Three We Need To Know

1. What happened?
2. Why were we not informed?
3. Why did it take so long to call the family?
Facts to steer-


Three Untainted Traits

1. 700 kinds of plants.
2. 200 types of birds.
3. 47 mammal & 42 fish species.
“Pristine” at the moment and huge-
National Wildlife Refuge.

Three That Took Front Row

1. NFL.
2. Puerto Rico.
3. Golf games.
Tweeting faze-
For a total of 12 days.


Three To Take Credit For

1. Wind.
2. Rain.
3. Stock market.
And anything else to see-
That happens to come naturally.

Three Owners For The Oldest Hardware Store To Be Closed


1. Daniel Waldo-1782.

2. Elmwood Adams-1969.

3. Maurice Champagne and Nelson Cloutier-1958.


Elmwood Adams after 235 years different name-

But same hardward store in Boston all the same.

Three For An Arkansas Turkey


1. Raised.

2. Flown.

3. Dropped.


For 5 decades a live turkey drop,

from the air, is what we’ve got-

At the Annual Yellville Turkey Trot.


Three Steps


1. Ophelia.

2. Dust kicked up in Sahara Desert.

3. London sky red.


The combination-

To create a sensation.


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