Three Dean Jones (2015)

1. Tea and Sympathy.
2. Night of the Quarter Moon.
3. That Darn Cat.
And a fav of mine-
The Love Bug, from 1969.



Three That All Night Workers Get To Do (2015)

1. Admire the moon.
2. Watch the sunrise.
3. Eat cookies and drink milk with Santa.

For goodness sake-

Santa doesn’t mind sharing with those

who have no choice, but to stay awake.





Three To Visit The Garden (2015)

1. Planters.
2. Pickers.
3. Wildlife.
Some stopping to eat-
Some to just take a backseat.



Three In Swim (2015)

1. Goldfish.
2. Trout.
3. Sharks.
To take a dive-
And see up close
on Animal Live.


Three That Heavy Rain Brings (2015)

1. Flooding.
2. Gridlock.
3. Delays.
No doubt-
Expectations along
the driving route.







Three Places Where Our Toys Are Made (2015)

1. China.
2. India.
3. Not USA.
To dote-
On toys coming by boat.

Three That Both Young And Old Can Share (2015)

1. Stories.
2. Some music.
3. Being active.
Hand in hand, to walk-
To share, to talk.


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