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Three That Can Make One Feel Better (2016)

1. Healthy food.

2. Exercise.

3. Lies in the history book.
But only temporary-
For we are now looking and digging up
truthful details, so be wary.


Three For History (2016)

1. Word of mouth.

2. History book.

3. Ancient postcard.
Many details entailed-
In the item that was
long time mailed.


Three Reasons To Roll Up Car Window (2016)

1. Security.
2. Wall for flying bugs.
3. Rain.
All set-
To avoid getting wet.


Three Done To A Lot Of History:

1. Buried.
2. Forgotten.
3. Purposely hidden.
Some take a stance-
No longer mentioned, kept with
much distance.


Three In Line:

1. Children.
2. Grandchildren.
3. Great-grandchildren.
As it were-
Another generation, another


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old


Three Ways To Fix It (2016)

1. Erase it.
2. Rewrite it.
3. Forget what happened.
Many tools to view and see-
Regarding the true facts of history.




The Need-To Read (526)

Today better to see-
While in the midst of reading history.


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