Christmas In July (2014)

When we were children, we looked forward to the Christmas holidays. You could feel it in the air.
This would be the week before school let out for the Christmas break.

The thought may have passed by at some other point during the year, but there wasn’t much
feeling to it. Now we have Christmas in July. Not really celebrated, but mainly a reminder that
Christmas is at some point, on its way.

There was a time when after the Labor Day holidays, Christmas would begin to peek. Now I’m afraid
that we are pushing the upcoming holidays even further.

While standing at a store counter, I caught something unusual, with the corner of my eye. It was orange
and as I turned around it was the season of Fall and Halloween stuff. I mentioned this to the clerk, at the
counter, and he said the Christmas stuff would be coming next month.

August, hot, possible hurricane, with the chance and opportunity, to be well prepared for Christmas.

We see stuff being sold so far in advance, that last winter someone I knew could not find a heater when
their teeth were chattering. The heaters had been sold out earlier in the season. I’ll have to remind her
to get one now. In the midst, of sweat, is the time to buy heaters, for the winter.

I wish we could go back to that childhood time when we thought about Christmas, when it was almost Christmas.
Remember when they used to cut the tree down the day before, and decorate it too?
Of course, Santa has to think about it the majority of the year, for he has a list with a lot of requests. No shortcut
on this one.

“To write a July rhyme-
That reminds us all of Christmas time.”


Two Heads Are Sometimes Not Better Than One (2014)

The other day while watching C-Span, I was amazed about what was going on. It wasn’t the topic, it was the background.

As I continued to watch, I thought that maybe I had caught an episode of Saturday Night Live. Here we had a panel that was grilling a specified witness, and of course, the witness was shown on full screen.

In the meantime, there was somone sitting behind the witness, in the next row, in full view also. Now we know that on these hearings there are always folks in the background, either sitting or walking around. In this case, this other person had equal view on the screen.

If I hadn’t know better, I might have thought that the other person was doing a version of Forrest Gump. You know where he plants, the likes of himself, into many historical events.

Now here comes the amazing part. Everytime the witness said something that the other person did not like, it was up with the eyes, or the look of disgust. If I wanted to watch something with someone else’s opinion, on the subject, I’d watch a debate, or perhaps even plant myself on the front row of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It was simply distracting, and really and truly, I did not find it funny at all.

“Serious issues to face-

With an extra body, out of place.”



Garbage Cans (2014)

As I was driving down the street, the other day, I happened to come across a dog tearing into a garbage bag.

The residents of the property apparently had no physical garbage can and just set out a big black. bag.


Obviously that is the reason for a can. It is a real nuisance to put out your garbage, only to have it strewn all over the street.


I can remember the days of the aluminum cans, and then we went to plastic. They had to be dragged to the road, before the

implementation of wheels. Nowadays, it is a breeze. Just fill up, and wheel it to the road.


The average size of a garbage can is 35-gallons, so I was surprised to read that in a parish, outside of New Orleans, they were

handing out 96-gallon garbage cans. It can hold 332 1/s pounds of garbage.  They can be hoisted up on the garbage truck,

leading to less injury to the men working.


Well, some people were complaining, for they claimed not to have enough garbage to fill up such a monster.

Basically it sounds better to have too much room, instead of not enough, and after all, the wheels take the pressure

off of taking it to the road.


The majority of people though love it, and have to hope that no one steals their prized garbage can on the street.

One thing for sure no one will pass by and see a dog chewing into their garbage, for it is big, high, and too thick.


“Secure garbage put out-

Waiting to be picked up, along the route.”



Story Tellers (2001)

In the newspaper last Friday I read of the passing of a master story teller from Mississippi named Eudora Welty. They say that through her eyes the South came to life. Her pastor Bishop Clay F. Lee commented “Oh what she was able to catch with her eyes, hear with her ears!”

Before her death at the age of 92, she had won a Pulitzer Prize for the Optimists Daughter. Surely the rich stories that she had to tell will enlighten generations throughout time.

Thank goodness for the storytellers of the world, for without them, so much information might be lost. They say that a picture can say a thousand words, which is true, but a story that consists of words cannot be erased.

Once someone hears or reads a good story, it is gonna be passed onto someone else.

