Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Night Vision)

Night sight-

Used to be arranged through moonlight.


And then we moved to candlelight-

To read by, to lighten up our night.


Or at best a simple campfire-

To light up around, to keep away

darkness dire.


And then of course-

We headed toward gaslight, in full force.


In the running, eventually came electricity-

And then for the first time, at night, we could truly see.


With a bulb here, and a bulb there-

Bright lights were shining everywhere.


Night sight-

Used to be arranged through moonlight.





Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Coloring)

All it took-
Was to get out that coloring book.
To color the moon-
To color a sand dune.
To color a house-
To color a mouse.
To color a bear-
To color a spring fair.
To color a sign-
To color and stay in the line.
To color a sky-
To color fox sly.
To color the whole world-
To color in many a swirl.


Did all this as a young one-

And as an adult, for comfort,

still getting the job done.


All it took-
Was to get out that coloring book.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (467)


To a slow rising sunlight.



In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (72)

Beginning in 1955, not an episode, to miss-

The Honeymooners starring Ed, Trixie, Ralph, and Alice.



To Sing Along-When You Hear Your Favorite Song (1)

Blue Moon written in 1934-

Done by The Marcels, and so many more.




Restroom Tours (2001)

I think that I’ve toured every restroom, in any given place that I’ve visited. It’s not that I enjoy visiting them,

it’s just that anytime I’ve ever stepped into a building or business with “children”, they automatically have to go.


We’ve been behind boxes of products, down long corridors, and in places that one wouldn’t think that there would

be a restroom, but needless to say, there generally is one.


Basically, if companies expect to have customers come back with children in tow, then the provisions must be met.

The store employees know how to accomodate their customers for as I was standing in line with the daughter, at a

Halloween costume shop, one of the employees brought it to my attention that if my daughter couldn’t wait, we

could use the men’s room, for it was empty. We had just arrived to the store amid all of the Halloween shopping

before we finally decided to get in the line.


Surely the employee that had offered knows the patterns of children. Once they get into the store they pretty much

head towards the restroom.


I thanked her anyway, and told her we could wait. For once in a blue moon it was me, the Mama, who had to go

and not the child! The one that later in the month would be transformed into a Dragontale!


“Small wonders happen now and then-
Just not too often and don’t know exactly when!”



Three Worlds (2016)

1. Yours.
2. Mine.
3. Ours.
Belongs to everyone-
Filled with care.


Three Parties:
1. Birthday.
2. Anniversary.
3. Political.
According to much rhyme-
Much spin in given time.


Three In The Air-
1. Clouds.
2. Sun/Moon.
3. Imagination.
To travel that lane-
That involves the creative brain.


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