Three To Add (2016)

1. Main ingredient.
2. Spice.
3. Sauce.
The better to eat, one
can agree-
Added gravy.





Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (488)

It’s always nice-

To sit down, to a table, of roast, gravy, and rice.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 676 (Thanks And Dinner And Much More)

The family took their seat-

In order to enjoy a delicious eat.


The turkey came out nice and


Everyone at the table, admired it

from all around.


Grandmother had cooked it,

yes, she was the one-

Who carefully watched it,

until it was done.


The gravy she had prepared

was in the bowl-

Made from scratch, valuable

as gold.


To highlight the oyster dressing,

that was waiting to get wet-

Best dressing the family had

tasted yet.


The butter was on the plate, and

it was real-

The buns were warm and had

a good feel.


A few olives and a bit of cranberry

sauce, with more room to spare-

The sweet potatoes, and green bean

casserole were added with care.


Full to the max, with a piece of pie

left to go-

It’s typical to eat too much, as we

all know.


The family took their seat-

In order to enjoy a delicious eat.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Seventy Years Ago During The Christmas Season)

I was reading an article about how folks used to celebrate

Christmas back in the old days.  Seventy years ago things

were quite different.


Everyone still gathered round to listen to the radio. The

whole family tended to listen to the same music, and of

course there was no such thing as social media, in any

form or fashion.


To go to Grandmother’s was a tradition that had been

carried out for many generations. No one made giblet

gravy like she did. Even if you didn’t like her cooking you

didn’t have much of a choice, for she was the one doing

the cooking, and there were no take out places.


Everyone was still heavily involved in shopping for Christmas,

but they tended to wait a moment, until at least Thanksgiving

was over, and the bird had been picked clean. Later on Black

Friday appeared and now we cannot even wait for that moment.


Things have certainly changed over the years, but many things

also remain the same. We still put up a pine tree , decorate

it, and put presents under the tree. We cook a ham and enjoy

the sweets that are made for the season.

Of course, things did get easier for the elder generation. The ones

before that required hunting for meat and doing all the prep

work.  Everything was made by hand, with much creativity.

“Back in the old days-

Things were both alike and different, in many ways.”













Three To Do On Thanksgiving (2016)

1. Cook.

2. Eat.

3. Shop.
Back in the olden days-
Everything was closed, as the holiday
was celebrated in a different way.



Three Stuffed For Thanksgiving (2016)

1. Turkey.

2. Duck.

3. Humans.
In the mode-
Of too much food eaten,
a sure overload.




Three For A Snow Storm (2016)

1. Cocoa.
2. Blankets.
3. Chicken pot pie.
To unfold-
Warm for the heart,
warm for the soul.




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