The Need-To Read # 454

So much information, and news can be found-
In your local newspaper, the one that is
working hard, in your hometown.


The Need-To Read # 453

I can remember when-
I couldn’t believe what
I read, so I had to read
it, all over again.

The Need-To Read # 452

Budget cuts are hard to read-
Especially when they cut something
with a true need.


The Need-To Read (174)

Three John Steinbeck:

1. The Red Pony.

2. The Grapes of Wrath.

3. Travels With Charley.


East of Eden-

Of Mice and Men.



The Need-To Read (156)

At the bookstore, to hover-

Over many a book cover.



The Need-To Read # 264

It would be a wise move, all
throughout the land-
To read as much, as one
possibly can.


The Need-To Read # 285

Yes, I will-
One day, break down,
and read that complete

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