Aways A Moment To Seize-Regarding Controlling That Diabetes (8)

Many choices to unfold-

To stay in the driver’s seat, to keep in control.




Three Examples Of When 5 Inches Makes A Difference (2009)

1. When the pants legs were hemmed too long.

2. When the two cars almost collided.

3. When rain is expected.


Yes, we need the rain-

But for some it might be too much of a gain.

A Texas Gov-We Happen To Love # 2

(1795-1858) Born in Georgia and fought the debt question, frontier defense, and the New Mexico boundry as best as he could-

Texas Governor George Tyler Wood.


( 1847-1849)



Written in 2009

A Texas Gov-We Happen To Love # 1

(1808-1858) Born in North Carolina the very first one-

Governor James Pinckney Henderson.





Written in 2009

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