Three Things That You Cannot Run From (2007)


1. Your personal problems.

2. Your creditors.

3. Pollution.
One cannot run fast enough-
To get away from all of that
nasty stuff.


Three Towns That One Can Reflect On (2007)


1. The one that you were born in.

2. The ones that you visited.

3. The one that is no longer there.
The stories and memories can be passed on-
Even with a town, that is completely gone.


Three Things That Keep Older Workers On The Job (2007)


1. Lifestyle.

2. Need for something to do.

3. Food.
A schedule for a 9 to 5 day-
In order to keep hunger away.


Three Things That Don’t Add Up (2007)

1. Hot dogs in the package and a package of buns.

2. Some people’s opinions.

3. A $38 million dollar computerized accounting system that
no one noticed not working for a whole month.
A system given by the U.S.A.-
To the Iraq government, who obviously lost their way.


Three Places To Wear Those Flip-Flops (2007)

1. At the beach.

2. At the grocery store.

3. Outside The White House Gates.
For a White House tour, take care-
And be careful what you intend to wear.


Three Different Occasions To Pull Out Into Oncoming Traffic (2007)

1. After stopping and looking to make sure it is clear.

2. After waiting for a few minutes after it becomes clear.

3. Immediately pulling out without stopping in front of a car
that is the only car on the road for 2 miles.
And be happy while you’re doing it and don’t worry-
For surely the car you pulled out in front of knows that
YOU are in a hurry.


Three Occasions For The Experts To Figure Out An Upcoming Problem (2007)


1. Yesterday.

2. Today.

3. After the fact.
The pretense to figure-
When in reality, there is no fix or cure.


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