Three Ways To Calculate A Bonus (2008)

1. The bubba system.

2. By salary.

3. By years of service.


Loyal is the word-

That we once heard.



Three Reasons To Have Marked Parking Spots And Lanes In A Store Parking Lot (2008)

1. For safety.

2. For conformity.

3. So that someone can drive straight across the lot,

almost hitting someone driving up the proper lane.
Off course, set of minds-
Either that or they just don’t see the large painted lines.



Three Places To Find Parachutes (2008)

1. On soldiers.

2. In a kids’ toy box.

3. On an executive’s back.
And golden ones at that gone overboard-
Do we believe that the recent bailout will
actually leave this greedy bunch having
to jump without a cord?


Three Places That You Can Find Writings On The Wall (2008)

1. The Alamo.

2. In an Egyptian Pyramid.

3. On the public bathroom wall.
Scribbling on the walls-
To be read when nature calls.


Three Things That We Really And Truly Need (2008)

1. Water.

2. Food.

3. A nap.
A short one-
Appears to get that revitalization done.

Three Things Required To Become A Doctor (2008)

1. A degree.

2. Some type of bedside manner.

3. The ability to wash their hands.
Fines will be awarded to those hands that aren’t clean-
For too many germs appear and travel throughout the hospital scene.

Three Things To Do If Your Cable TV Goes Out For A Bit (2008)


1. Frown.

2. Get depressed.

3. Look around and see what else is going on in the world.
One of life’s little quirks-
Can make some folks go berserk.



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