Three Strange Sounds At The Other End Of A Phone Line (2007)

1. Static.
2. Crackling.
3. A live voice.
If given the choice-
Most would prefer to nix the computer, for the human voice.


Three Ways To Know That You’ve Had Enough (2007)


1. When you’ve heard too much about it.

2. When you’ve seen enough of it.

3. When it keeps on going, after repeating both number one

and number two…over and over again.


Like a pinwheel on a windy day-

Even if you wanted it to stop, it would

still automatically keep spinning away!


Three Examples Of It Was Bad Then It Got Better (2007)


1. The runny nose slowed down.

2. The cut healed.

3. Japan’s quake region donated $200,000 to the Katrina effort.


From those once in a pickle-

Money for programs to help children cope, is continuing to trickle.


Three Ways That Some Spent The Labor Day Weekend (2007)


1. Relaxing.

2. Watching the Jerry Lewis telethon.

3. Actually laboring.
Many worked their way-
Through the entire weekend holiday.


Three Things That You Cannot Run From (2007)


1. Your personal problems.

2. Your creditors.

3. Pollution.
One cannot run fast enough-
To get away from all of that
nasty stuff.


Three Towns That One Can Reflect On (2007)


1. The one that you were born in.

2. The ones that you visited.

3. The one that is no longer there.
The stories and memories can be passed on-
Even with a town, that is completely gone.


Three Things That Keep Older Workers On The Job (2007)


1. Lifestyle.

2. Need for something to do.

3. Food.
A schedule for a 9 to 5 day-
In order to keep hunger away.


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