Three Places To Read (2015)

1. Cafe.
2. Bus stop.
3. Where the book was written.
Same exact site-
Where an author did write.


The Need-To Read (169)

Three Stephen King:

1. The Shining.

2. Cujo.

3. Misery.


The Green Mile-

Writer in horror style.


The Need-To Read (167)

Three Oscar Wilde:

1. The Happy Prince and Other Stories.

2. House of Pomegranates.

3. The Picture of Dorian Gray.


The Importance of Being Earnest-

This Irish author said it best.




The Need-To Read (166)

Three Louisa May Alcott:

1. Little Women.

2. Little Men.

3. Jo’s Boys.


An Old Fashioned Girl-

To step back into an old timey world.



The Need-To Read (165)

Three Pearl S. Buck:

1. Peony.

2. The Big Wave.

3. East Wind West Wind.


The Good Earth-

To read many times,

time well worth.



The Need-To Read (164)

Three James Salter:

1. The Hunters.

2. A Sport and a Pastime.

3. Light Years.


“All That Is”-

In this writing biz.



Three For Summer (2015)

1. Reading.
2. Swimming.
3. Picnic.
To stand tall-
Over summertime sprawl.


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