Three Things To Do If Your Cable TV Goes Out For A Bit (2008)


1. Frown.

2. Get depressed.

3. Look around and see what else is going on in the world.
One of life’s little quirks-
Can make some folks go berserk.




Three Ways To Calculate A Bonus (2008)

1. The bubba system.

2. By salary.

3. By years of service.


Loyal is the word-

That we once heard.


Three Things That We Really and Truly Need (2008)

1. Water.

2. Food.

3. A nap.


A short one-

Appears to get that revitalization done.


Three Ways To Remember (2008)

1. Look at your photos.

2. Look at your notes.

3. Look into your heart.


Great memories come from within-

That can be visited over and over again.


Three Places To Find A Bargain (2008)

1. At a nearby store.

2. In your own town.

3. At the gas station.


Don’t know how long it will last-

But as of late, we’ve seen prices from the past.


Three That Have Gone On A Diet (2008)

1. Those that want to lose weight.

2. Those that want to be more healthy.

3. Your food products.


Same price, less weight-

Smaller containers as of late.


Three Days To Look Forward To (2008)

1. Tomorrow.

2. One next year.

3. Today.


They say all we are guaranteed is today-

So it is best to stick to it, and appreciate the things that come along its’ way.


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