Three Shelters

1. Bomb.
2. Hurricane.
3. Tender age?
Protections from danger
to face-
With the third one simply
being labeled an
American disgrace.



Three Not To Forget

1. Children taken from parents.

2. Children shipped across the country.

3. Children used as pawns by the United States of America.


And so Trump says he saw worse via Obama in 2014?

To trust a man who did the above after supposedly

knowing what he knew and what he had seen?

(Coming from the original creator of fake news…)

P. S. Trump alone caused this and Trump alone is gonna fix this………




Crazy are the days-

When the one responsible needs praise,

For this dirty deed had been done-

By this certain narcissistic one.

Who needs no praise, while he untangles this

horrible self-made maze.




An executive order suddenly?

How could that possible be?

Disgraceful behavior seen and swirled-

All throughout the world.

Otherwise the WH would have kept up this til eternity.


P. S. This situation did not affect the WH until the world

saw it.



Thank You To Those With A Soul Throughout The World

Thanks goodness the world did not miss-

What the White House did and did take notice,

For more than likely this BS self serving press conference

would not have taken place-

It had to be done, in order for souless people to save face.

No apology of course from the narciccistic one to insist.


P.S. We will not allow the WH to rewrite this story…We

know exactly what they did and they need to be held accountable.

Voting is the best tool.



We Have Nothing To Feel Guilty About


Instead of just turning a monster situation around

Too much self gratifying happened to be found,

Children are suffering and will continue to do so-

While we listen to politicians praise themselves through and through.

To drop the BS and let’s hurry up and try to soothe a child’s crying sound.



Three Things Not Said Right Now

1. We have made a mess.

2. We have ruined many lives.

3. We now need to put these families back together.


Not a moment to miss-

Sessions and WH, not the DEMOCRATS did this.

P.S. Kids were shipped around the country……………What a farce………..

Why was this not known beforehand? Weak minded leaders?


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