Three Ongoing (2015)

1. Good outlooks.
2. Summer days.
3. Rodent control.
An endeavor-
Been going on forever.


Three In Which To Reflect (2015)

1. Memories.
2. Thoughts.
3. Old pictures.
Taken back when-
To pull out now and then.


Three For History (2015)

1. Learned in school.

2. Learned from parents.

3. Learned after digging.


No doubt-

So much has purposely been left out.


Three To Preserve (2015)

1. Figs.
2. History.
3. Animals.
Much awe to see-
In the world of taxidermy.


Three Ways To See The Past (2015)

1. History book.
2. Documentary.
3. Letters.
Details to be amassed-
Penned in the past.


Three For History (2015)

1. Read history.

2. Learn history.

3. Research history.


To hear the call-

To uncover it all.




Three Ways To Visit The Past (2015)

1. Book.
2. Memory.
3. Picture.
Much to give-
Much to re-live.


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