Three That Always Believe That You Didn’t Do What You Are Accused Of Doing (2010)

1. Your mother.

2. Your father.

3. Your highly paid lawyer.



Doesn’t always come free.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 608 (Two Moons)

They say that a long time ago-
The moon was different than the
one that we presently know.
For two moons crashed and made
it so much the better-
One side smooth and the other
a mountain and crater getter.
If that was true-
Double moon songs could acrue.
To treat them as two different sides-
Doubled songs filled with pride.
Instead of “Bad Moon Rising”-
It could be “Double Bad Moon Sizing”.
Instead of “Buicks to the Moon”, it
could be-
“A Caravan of Buicks to the Moon”,
we could see.
Instead of “This Side of the Moon”, we’d
rather say-
“This and That “Other” Side of the Moon”, in a
complete way.
Instead of “Sugar Moon”, please-
“Sugar Moon Flipped Over With Additional Cheese”.
Instead of “Where is the Moon?” Lets give a call-
“Look behind to Find the Other Moon”, without stall.
Instead of “Blue Moon”-
“On the Other Side You’ll Find A Happy Tune”.
They say that a long time ago-
The moon was different than the
one that we presently know.



A Quick Say-In A Rhyming Way # 696

To enjoy the season, of spring-
Before we get to the next season,
with the hot and sticky humidity,
that it does bring.


Three For A Garden (2014)

1. Field.
2. Balcony.
3. Extra room.


Three Rules For Swimming In The Houston Ship Channel (2014)

1. Don’t swim alone.
2. Wait one hour after eating.
3. Don’t swim where you SEE oil.
Swimming allowed is what they said-
To move things forward, to move things ahead.


Three Reasons You Don’t Need To Know Whether Or Not it Is Going To Rain Today (2009)

1. You have an umbrella at home.

2. You have an extra one at work.

3. If they tell you it will rain and it doesn’t then
you run the risk of being disappointed.
Surprise me-
Just in the case the
stuff happens to hit
my county.


Clear That Fear (56)

Some of us carry a heavier load-
While traveling down the road.


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