Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Thursday 2/23/2017)

Three In The Air:

1. Bird.

2. Plane.

3. Jumpers.



Bouncing on that trampoline.


3 Said Regarding Scott Pruitt:

1. Doesn’t care.

2. $$ triumphs.

3. He drinks same water & breathes same air.


His grandkids will too-

Oh, poo poo.


3 Who Will Drink Tainted Water

Minus less EPA regulations:

1. Dems.

2. Repubs.

3. Independents.


To note-

Even those that don’t vote.




Three To Clean Up:

1. Maintenance crew.

2. Janitors.

3. Vice President.


Second in place-

With huge jobs to face.



Three I Can Believe:

1. An act.

2. A statement.

3. A visit.


No suspense-

Minus the one in command,

one might half-way believe



Three To Do In The Company Of Others:

1. Dream.

2. Read.

3. Mind your own business.


Manners to dare-

Whether on the ground

or in the air.


Three To Guess:

1. Is it true?

2. Is it not true?

3. What?


On hand-

Questions to ponder,

after listening to Kellyanne.


Three That Won’t Change:

1. Feelings.

2. Thoughts.

3. Disgust.


To take and keep hold-

No matter what number polled.


3 To Ride Horses:

1. Putin.

2. Cowboys.

3. U. S. Speaker of the House.


All in order-

Paul Ryan with shirt ON,

riding USA-Mexican border.


Three Orange:

1. Fruits.

2. Clothing.

3. Accessories.



With great health results to see.


3 Not Enough:

1. Saying you’re against something.

2. Saying you said many times you’re against same.

3. Credibility?


In midst-

Of office.


Three Not Mentioned:

1. Cut up those credit cards.

2. Official WH endorsement.

3 Make America Great Again.


To end the suspense-

Any above make difference?


Three Shifts:

1. Aprons.

2. Work schedule hours.

3. Blame.


To divert stuff sway-

To shoot into another

direction in full sway.


Three For Burger King:

1. Home of the Whopper.

2. Have it your way.

3. Love that chicken from Popeye’s.


To be one and the same-

In the business takeover game.





Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Wednesday 2/22/2017)

Three Tunes For Three Pair Of Eyes:

1. These Eyes.

2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.

3. The Light In Your Eyes.


Lyin’ Eyes-

And last of all Bette Davis Eyes.


Three Changes In The Sky:

1. Cloud formation.

2. Traveling birds.

3. Downtown sky lines.


One building up, after one coming down-

Old companies gone, while new ones

taking off the ground.



1. Boo hoo.

2. Awe.

3. So sad.


National Zoo, Bao Bao

the Panda Bear-

Taking flight to China,

in the air.


Three Evil:

1. One with no compassion.

2. One with no conscience.

3. One who will topple gravestones.


So brave to attack the dead who are gone-

In a cemetery, on a burial lawn.


3 Not Enough:

1. Saying you’re against something.

2. Saying you said many times you’re against same.

3. Credibility?


In midst-

Of office.


3 That Will Make Anyone Smile:

1. 1 panda bear.

2. 2 panda bears.

3. 3 panda bears.


In plain black and white-

Laughter to come to light.





Three About Those Death Panels:

1. They didn’t happen.

2. The woman who uttered that made it up.

3. It is back in the news.


To end susupense-

Those with “taken away” Obamacare

will suffer immense.



Three Partridge Family:

1. Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Loved.

2. I’ll Meet You Halfway.

3. C’Mon Get Happy.


I Think I Love You, and

it makes me sing-

I Woke Up In Love This Morning.


3 Places Seizing Oil idea Came From:

1. Book.

2. Play.

3. The bright one.


On the scene-

Folks sent to fix and clean.


Three Responsible For Opioids

Missing From VA Hospitals:

1. Drs.

2. Nurses.

3. Pharmacy staff.


Usually Medicare users are named-

When it is others playing this type of abusive game.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Tuesday 2/21/2017)

Three Subjects For Documentaries:

1. Known.

2. Unknown.

3. Those that we thought would never

come to light.


For a start-

To educate and touch a heart.


3 Impossible:

1. Elvis live in concert next week.

2. Specks counted on world’s beaches.

3. 1000’s voting in another state.


Bused in-

To encourage illegal win.



3 Puppets:

1. Pinocchio.

2. Kermit the Frog.

3. Presidential spokespeople.


To spin your head-

When their words are

both said and read.




3 Found When The

Swamp Is Drained:

1. Billionaires.

2. Large political donors.

3. Inexperience.


To host-

The latest post.


Three To Make America Secure:

1. Stephen K. Bannon.

2. Jared Kushner.

3. Stephen A. Feinberg.



Third one a billionaire

Judging our Intelligence.


3 America First:

1. France second.

2. UK third.

3. Next?



Russian interference.


Three For A Golf Course:

1. Tee time.

2. Deals made.

3. To hold wastewater.


With excavations to unfold-

Eventually to take on flood control.


Three Places To Find Clear

Water in Houston area:

1. Bathtub.

2. Swimming pool.

3. Man made lagoon.


They will come-

To stand on edge and see the bottom.


3 Ways To Save At Grocery:

1. Coupons.

2. Sales.

3. Stick to that list.


Final bill gets rough-

With extra added grocery stuff.



Three Fave Ingredients:

1. Perfect French bread.

2. Fried oysters.

3. Swiss cheese.


Almost ready to go-

After slapping on that mayo.



Three Reasons He Is Gone:

1. He was mistreated by the media.

2. It was a matter of trust.

3. Only certain folks really know.



This paraded circus.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Monday 2/20/2017)



Three In The Running:
1. Gold.
2. Purple.
3. Green.
First rate-
Mardi Gras Galveston Update.


