Three Oceans (2015)

1. Indian.
2. Pacific.
3. The one that used
to be on Mars.
Way back when-
Was once the size of the
Arctic Ocean.


Three Ways To View Past History (2015)

1. Book.
2. Trip abroad.
3. Downton Abbey.
To catch-
A perfect match.


Three Going On Across The Pond For A While (2015)

1. Living.
2. Creating.
3. Wheat.
To sow-
In UK, 8000 years ago.


Three For A Plantation (2015)

1. Kept grounds.
2. Big house.
3. 1st Slavery Museum.
In Louisiana, The Whitney-
Timeless history, to see.



The Need-To Read (57)

Daily events in rig-

Counteracted by much research and dig.




The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (53)

History as learned bought-

To more details sought.



Three Regarding Swing Low Sweet Chariot (2015)

1. Spiritual.
2. Created by Africans enslaved in U. S.
3. Death wish.
Way to freedom-
For some.


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