The Need-To Read (180)

Three Alex Haley:

1. Roots.

2. Queen.

3. Henning.


A Different Type of Christmas-

With many more writings, to amass.



The Need-To Read (179)

Three Danielle Steel:

1. Star.

2. The Ring.

3. Winners.


Southern Lights-

First Sight.



The Need-To Read (178)

Three Lois Lowry:

1. Number the Stars.

2. The Giver.

3. A Summer to Die.


To indelve-

In “Son” published in 2012.


The Need-To Read (177)

Three Charlotte Bronte:

1. Shirley.

2. Villette.

3. The Professor.


Later to bare and tell-

Wrote Jane Eyre under pen

name Currer Bell.



The Need-To Read (176)

Three Jackie Collins:

1. Lovers & Gamblers.

2. American Star.

3. Hollywood Wives.


Chances and Lucky-

Two more titles amongst

others to see



The Need-To Read (175)

Three Arthur Conan Doyle:

1. The Parasite.

2. Beyond the City.

3. The Maracot Deep.


Where the reader roams-

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.




The Need-To Read (174)

Three John Steinbeck:

1. The Red Pony.

2. The Grapes of Wrath.

3. Travels With Charley.


East of Eden-

Of Mice and Men.



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