To Sport-Scary Tales Of A Sort (1)

The shed was falling apart-

But it did not begin like that in the start.


For as it got fuller, it began to spread-

A building can only hold so many bodies that are dead.


The criminal thought that he had found the perfect place-

Until it exploded and suddenly became a publicly seen space.



Proper Exercise On Route-Beginning With One Foot In And Another Foot Out (23)

To walk a while-

Little steps turning into a mile.



Always A Moment To Seize-Regarding Controlling That Diabetes (23)

To learn and know-

A huge list of foods and their amount of carbo.


Three Expensive (2016)

1. Presidential plane building.

2. Hospital stays.

3. Meds at home.
Less pay?
For the medical and pharmaceutical
industry on the way?




Three Brrrr (2016)

1. Cold wind.

2. Ice.

3. Snow.
A moment to seize-
Bearing down at 32 degrees.


Three For Climate Change (2016)

  1. Possibility.
  2. Maybe.
  3. Headed that direction.


To talk “again”, to talk more-

Trump and Gore.


Three Found In One Spot: (2016)

1. Children at school.

2. Bingo players in the hall.

3. Dinner.
The variety lot-
In that one pot.


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