Mowing That Grass

The grass has begun to grow-

So the neighbors are in full mow.


Ain’t all that hard-

After first clearing the yard.


Of leaves and sticks-

You can help just take your pick.


And then the next thing to occur-

Is the starting of that lawnmower.


After spending a few minutes to toil-

To check the spark plugs and the oil.


Down goes the weeds and the grass-

The more ground cover the mower does amass.


When finished the mower is put away-

Until it is needed on another day.


The grass has begun to grow-

So the neighbors are in full mow.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Dance)

Just by chance

“So You Think You Can Dance”.


“Dance Moms” around the world-

Gave it their best swirl.


It has always been that way-

From way back when to the modern day.


Much talent did we happen to see-

On “The Arthur Murray Party”.


With bubbles floating on the dance floor-

“Lawrence Welk” presented much dance to the core.


“American Bandstand” gave us many new moves-

We danced through many types of music and stayed in the groove.


Through the years all the same-

As we involved ourselves in “Club MTV” and “Fame”.


But as it were-

These were humans in full motion stir.


Nature also has it own dancing spin-

Simply called the Red-capped Manakin.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (New Year Resolutions)

It’s hard to believe that we are about to enter into a new year. 2018

is right around the corner. Surely with all of the Christmas preps we

haven’t really thought about it, but it is coming anyway.


The resolutions have to be made. One fun thing to do is too look and

see what you promised last year, how long it lasted, and will it be on

this year’s list once again?


I think that one of mine at the top of the list might be to attempt to not to lie.

As kids we were taught not to lie. That it was not nice and not good, but nowadays

with so many adults lying it is time that some adults take a stance to try

and set a good example.


Don’t know how long that will last as we just cannot help ourselves. We

are dedicated for this and that until it affects us personally and then we bend the rule.

Human nature as it is. And what is this world coming to? The same as it has

always been.


“Many New Year Resolutions seen-

At the beginning of the year 2018.”

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Original Shakers)

The European Shakers made their way-

To America in 1774 back in the day.


For freedom of religion and movement-

Via founder Mother Ann Lee, along the Hudson

River on New York is where they went.


With any problems of frontier life they did better fare-

As they ate healthy, were clean , and practiced good healthcare.


With decoration being offensive to God they created their

very own furniture-

That contained simplicity and beauty that to this day

still does endure.


They expanded to New England, New

York, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio-

Eventually dying out, with their furniture

giving way for their history to grow.


A small second order of Shakers today in Sabbathday Lake, Maine-

Keepers of the faith with supporting the heritage to gain.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Old Man’s Christmas)

It is always clear-

To tell the same story every year.


At this time-

In full rhyme.


For it is an important one-

That must readily be done.


The old man would-

Talk of his childhood.


As children so much to amass-

At Christmas.


No expensive toys to be had-

But true gifts that would make them glad.


On Christmas morning they would open-

A sack filled with goodies to open over and over again.


Also containing nuts and fruit and a bit of candy-

Treats not always throughout the year handy.


A childhood filled with awe and wonder-

One that as an old man he would often visit as it were.


It is always clear-

To tell the same story every year.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Otter Christmas Morning)

The otters woke up Christmas Day-

And the gift opening immediately got underway.


For this event they had waited all year long-

And now it was here coming on strong.


It began late last night-

When not a sound was made and an otter was not in sight.


For they all knew that Santa Claus was coming-

And many gifts is what he would bring.


There would be no ifs, ands, or buts-

For all of their eyes had to be shut.


Mama otter had made Santa a special cake-

One that Santa loves for goodness sake.


And then they poured some milk in a glass-

All set now with a napkin to readily amass.


Santa came somewhere during the night-

Actually before the morning light.


And that is where the otter’s story began-

It happened all along the river, all over the land.


The otters woke up Christmas Day-

And the gift opening immediately got underway.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Trees Are Ready)

Mike was working in the back of the store-
Putting Christmas trees together on the floor.
Piece by piece, they began to form as a tree-
A happy finished product this was going to be.
As the day went on the amount of trees began to grow-
They flourished in detail, row by row.
And Mike’s looks began to change-
His beard grew and his clothing was re-arranged.
Mike was beginning to look like he lived among these trees-
With nature amongst the animals, amongst the slight breeze.
The stars twinkled and touched the tree tops-
This was a natural decoration with no halts or stops.
The put together trees turned into a wonderful forest-
Thanks to Mike who put them together and you know the rest.
The store disappeared and nature took over for a good reason-
As for the end of the year, this is the most important season.


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