Three About That Survivor Tree (2012)

1. It was found smoldering in the 911 rubble.

2. It was nursed back to health, and replanted.

3. It sprouted white blossoms, on the first day, of spring.


In Memorial Park, at the World Trade Center, standing at

30 feet, about the tallest one-

A pear tree, 4 times the size it was back in 2001.



Three To Stop The Music (2012)

1. Singers and/or band members ill.

2. Microphone goes dead.

3. Mother Nature.


The National Memorial Day Concert, in

Washington, D.C., suddenly came to

an abrupt end-

Due to the unruly weather, that Mother

Nature decided, to send.

Three For The Boy Scouts To Do (2012)

1. Honor.

2. Obey.

3. Decorate Veteran gravesites,

with American flags, all across the land.


This long weekend, much decorating underway-

In honor, of our veterans, for Memorial Day.


Three That Are Hard To Break (2012)

1. Bowling ball.

2. That seal, off the med bottle.

3. A bad habit.


But with determination, that third


Can be broken down and undone.


Three That Have Nicknames (2012)

1. The children.

2. The pets.

3. The American States.


Whether it be Sunflower, Lonestar,

or Beehive-

All were carefully chosen, and their

use is in full drive.

Three That Can Cost $1.36 (2012)

1. A bottled soft drink.

2. A pack of gum.

3. The cost to charge your iPad.


Cheap, almost free-

Yearly used electricity.

Three For The Prom (2012)

1. Flowers.

2. Special dress.

3. That dream date.


On the Brady Bunch, back in 1971-

Marcia Brady and Davy

Jones, a memorable prom couple,

that was well acted, and so much fun.

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