Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 841 (That First Day)

As a rule-

It is a bit scary, on the first day of school.


Everything is brand new-

With new friends, to acrue.


New teachers and a new place-

Time to get comfortable, in this

unfamiliar place.


New school supplies, that must be put away-

For use later, on another day.


To grit one’s teeth, to make the day through-

To finally go home, and say a big whew.


For the second day will be A-ok-

We know where we’re going, because

we went through all of that on the first day.


As a rule-

It is a bit scary, on the first day of school.


Three To Buy At A South Carolina Zoo (2012)

1. Peanuts.

2. Popcorn.

3. Elephant, zebra, and giraffe poop.


Now and then-

To buy fertilizer, for the garden.

Three To Remain The Same (2012)

1. The shape of the earth.

2. Sunshine and darkness.

3. The name of your favorite UK band.


The One Direction band, in the USA-

Will name change to Uncharted Shores,

as all continue to sing and play.

Three To Cause A Traffic Accident (2012)

1. Texting while driving.

2. Running red lights.

3. No electricity.


With no red light, green light-

Only darkness, in sight.

Three That Will Take Your Lights Out (2012)

1. Non-payment.

2. Storm.

3. Misguided driver.


Darkness, to unfold-

When that vehicle hits the light pole.


Three Reasons To Love The Weekend (2012)

1. Rest.

2. Leisure.

3. Time to catch up on the wash.


And, those other chores, that are underway-

To prepare for that morning called Monday.

Three To Remove Before Swimming (2012)

  1. 1. Outer jacket.

2. Wrapped towel.

3. Contact lens.


Not just on a whim-

But, it could put your eyesight, out

on a limb.

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