To Become Rich (2002)

We’d all like to be rich. I’m sure that’s a dream that many of us carry deep within ourselves. The main problem is how to get there.

While reading the classified ads of a national newspaper I had to grin now and then while reading the business opportunities. They have so many ads geared to that dream of becoming rich.

One ad listed a free book on how to get rich without winning the lottery. Imagine that and I’ve wasted all those one dollar bills, once or twice a week on the lottery. Obviously just the purchase of one book could have taken care of that problem immediately.

Another ad said that I could make ten grand in ten days, and I don’t even have to bother selling anything. This ad must be a cousin to losing ten pounds in three days. I just have to wonder what is the rush. I could settle with five grand in twenty days or losing five pounds in one month.

One more ad stated that one can earn 150,000 dollars if they are motivated. That sounds logical. Whoever heard of an unmotivated person making even a small sum. It takes a little motivation to buy a lottery ticket. You know the physical act of getting to the store in order to purchase one.

I especially enjoyed reading where you could make 100,000 a year by just working two hours daily. It would be easy to get rich in that manner by just working a little overtime. Let’s see..four hours daily equals 200,000 dollars or 6 hours daily equals 300,000 dollars and so on and so on.

Last but not least is the ad that read “tired of scams?” The person that took out the ad says he’ll prove that he made 7000 dollars in two weeks. It’s more comforting to know that a particular claim such as this one can be proven.

I just have to wonder how much it will cost me. Isn’t how all these ads that I’ve mentioned up above work? You want to be rich so you send money to one of these ads, but it’s the person who took out the ad, if they’re lucky enough will get enough respone to make them richer.

In reality it won’t be at my expense, but the reading of the ads was well worth the much needed laughter that I acquired from them.

“Except for winning the lottery-
The art of becoming rich is not quite so easy!”



1. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash (Country singer)

2. Jailhouse Rock by Elvis (Rock and roll singer)

3. VH1’s Music Behind Bars (Featuring Christopher Bissey, murderer of two
teenage girls, heavy metal band)


To stand still-

To highlight a notorious criminal.



1. She went to jail for many years.
2. She eventually died in the storyline
and in real life.
3. She has been resurrected as a musical
What better way-

Than to highlight through play.


Used To Eating That (2002)

When I was a little girl I used to eat peanut butter, bannana, and mayo sandwiches. I didn’t think much about it because i liked them, and it was just something that I was used to eating. It wasn’t until a friend of mine said “I don’t see how you could possibly eat such a thing!”

It never occured to me that some people find the thought of eating those three ingredients together as repulsive. Of course, that is what
makes the world go round. Different tastes for different folks.

One day I ordered pizza with a co-worker and in addition to the pizza I ordered ranch dressing. as soon the pizza arrived and my co-worker saw the ranch dressing she said, “how did you know?”

Ranch dressing is a tradition in my family except for one daughter. We’ll put it on just about anything. my eldest daughter once got reprimanded at school because she was dipping her cornbread into her ranch dressing. Why exactly I don’t know. Apparently it was thought that she was trying to repulse others when in fact she was only enjoying her lunch.

I guess it’s all what you are used to. My youngest daughter, whenever handed a piece of pizza will automatically expect the ranch dressing to be there alongside, or she’s gonna ask for it.

On the other hand, my middle daughter is the one who is the exception, to the family tradition. She will not eat anything that is white and creamy. Tons of ketchup she’ll inhale, but anything such as ranch dressing or mayo, she wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Obviously I never did introduce her to one of those peanut butter, bannana, and mayo sandwiches. Had she eaten anything in that neighborhood, it would have had to have been one of Elvis’ favorites-the fried bannana and peanut butter only sandwich.

Back to when I was a little girl, we used to also eat buttered crackers dipped in cocoa, but then of course that would be a whole new story along with the donuts that we made from biscuit dough!

“Some folks’ good tastes in food-
For others appears to be untasteful or lewd!”




1.  For campaign materials.
2. For travel expenses.
3. For a high powered criminal defense team.


Three Ways To Get In Touch With Your Child At School (2002)

1. Go down there in person.
2. Call the office and have them paged.
3. Dial their cell phone and hope that they’re
not continually engaged in another conversation.



1. Nail a sign on a street corner pole.
(and hope that interested parties pass by!)

2. Talk to your neighbors and co-workers.
(and cross your fingers and hope that
they pass the information by word of mouth!)

3. Place an ad on the internet. (easy,
convenient, and a sure bet!)
The modern way-
To advertise today.


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