Mother Goose made her appearance on one of the Barney episodes that my daughter was watching and had misplaced some of her rhymes. She was quite upset until it was decided that the children would help her to rewrite the wonderful story.

And how was it that some small childrn could help an old woman to rewrite her own stories? They had heard them over and over again when they were old enough to understand and knew them all by heart.

Of course Mother Goose is a ficticious character, but the moral of the story can be applied to real life. We learn best through the storytellers of this world, and each one leaves their mark, which is renewed each time one of their stories are re-read or re-told.

“Storytellers of this world tell us a story and we pass it on-
Today, tommorrow, and long after they are gone!”


Typing (2014)

The daughter was upset one day as she had to backtrack on her text.  Aggravating

problem for sure. Little did she know what I had to go through when I first learned

how to type.



I can hear the teacher now. AB, AB, ABR, ABR. And so the drill began. I learned

how to type on one of those old manual typewriters. Cannot remember the brand,

but they certainly did make some clicking noises.



To correct the mistakes was another matter. We had to get out that funny paper, and

then strike over the letter, before replacing it.



My daughter thought that the whole scenario was funny. How in the world could all

of that go on? Well, that was the days before electronics, the days before texting.



One has to wonder if another generation will laugh at my daughter. The act to have

to backtrack may be gone with the blink of an eye.




Mothers And Their Telephone Conversations (2001)

Okay! so I’ve lived long enough to see both of my grown daughters have children. Children, the ones that you love, but there are those moments…
Those moments especially when you want to have a conversation on the telephone.

For some reason or another as soon as you pick up the receiver to dial a telephone number, the kid appears and performs in a manner similiar to a three ring circus. the only difference being is that it gets much louder than any three ring circus that i’ve ever seen. At least the circus takes a breath now and then to catch their breath, not the children, for their activity is non stop.

So while having a conversation with one of my daughters the other day, I had to grin from ear to ear as I heard “quit, I’m on the phone” or “do you have to do that now” and “where did you get that from” and finally “stop, or I’m going to call your father at work!”

I probably could have enjoyed it much more had I been alone on the other end of the telephone conversation, except I had to tell my three year old pretty much the same thing. Apparently it doesn’t matter how far apart you have your children, they still act the same.

Yes, I’ve lived long enough to see the telephone and the child situation come full circle, but apparently I haven’t had enough of it. I’m reminded of
that everytime I pick up the phone.

“Children and mothers’ telephone conversations do not mix-
For it puts into gear…the children and their little tricks!”


The Circus Came To Town (2003)

In the movies the circus comes to a small town. In Barney’s Great Adventure some children go to visit their grandparents way out in the country, and in their small town the big event is the circus. The same goes for Big Top Pee-Wee. The character is way out in the country and who drops in but none other than the circus.

This is what happened to our community last week. We had the circus drop in for a couple of days to entertain our adults and children.
The “big top” was erected at our local park and transformed into a magical place instantly. instead of just the playground, pond, and ducks, my daughter spotted an elephant, some ponies, and a clown decked out.

Popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy filled the air. A circus is not a circus without those items. The stands were filled as the show got ready to get underway. This was not a three ring circus but a one ring circus that filled the bill. The acts that came out filled the children with awe and basically amazed us all.

It’s funny how when an adult goes to the circus, as they can suddenly be transformed into a child. The comedy skits that the clown put on were simple and basic, but still brought a smile to our faces. I think that we reach deep down inside to find those child-like qualities. What better place to do it than at a circus.

There was an exciting part when the ringmaster called up some kids and a boy and my daughter headed up into the ring. The boy was told to stretch out his arms and suddenly his arms were holding a large boa snake. My daughter didn’t seem fazed at all and when I asked her if she was afraid of being so close to the snake she said, “of course not, it wasn’t real.”

Little did she know that it was, but then who am I to know. I didn’t want to pop her bubble by telling her otherwise. That is what the circus is all about fun and fantasy. I’m just glad that it was her up there and not me. It’s hard for me to fantasize about anything if there is a large snake in the vicinity.

Now that the circus has come and gone The park has returned to the way that it always has been. the playground, the pond, and the ducks are waiting for my daughter to return to finish out her childhood. I think that when she looks back though she may see a small elephant mixed in with those memories.

“It’s a pleasure when the big top
can be found-
Strutting its’ magic in ones’ own
small town!”


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