Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Rocking Around The Porch)

I can see the pair-

Sitting on the porch, to avoid the sun’s glare.

The day has ended and the work is done-

Now it is time to simply have some fun.

On the porch to take stock-

To simply be in that rocking chair to rock.

Comforting on the porch with day’s end-

Any frazzled nerves to simply mend.

And when these two are no longer here-

One thing is certainly clear.

The memory of them rocking together-

Makes their next generation so much the better.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 812 (The Ants Celebrate Too)

The family got ready for the Fourth of July-

For it was a special day, is the reason why.


The celebration, of the country, was at hand-

Everyone would particpate, throughout the land.


To first barbecue, and then eat, at the picnic table-

To fight off the ants, as best as one is able.


But wait there were no ants, to be seen-

The picnic table and the surrounding

area, of them appear, to be clean.


What is a Fourth of July picnic, without

an ant?

Hard to picture, just simply can’t.


The family looked around to see if they could

be spotted-

Surely, with them, the land would be dotted.


The family looked on the ground-

They looked everywhere ants might be



And, alas, they were spotted in the

distance, on the hill-

They weren’t working, they were

just standing still.


Waiting, for the fireworks, they were

celebrating the Fourth too-

Tomorrow, there would be plenty, of

other picnics, to eat and go through.


The family got ready for the Fourth of July-

For it was a special day, is the reason why.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (A Clean And Personally Written Bill Of Health)

The heart rate-
Was truly great.

The blood pressure-
Couldn’t be beat for sure.

The hair was growing in well-
“Natural” as all could tell.

The old man was in perfect health-
Paid and sponsored by a “certain” amount of wealth.

To live 200 years old would be great for a world-
That suddenly was filled with lies that continually swirled.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Hurricane Season 2018)

Many a hurricane to be looked for and seen-
In the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico in 2018.
Alberto, Beryl, Chris, and Debby-
Hope waters stay calm and don’t get nasty.
Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, and Issac-
With low mph let’s all stick.
Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, and Michael-
To hope for the best we all will.
Nadine, Oscar, Patty, and Raphael-
Each and every summer day will only tell.
Ending with Sarah, Toney, Valerie, and William-
All of these will be taken seriously, as they
can all put us out on a limb.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Ripton Country Store)

You know the little town, the special one-

In the center of Vermont named Ripton.


Where everyone knows everyone-

All 600 of them working, living, and having fun.


Where shopping is a pleasure when they stop

to daily check their mail-

Marking off of that grocery list without fail.


Near Middlebury College-

Situated at the Green Mountains on the edge.


And now history is about to be made-

As a tradition of ownership is about to fade.


Dick and Sue Collitt are about to retire-

And are looking for a new owner that will

continue their tradition and inspire.


Storekeepers since 1976 a job requring much dedication-

The Ripton County General Store has always been a sensation.


Aging over time with a potbellied wood stove and a penny candy wall-

One can experience the good old days that one couldn’t find at the mall.


The neighbors contribute some of the goods, that is sold-

Such as sweet relish, pickled beets, and eggs from nearby farms to unfold.


Other things sold is rock salt, kitty litter, clothespins and meatloaf mix-

In the midst, of a wonderful town, where life is slower, with many natural kicks.


Getting back to pick up that mail-

The old timey mailboxes delight without fail.


Historical in themselves-

Amongst the other things both on the floor,

and on the shelves.


Upstairs is a two bedroom apartment and a barn out back-

Depends on the season, how the customer make their trek.


Bike riders in the summer and the spring-

But when the snow comes skiing becomes their regular thing.


The famed Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference in the fall-

See the arrival of authors round the world hearing their call.


As the leaves cause a stir-

Changing into magical wonderful color.


A bargain for sure if one is up to the task-

To ready $225,000 and then to inquire and ask.


For the privilege of owning this all year long ran country store-

Just reading about it makes one want to visit and so much more.


Open four hours on Thanksgiving Day to amass-

With a complete shutdown on Christmas.


Otherwise open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday-

With the hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends underway.


I can hear that antique cash register clinking from far away-

To know that some still pay with cash in this modern electronic day.


Mowing That Grass

The grass has begun to grow-

So the neighbors are in full mow.


Ain’t all that hard-

After first clearing the yard.


Of leaves and sticks-

You can help just take your pick.


And then the next thing to occur-

Is the starting of that lawnmower.


After spending a few minutes to toil-

To check the spark plugs and the oil.


Down goes the weeds and the grass-

The more ground cover the mower does amass.


When finished the mower is put away-

Until it is needed on another day.


The grass has begun to grow-

So the neighbors are in full mow.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Dance)

Just by chance

“So You Think You Can Dance”.


“Dance Moms” around the world-

Gave it their best swirl.


It has always been that way-

From way back when to the modern day.


Much talent did we happen to see-

On “The Arthur Murray Party”.


With bubbles floating on the dance floor-

“Lawrence Welk” presented much dance to the core.


“American Bandstand” gave us many new moves-

We danced through many types of music and stayed in the groove.


Through the years all the same-

As we involved ourselves in “Club MTV” and “Fame”.


But as it were-

These were humans in full motion stir.


Nature also has it own dancing spin-

Simply called the Red-capped Manakin.



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