Three Myths (2015)

1. Unicorns.

2. Leprechauns.

3. Pipes that do not leak.


Bar none-

Age and corrosion.


Three For Super Bowl Sunday (2015)

1. Gather.
2. Watch.
3. Eat.
On route-
To eat and snack your
heart out.


Leftovers (2015)

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning. In the springtime we clean up after the long winter. We refresh everything, that we haven’t touched or seen in a while.


This is not the only occasion to do this. Several days after Thanksgiving we do the same thing, in one specific area. It’s called the refrigerator. We begin to clean out the leftovers. The cranberry sauce is in full run. The celery sticks are truly wilted, and the green bean casserole has gone to mush.


You still want to hang onto that bit of turkey. One more round of turkey sandwiches haven’t expired yet. It’s not that you really want one more, it’s that it would be a shame to throw out a good piece of meat. In the end, Rover will enjoy it, after many second thoughts about it.


In my house, there are not any black olives to throw away, for we ate them all. Actually we ate a bunch of them before the dinner got started. One of my daughters and myself just love the things. We eat them all year round, but at Thanksgiving we go overboard.


Another thing that had to go was the pumpkin phase. During Halloween the room fragrance smell became a regular at our house. We did the pumpkin coffee creamer, and of course we had pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. The pumpkin smoothies and eggnog were delicious too. Enough of the pumpkins.


We finally decided to get rid of the “real” pumpkin sitting outside on the patio.


Back to that cleaning of the refrigerator. It is about empty now. There is a reason that the leftovers had to be thrown out. Its now ready to be re-loaded. Christmas eggnog, and cookie dough, along with other special holiday treats. I won’t say a word about that upcoming New Year’s resolution. It is not compatible with the mentioned treats up above.


“Thankful for the leftovers to be thrown away-
For there is much needed room, as we prepare for Christmas Day.”


Three Serious Matters (2015)

1. Health.
2. Diet.
3. Meds.
To make a pact-
To know all of your meds
and how they interact.




Three Steps For Reading (2015)

1. Get book.
2. Begin reading.
3. Come back.
To park-
That bookmark.


Three Ways To Do Veggies And Fruits (2015)

1. Farmers market.
2. Grocery store.
3. Out of bottle.
To link-
And simply drink.



Three Veggies (2015)

1. Cucumbers.
2. Cauliflower.
3. Brussels sprouts.
Dressed up now and then-
After being picked from the



Three For A Warm Winter (2015)

1. No coats.
2. No ice fishing.
3. Plenty of blooms.
To score-
Flowers galore.




Three To Study (2015)

1. Past.
2. Back then.
3. Long ago.
Historical pics to amass-
College life in Texas.


Three To Study At College (2015)

1. Math.
2. Science.
3. Weed.
Another part of history-
In our society.


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