Three That Change (2015)

1. Ideas.
2. Fashion.
3. Hairstyles.
Generations to court-
The long and the short.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (131)

Revised history-

Compared to the way it really used to be.



Three Twisted (2015)

1. Horror movie.

2. Cinnamon snack.

2. Some history.


Projected in a “different” way-

Than what really happened,

back in the day.


Three 1990 (2015)

1. Nelson Mandela released.
2. Simpson’s debut.
3. Hubble Space Telescope launched.
More space to know-
25 years ago.


Three To Preserve (2015)

1. Pics.
2. Events.
3. Concentration camp.
Auschwitz-Birkenau to see-
Where injustice took place in history.


The Need-To Read (99)

To read true American Native history-

That was once tucked away, for us to no longer see.




Three New In 1938 (2015)

1. March of Dimes.
2. Teflon.
3. Reader’s Digest UK.
High billings-
Sold at 2 shillings.


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