Three Hamburgers (2012)

1. Fried.

2. Broiled.

3. Lab grown.


A dish, to procure-

Created through culture.

Three Subjects For Documentaries (2012)

1. History.

2. Culture.

3. Latinos.


Interesting. with much to address-

A six-hour program, featured by PBS.

Three Present For The Groundbreaking Of The Smithsonian Institution’s Natural Museum of African-American History and Culture (2012)

1. The President.

2. The First Lady.

3. Former First Lady Laura Bush.


A dozen years ago, legislation was signed

for the museum’s creation-

To be built, at the National Mall, and now

the groundbreaking has been done.

Three Eating At The Thanksgiving Table In The North Pole (2012)

1. Mrs. Santa Claus.

2. A neighbor.

3. Selected elves.


An empty chair, for Santa Claus will

be found-

As he has already gone to town.

Three Uses For Shovels (2012)

1. To workout in the garden.

2. To reach a buried pipe.

3. To make a path, in the midst,

of all, of that snow.


In Alaska, Cordova, a small fishing town-

A larger shovel, with a scoop, is making

its’ round.

Three Places To Find Chill (2012)

1. On top of a snow filled mountain.

2. Inside your freezer.

3. Bits of it, inside your home.


Did not winterize-

Is what we must summize.

Three Who Sold The Most Cookies (2012)

1. Sally.

2. Tiffany.

3. Mom/Dad.


To unfold-

Many friends and a large workplace,

the items get sold.


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