Three Ways To Acquire The Perfect Dressing (2008)

1. Buy it from an eatery.

2. Make it from the package.

3. Pay attention to that elderly relative that is making it.
Watching it made from scratch-
Is the perfect lifetime catch.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # (02) Vincent Price Scares Us To The Max

Vincent Price scares us to the max-
The House of Wax.
To try and sit still-
House on Haunted Hill.
The nerves do hum-
The Pit and the Pendulum.
To hold your breath-
The Masque of the Red Death.
To sit in awe over and over again-
The Raven.
In your seat to stir-
The Tingler.
Oh, my gosh, how could that happen
and why?
The Fly.
More terror as it were-
The House of Usher.
Vincent Price scares us to the max-
The House of Wax.



Another Generation Of Fools

From the very beginning to be deceived

As the lies began to rant and were never reprieved,

From the biggest inauguration ever-

To all of that fake news, hoax, know no Russians, and

witch hunt endeavor.

Like Hitler said “If you tell a big enough lie and

tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

P.S. The list of lies have gone on and on since

the very beginning.

Three Ways For Alaska To Lose Its Lights (2007)

1. Through the use of the on/off switch.

2. Through the loss of power during a snowstorm.

3. Via the earths’ north magnetic pole drifting away from North America.


The magnetic pole migrate might-

In fifty years or so, turn off Alaska’s spectacular Northern Light.

Three Details Regarding The Beginning Of That Supposed Witch Hunt

1. Son at meeting.

2. Son-in-law at meeting.

3. Daddy upstairs/downstairs watching I Spy.


A Russian meeting-

Highlighted by a no burger seating.

Three Things Creepy (2011)

1. Monsters.

2. The unknown.

3. Your phone tracking you.
Intensity to grow-
In regards, to everywhere,
you go.


Three Creepy

1. Haunted house.
2.Haunted forest.
3. One creepy one calling another one creepy.
Not much of a win-
Simply more spin.

Three Scary Houses (2016)

1. Munsters’.
2. Poltergeist one.
3. Buffalo Bill’s.
Real estate no sale jam-
Eerie. Straight from Silence of the Lambs.





Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose [G] Halloween Night

The moon was full, and the kids were out-

They had mapped out their Halloween map.


They went to see Mrs. Smith, who made the

popcorn ball-

She made plenty, she made enough for all.


Then off to Mr. Chester’s, who gave candy


And in addition, he blew real loud his

homemade boat horn.


Mrs. Garcia always had chocolate to boot-

When we left her house, we had scored our loot.


Mrs. Johnson had a variety of candy-

To trick or treat, at her house was real handy.


The Halloween bags were getting full and a bit heavy-

Thank goodness, Mama was following along in that

old time Chevy.


To unload a bit, in the car-

Then once again, to travel far.


From this block, to that block, the kids went

door to door-

It was Halloween night, and every house turned

into a candy store.


The moon was full, and the kids were out-

They had mapped out their Halloween map.


Back In The Day On Halloween Night (2014)

I remember the days when we’d go trick or treating. It was a time to dress up and go house to house, to get some candy, to fill up our bags.

We usually just put on stuff from around the house, and added a bit of Mama’s makeup. Or if we were lucky enough, someone in the family

would make us a costume.


I don’t remember ever speaking of the devil, per say. It was just a fun filled night. As soon as it got dark, we’d head off for our adventure.

A lot of the neighborhood would participate, and some houses would give us loads of candy, while others would give us a fright.

I can remember a gorilla coming from behind the bushes. Mr. Smith, down the street, had to have some fun too.

The most amazing thing back then was the popcorn balls that we ate. Quite a few people would make those, so we weren’t exactly sure

which house they’d come from.


Later on we evolved to the parents inspecting the candy, and then we could go to the local hospital, to have the candy x-rayed.

As an adult, I never could understand how that worked, but back in the day, that is just how it was. At the same time, we were always

told not to take candy, from a stranger, but on Halloween night, that thought went out the window.

Scary isn’t it? No costume required.


“Halloween was filled with fun and fright-

Evolving into the fall festival, at a particular site”.



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