Three Danny Devito (2015)

1. Wise Guys.
2. Twins.
3. Hoffa.
On Jimmy Fallon, to see-
A favorite seen in Taxi.


Three For Trees (2015)

1. Roots.
2. Branches.
3. Fairy doors.
Installed in Somerset-
For notes to be left, by
the younger set.


Three Fairies (2015)

1. Sugar Plum.
2. Tinkerbell.
3. Tooth.
The one to go-
And retrieve what
is under the pillow.


The Need-To Read (65)

To rewards ourselves-

To pick a favorite book, from the shelves.



Daily Gallon-While On The Run (61)

To stop, in motion, at the skating rink-

To take a break, to take a water drink.



Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (73)

In the theater, I just cannot buy it-

That you don’t have the manners, to be quiet.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (73)

The wind was blowing so hard-

It blew away my latest report card.



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