Three To Praise (2017)

  1. The One up above.
  2. Someone you know.
  3. Yourself.


To praise-

And exaggerate on many many days.


Three Who Might Get Sick If There Is A Problem With The Water (2017)

1. Democrats.
2. Independents.
3. Republicans.
And just on a whim-
Who exactly lets us know that there
is a problem?


Three Stains (2017) PROFIT RULES

1. Wine.

2. Ink.

3. Dirty sand tar oil from Canada.
Unfortunately one day to see-
A destructive path of ruined
land, in the middle of our country.
(Not to mention the possible death
of clean drinking water.)


Three Vehicles In The Walmart Parking Lot (2017)

1. Family car.

2. Pickup truck.

3. The ones for sale.
Now entering the car sales
Prices to compete, prices
that can be found to be less.


Three Round The Corner (2017)

1. Good news.
2. Friendship.
3. That store.
Neighborhood corner store-
With a well used front door.


Three Heard In The Wind-Three Heard in the Air (2017)

1. 5th Symphony.

2. Old Man’s Symphony.

3. I Hear A Symphony.
And speaking of the Houston
Symphony much excitement
for a good reason-
For a well planned 2017-2018
grand season.


Three For Houston Skies (2017)

1. Blue.

2. Clear.

3. Much flight travel.
More than ever-
During the hosted Superbowl endeavor.


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