3 Ways To Know You
Didn’t Pay Attention:
1. You got wet.
2. Missed discount.
3. Trump owns your news.
Didn’t see-
Media wasn’t REALenemy.

Three Companies:
1. This one.
2. That one.
3. All same one.
To merge-
To converge.


Three Continuing To
Spread Across Country:

1. Disagreement.

2. Friendship.

3. Walmart.
Always room for one more-
Wal-Mart store.


3 To Appreciate:
1. Sunshine.
2. A pleasant moment.
3. A hand made craft.
To treasure, to keep-
With good feelings to reap.




Three Thought About Nat Gas
Explosion in South Texas:

1. Glad no one was hurt.

2. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

3. We need less regulations.
Or which two to take away-
When one is added today.


3 Reasons Folks Of
Same Team Can’t Get
Info Straight:
1. ?.
2. !.
3. Confusion.
Oh, brother-
Hard to keep track of
one lie after another.




3 To Prepare For:
1. Occasion.
2. Special date.
3. Next holiday.
Better fared-
When prepared.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Sunday 2/19/2017)

Three For President’s Day:

1. Honor Presidents.

2. Attend sheet sales.

3. Be careful.


A call-

To watch out for a lot of rainfall.


Three Ways To Get Energy

Off Of A Crowd:

1. Brag.

2. Brag some more.

3. Produce jobs.


Do what you said you would do-

Follow through.


3 Who Would

Agree That Freedom Of

Press Is The Enemy:

1. Lenin.

2. Putin.

3. Trump.


Propaganda &


Not in U.S. Constitution.


Three Who Thought or

Think That Freedom Of

The Press Is The Enemy:

1. Lenin.

2. Putin.

3. Trump.


As highlighted in the Constitution

of the United States to insist-

That we love our freedom of

the press, and do not want one

person telling us what is going

on in our mist.


3 Bouquets:

1. Table.

2. Wedding.

3. Spring.


No beauty to spare-

Especially worn in the hair.


3 Re: My Birthday:

1. Celebrate today.

2. Celebrate tomorrow.

3. Celebrate every single week.


Can’t lie-

Need to celebrate til eternity.


3 Ways To Create Jobs:

1. Lower taxes.

2. Make stuff.

3. Knock stores that ain’t selling

your daughter’s clothing line.





Three To Tell Teachers How To Teach:

1. Those who have never taught.

2. Those who have never sat in a public school.

3 Those who are rich and worm their way in.


To rule?

To push only the private school?


Three Ways To Learn:

1. Study.

2. Research.

3. Experience.


No excuse-

To put to good use.



Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Saturday 2/18/2017)

3 Ways To Get Away With Crime:
1. Don’t do it.
2. Smartly do it.
3. When caught plug the leaks.
& of course, keep track-
Of media attack.

Three Types Of Errors:
1. Not done on purpose.
2. Accidently.
3. Didn’t mean to.
In this case cannot skirt-
The disappointment, the hurt.

Three Done For Profit:

1. Dumping.

2. Spoiling.

3. Polluting.
Before and after the EPA-
With no regulations in the way.

Three Done For People’s Health:

1. No dumping.

2. No spoiling.

3. No polluting.
So much profit and polluting
of the land before that EPA-
With only 50 years under the
collar, to continue like back
in the day.


Three Thoughts Coming From This Coyote:
1.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
2. My ancestors traveled through here many moons ago.
3. You think you’re surprised?
Surely it’s time for me to get on-
To travel to another block, to cross another lawn.


3 OK:
1. Trash streams.
2. Drilling “anywhere”.
3. Running sand tar oil
thru mid-country.
Eventually with no EPA-
To get in the way.

Three For No:
1. No real substance check on Scott Pruitt.
2. No patience.
3. No EPA.
Nothing seen-
With 3000 oil and gas
e-mails unseen.

Three Places To Get Med Info:
1. Book.
2. Online.
3. Dr. office.
In person.


Three Ways To Know That You Were Born Too Late:
1. Marijuana used to be sold in grocery stores.
2. Grocery stores used to give out Top Value and Green Stamps.
3. Kroger no longer gives 10% discount to senior citizens.
No longer to find-
Beginning at age 59.


Three Math Problems:
1. One plus one equals two.
2. Two plus two equals four.
3. Add one and take away two
equals more corporate profit.
Regulations equaled better health-
Not focused on “only” wealth.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Friday 2/17/2017)

3 Types Of Oil:

1. Motor.

2. Lamp.

3. Tar sand.


To be readily seen-

As it takes years and years to clean.

(if ever) See Kalamazoo River


Three About Fake News:

1. Oh.

2. What.

3. Not real.


A sure bet-

No “real” secret.


3 Special Interest:

1. Billionaires.

2. Millionaires.

3. Everyone else found while draining the swamp.



In midst of lies.


Three To Control:

1. Media.

2. News.

3. Intelligence.


USA not to be akin-

To Russia’s Putin.


Three Places For Vacation:

1. Beach.

2. Island.

3. Russia.



Future Trump hotel.


3 Still Going On:

1. Sunshine.

2. Daily doings.

3. Still bragging about that election.


Good grief-

To “move on” and turn over a new leaf.


Three Reasons For Regulations:

1. Safety.

2. Health.

3. People in general.


But they get in the way-

Of those who “profit” today.


Three Odd:

1. Don’t know what day it is.

2. Don’t know what’s going on.

3. Got gun loaded.


All same-

Fair game.


Three That Need To Be Done:

1. To look.

2. To research.

3. To look again.


A cinch-

Many words do not convince.


Three Components Of Fake News:

1. Not real.

2. Lies.

3. To cover up whatever.


To diffuse-

Lying news.


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