The Need-To Read (202)

Three Sherwood Anderson:

1. Dark Laughter.

2. Marching Men.

3. Many Marriages.


Alice and the Lost Novel-

To read some more, yes you will.



The Need-To Read (201)

Three Carl Hiaasen:
1. Stormy Weather.
2. Bad Monkey.
3. Tourist Season.
Lucky You-
Florida writings to accrue.



The Need-To Read (200)

Three William Wells Brown:

1. Clotel.

2. My Southern Home.

3. The President’s Daughter.


Rising Son-

Runaway slave that got

plenty of writing done.



The Need-To Read (199)

Three Keith Roberts:
1. The Furies.
2. The Road to Paradise.
3. Drek Yarman.
Molly Zero-
A science fiction
author to know.



The Need-To Read (198)

Three William March:
1. Company K.
2. Come in the Door.
3. The Looking-Glass.
The Bad Seed-
Great writing indeed.


The Need-To Read (197)

Three H. G. Wells:

1. The Island of Dr. Moreau.

2. The Time Machine.

3. The War of the Worlds.



All written in much style.


The Need-To Read (196)

Three Angela Carter:
1. Shadow Dance.
2. Love.
3. Wise Children.
Night at the Circus-
To read other titles,
a must.


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