Three Vocal

1. Citizens.
2. Leaders.
3. The obnoxious.
As it were-
Continuing remarks from
the nothing burger.



Three On Three

Three Everyone Would Love:
1. Lots of money.
2. Lots of candy.
3. Bestest and loyal friends investigating your wrongdoings.
With any truthful uncovered clues-
Being repeated over and over again


Three Places To Steal:
1. From a contractor.
2. From a set of family charity foundation.
3. From a place where you don’t want to be.
What a horrible crime to follow through-
Especially since you didn’t have to.


Three For A Really Really Really Quick No:
1. Did you do that?
2. Did you know about that?
3. Is the details highlighting the ttruth about the above fake news?
In tact-
Every time complete pushback.


3 Reasons To Crack An Egg (2013)


1. To fry.

2. To scramble.

3. To make an omelet.


A winner-

Now and then for dinner.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Games We Played)

Once upon a time there was a day-

When we pulled out a board game to play.

Chutes and Ladders, or Candy Land-

Our imaginations also happened to be on hand.

Mouse Trap after being put together was fun-

Hungry Hungry Hippos and Sorry kept us on the run.

Monopoly could last the whole day long-

Don’t Break the Ice was noisy and nice.

Once upon a time there was a day-

When we pulled out a board game to play.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 205 (An Innocent Spring)

The springtime came and the bulbs
began to sprout-
It had happened for the last 21 years,
so I had no doubt.

That they would return as they have
every single spring-
The purple blooms amongst the green
leaves, has become a traditional thing.

First, the green leaves come up and the
blooms follow behind-
A lovely bunch of flowers is what I always
eventually find.

But, this year was different, for as I saw them
standing tall-
When I got up closer, it wasn’t that way at all.

The outer ring was all that stood straight-
While the ones in the middle, didn’t look all
that great.

It looked like someone, or something had
laid them flat-
I was amazed about the situation, and
thought, well how about that?

And then I realized it was my daughter and
her friends who had done this particular act-
I could have assumed that a little courtesy is
what they lacked.

I could have gotten upset and thrown a fit-
But then I looked at the situation again, from
where a childs’ mind sits.

Only young once, the little idle minds, saw so
much fun-
In making this area a play place, in the shade
away from the sun.

A place to imagine, a place to hide-
Couldn’t have done it better myself, had I

The daughter and her friends will grow up and
one day move away-
And at another time, on another spring day-

I’ll look at the blooms, and wish she were still
To play, in the blooms again, as if they were
once again new found.

The children grow up, and lose the innocence
of imagination of play-
But, I’ll still see them, in the blooms, on any
given spring day.

The springtime came and the bulbs
began to sprout-
It had happened for the last 21 years,
so I had no doubt.



Another Generation Of Fools

From the very beginning to be deceived
As the lies began to rant and were never reprieved,
From the biggest inauguration ever-
To all of that fake news, hoax, know no Russians, and
witch hunt endeavor.
Like Hitler said “If you tell a big enough lie and
tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

To be even more deceived
As the lies continue and grow and have not yet been reprieved,
From the closing of the government to the closing of the border-
Got to keep that corruption including a family foundation in order.
Time is running out for this cover if the actions in 2019 are to be believed.


Three On Three

Three Quiet Places:

1. Deep forest.
2. Library.
3. Outside of country looking for applause.
Quiet and dead-
When certain name is said.


Three To Expect:

1. Praise.
2. Glorification.
3. Applause.
In Egypt, no suspense-
When there was no
applause at mention
of Trump’s name by


Three Reasons That There Was No Applause In Egypt:

1. Audience did not understand.
2. Audience does not know how to clap.
3. Someone forgot to raise the APPLAUSE sign.
According to Pence not much stump-
At the mentioning of President Donald Trump.


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