Three Things On A Roll For The Summer (2009)

1. Beach trips.

2. Picnics.

3. Summer camp.
Either things are on the rebound-
Or in order to get rid of the kids, money can always
be found.


Three World Treasures (2009)

1. Paintings by Pablo Picasso.

2. The Pantheon.

3. The Tango.
The dance, declared part of the world’s
cultural heritage by the United Nations
on Wednesday-
Granted the international seal of approval
long sought by Argentina and Uruguay.


Three Of My Favorite Pictures (2009)

1. My children.

2. My grandchildren.

3. Santa kneeling over the Baby Jesus.


Depicts for the whole world to see-

The real meaning of priority.

Three that we like to befriend during December (2009)

1. Santa.
2. Rudolph.
3. Frosty the Snowman.


Friends from our childhood-

That have lasted through the years and have remained as they should.

Three Reasons That Some Store Shelves May Appear Less Full (2009)


1. Customers bought a lot of product.

2. Re-stocking hasn’t been completed.

3. Some brands are cutting back on product.
Cutting back while choosing products that are stellar-
As in what exactly is the best seller.


Three Ways To Know That You Will See Someone That You Know While You Are Out Christmas Shopping (2009)

1. You live in a small community.
2. Everyone, including your Grandma, is out shopping.
3. You ball your hair up and don’t put on your makeup.
When you relax and let it go-
That is the time when you run into
everyone that you know.

Three Things To Do While You Are In The Shopping Aisle At The Grocery Store (2009)


1. Compare prices.

2. Think about what you are going to do next week.

3. Git your basket out of the middle of the aisle.


In that spot so much time is spent-

That some folks should be charged rent.


Three Types Of Cards (2009)

1. Playing.

2. Sports.

3. The ones with the money on them.


A plastic gift-

Can give one a lift.


Three Different Types Of Food On The International Space Station (2009)

1. American.
2. Russian.
3. German.
Along with Canadian and Japanese, the menu has come
a long way-
With such a variety, a true International Space Station


Three Reasons You Don’t Need To Know Whether Or Not it Is Going To Rain Today (2009)

1. You have an umbrella at home.

2. You have an extra one at work.

3. If they tell you it will rain and it doesn’t then
you run the risk of being disappointed.
Surprise me-
Just in the case the
stuff happens to hit
my county.


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