Three Reasons For Taking The Night Off (2016)

1. Whoops.
2. Awe.
3. A little break.
It’s a no-go-
See you all tomorrow.



Three That Are Popular At The End Of The Year (2012)


1. Shopping.
2. Decorating.
3. Family films.
To watch together-
Makes the holidays, so
much the better.




Three For Progress (2015)

1. Offices closed.
2. Looking stupid.
3. Offices back open 1 day a week.
Went to Alabama and what did we see?
Closed driver’s license offices under much scrutiny.


Three Hard Subjects To Talk About To Your Kids (2012)

1. Divorce.

2. The birds and the bees.

3. School shootings.


A place where they are supposed to

be safe and sound-

Until that next incident occurs, and

then many questions are found.


Three Reasons To Run (2015)

1. Fun.
2. Health.
3. For a good reason.
One foot in and another
foot out-
For favorite charity, without a doubt.


Three To Want To Be (2015)

1. Like them.
2. Like others.
3. Like self.
No bar-
Be who you are.


Three That Cool Kids Do (2015)

1. Make-up.
2. Hairstyles.
3. Read.
Well done-
Especially when they show
up for their high school reunion.


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