Three To Gravy (2015)

1. Rice.
2. Potatoes.
3. Noodles.
Looking ahead-
Tomato gravy,
that is red.


Three To Fall From The Sky (2015)

1. Rain.
2. Hail.
3. Debris.
Russia’s rocket debris-
Seen in US  in states times three.




Three Before The Storm (2015)

1. Signs.
2. Signals.
3. Clues.
Ignored and overdone-
It was time to take action.




Three To Visit The Garden (2015)

1. Planters.
2. Pickers.
3. Wildlife.
Some stopping to eat-
Some to just take a backseat.



Three Sweet (2015)

1. Pie.
2. Smile.
3. Honey.
Bees to labor and toil-
A product that does not spoil.


Lizards (2015)

Here comes the lizards. They are everywhere. Big ones, little ones, and those in between.

Depending on where they are crawling, they can be bright green, or just plain brown.

I expect to see them every spring. Like the birds and the bees, it’s time to multiply.

What I didn’t expect to see was a pair of lizards that looked like dragons. They suddenly appeared on one of my bushes. I had to get up closer, and looked at both of their heads, and their backs. Yep, they looked like wee dragons. The rest of the lizards are smooth in general. These fellas weren’t anything like that at all.

One was larger than the other, and as I continued to watch them, they began to fight.

Naturally I had to share the situation with my better half, and he was amazed also. We hated to see them fight, I know nature is nature, but we got a stick and tried to break them up. We were going to separate them.

Well, they would not separate, but they did hang onto the stick. I think that I forgot to mention that the larger dragon lizard had the smaller lizard’s head in his mouth. So there they were just dangling. The husband decided that maybe if he took them over the fence, that while on the ground, they might break-up. Naturally, I also wanted them away from the porch. Funny looking fellas they were.

Onto the other side of the fence he went and then I heard a sudden ouch. Since I wasn’t able to see through the wooden fence, I naturally assumed that one of the lizards had bitten him, and asked him immediately.

Luckily, as he was putting the lizards on the ground, a honey bee stung him. I say luckily, because it would have been the lesser of the two evils. I didn’t know what kind of lizards they were and wouldn’t know if they were poisonous or not.

Don’t know if they separated or not. The bee sting became the main event, and they ended up just blending in the grass.

“Regular green lizards expected in the spring —

But those wee looking dragon ones, well that is another thing.”


Three Where Have They Gone? (2015)

1. All the flowers?
2. All those jobs?
3. The honeybees?
Not to scoff-
Mysteriously dying off.


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