Salt Mine City

To rule

Salt mine schedule,

Don’t have to ask-

Off to take care of task.

Having a job is cool.




Another Generation Of Fools

From the very beginning to be deceived
As the lies began to rant and were never reprieved,
From the biggest inauguration ever-
To all of that fake news, hoax, know no Russians, and
witch hunt endeavor.
Like Hitler said “If you tell a big enough lie and
tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.


Three By Mary Elizabeth Rumsey


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose: The Oil Spill
The Gulf Coast oil spill through my eyes.


Purple Linings: To Cross Over The Line
Ten individual stories written in poetry-
To take one into a world, that we
generally do not see.



Exercise To Address-In The Middle Of Diabetes (L)

Get in the groove-

Check your sugar daily and MOVE.


Three E-Mail Reminders

  1. You have mail.
  2. Ding dong.
  3. Lock her up heard by First Daughter over and over again.


In many many cases the Republican

Congress has looked the other way-

But come January it will be a brand

new day.


Three On Three

Three For An E-mail:

1. Yours.
2. Mine.
3. Ivanka’s.
Rather hard-
To “simply” disregard.


Three Going On This Week:

1. Cooking.
2. Gathering.
3. Being thankful.
A modern day Thanksgiving.


Three To Pardon:

1. Me.
2. Family member?
3. Peas and or Carrot.
Tradition to see-
The pardoning of the turkey.


Three Familar About Those Personal Phone E-mails Via First Daughter

1. Not legal.
2. Corrupt scam.
3. Situational scam.
Done after hearing Daddy and
his crowd holler lock her up.


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