am talking

about is the cell phone.


Days can go by and the thing will not ring, so it

stays charged as it should, but the other day was

another story.


It wasn’t a bad thing that happened, but for some

reason or another, I got more calls than I usually do

and I could not keep the things charged.


There were several times when I would be answering

sitting next to the plug where I was charging the cell



As I sat there attached to the one spot, it reminded me

of the old days when the phone was attached to the wall,

in some deep dark corner.


You were held hostage for this was the only way to make

a phone call, and to receive one. If you walked away, the

conversation was over with. Of course, this was the days

before even the cordless phones.


It would be amazing for those younger today, as we talk

all over the neighborhood, all over town, and everywhere

else aside from being stuck in the corner.


It did have its advantages though, for if you didn’t want to

be reached you only had to say later that you were out.

Nowadays being out doesn’t work, for we all carry our

cell phones with us. If someone doesn’t get a reply from

you, they know that you’re ignoring them.


Anyway, getting back to that fun filled plenty of cell calls

received, I eventually got caught up, and removed that red

streak on the cell. That means it is about out of juice and

I would not be receiving any more calls. Sometimes that

might sound like a good idea.


“As time marches down the hall-

One won’t find anymore phones attached to the wall.”


Wednesday Yarn (One More Thing Not On That List)

There have been many times in my life, when I

go to the grocery store to get just that one thing.

Well, before it is over and done, I have more than

just the one thing. Sometimes I just juggle the stuff

in my arms, and at other times I decide that it is time

to go and get a basket.


The funny thing is that a lot of times, the thing that I

went for to begin with has been forgotten, and then

it is not remembered until the moment that it is needed

once again.


The latest episode of this is the bath bar that the husband

uses. It was getting thinner and thinner until the point that

it was smaller than those in prison are allowed to have.

I saw that on TV. They keep theirs little and thin, so that

they cannot make a weapon out of it.


It’s always best to make a shopping list. The list will keep

you on track. Of course, if you get to the store and cannot

find the list, you are back to square one. If you’re like me

you will not remember the main things that you needed.


There is always the moment though, to pick up those other

things that are not on the list. The things that you really do

not need, the things that you will regret bringing home. It’s

always wise for me to breeze right past the candy and snack

aisles. Surely none of that was on my list.


Well, it may not have been on my list, but when I look again

I can see where some of it slid from the shelves into my basket.

Don’t know how that happens. Better luck next time.


“Not a moment to be missed-

Shopping at the grocery store with the well intended list.”


Wednesday Yarn (Mowing That Grass)

It’s time to cut the grass again. There are a few months

during the year when it does not grow much. As a matter

of fact it can appear to be dead.


But lo and behold when the spring comes it sprouts back

up again. The grass and the weeds. The best part of course

is the wildflowers. All different colors. I love the purples

ones. Little bitty flowers perfectly made.


A neighborhood that was once quiet is now bustling with

that lawnmower sound. Some are a little loud, while others

are extreme.


Picking the time to mow on Saturday morning can make a

difference when the neighbors might want to sleep in. Not

everyone gets up at the break of dawn to mow the grass.


Some of the flowers that died off during the winter, if you

want to call it that, tend to come back in surprise. You

know that it died and then there is that little green sprout

coming and before you know it, the thing is in full bloom

once again.


It’s always fun to find some artificial flowers to blend in

with the real ones. That way there is always something

looking pleasant.


Before mowing that grass the mower needs to be looked at.

The oil needs changing, and the blades need to be examined.

Similar to a car it needs to be taken care of so that it will

last another season.


Same for the weed eater. To check that oil and make sure there

is enough plastic string. Well, I’m no expert but like the rest of

us in the neighborhood we have spent many years trying to

battle that greenery that grows around us.


If we don’t keep up with it, it will take over, and we can’t have


“Keeping up all summer long is well known-

For that green green grass of home.”


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