Three Ways That We Mark Our Enjoyable Summers (2009)


1. By taking vacation pics.

2. By reaping the fruits and vegetables of our gardens.

3. By marking on the calendar as to when school starts.
And here it is once again-
The first day of school
one day shortly to begin.


Three Stages Of Baby Foods (2009)


1. Strained.

2. Junior.

3. Fries and pizza.
Fast food-
Is quickly ensued.


Three Reasons To Get A Good Night’s Sleep (2009)


1. It’s good for your health.

2. It’s great for your beauty.

3. Other lives may depend upon it.
On the road it’s hard to take control-
When that sleep deprivation begins to
take hold.


Three Things To Keep Us Busy For The Rest Of Our Lives (2009)


1. Loving our children.

2. Finding the solution to which came first, the chicken or the egg?

3. Purchasing and reading every book written for personal political gain.
An endless list-
To be held by two steady wrists.



Three Animals In The Spotlight (2009)

1. Sheep.

2. Donkeys.

3. Reindeer.
Several animals that we tend to
spotlight and remember.



Three Steps For Christmas Trees (2009)

1. Down from the farm.

2. In the living room.

3. Down on the beach.


For Dunes Day-

To replenish the sand that has been blown away.


Three Ways To Get That Christmas Tree Up (2009)

1. Go to a tree farm and cut one down.

2. Pull last years’ artificial one out.

3. Rent one.


In the clear-

With much cheer.


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