Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three On Track (2009)

1. A runner.

2. The train.

3. The economy.


First in disastrous free fall-

Now turning around slowly without stall.




Three Things To Make Sure You Have Before Leaving The House (2009)

1. Keys.

2. Purse/Wallet.

3. Laptop.
Slim with many colors to be-
A modern day necessary accessory.



Three Things That Can Cause Harm (2009)


1. Misused guns.

2. Street drugs.

3. Dirty hands.
Wash those hands-
And keep germs away as best as you can.


Three Ways To Tell That Your Spelling Is Not Correct (2009)

1. It doesn’t look right.

2. Someone else lets you know.

3. You are 400 miles away from your destination.
A couple traveling in Rome put CARPI in their GPS-
And ended up with 400 miles away from their destination
of CAPRI, being what they had to address.


Three Results Of The Cell Phone (2009)


1. No need to flag someone down if you run out of gas.

2. More accidents due to inattention.

3. The extinction of the phone booth.
Way back when-
We’d have to stop to use one
after first dropping a coin in.


Three That Do The Weave (2009)

1. Hairdressers.

2. Basket makers.

3. Strange folks in traffic.
Thinking that they are going somewhere-
Cutting in and out without thought, without care.


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