Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 841 (That First Day)

As a rule-

It is a bit scary, on the first day of school.


Everything is brand new-

With new friends, to acrue.


New teachers and a new place-

Time to get comfortable, in this

unfamiliar place.


New school supplies, that must be put away-

For use later, on another day.


To grit one’s teeth, to make the day through-

To finally go home, and say a big whew.


For the second day will be A-ok-

We know where we’re going, because

we went through all of that on the first day.


As a rule-

It is a bit scary, on the first day of school.

Three To Do During October (2012)

1. Watch the leaves fall.

2. Enjoy the cooler breeze.

3. Watch scary movies.


Both old and new-

So many of them to accrue.


Three Ways To Fit Into Grandmother’s Wedding Dress (2012)

1. Take prescription diet pills.

2. Have a feeding tube up your nose for 8 days.

3. Simply crash diet.


Or be lucky enough-

That Grandmother was big, round, and rough.

Three Teams (2012)

1. Sports.

2. Writing.

3. Diet.


Together, more than one-

To get that important job done.

Three To Begin At Midlife (2012)

1. Dieting.

2. Excercise.

3. Writing.


And, that is what best-selling

Australian author, Bryce Courtenay

set out to do-

With a goal to “practice”, ending up

with 21 novels, for his readers, to

enjoy, thanks to his drive, to follow


Three Bad Momma Books (2012)

1. Mommie Dearest.

2. Flowers in the Attic.

3. Carrie.


To endure-

Much non-nurture.


Three That You Can Do With Fruits And Veggies (2012)

1. Grow them.

2. Pick them.

3. Barbecue them.


The art and will-

To make full use of that grill.

Three Uses For Shovels (2012)

1. To workout in the garden.

2. To reach a buried pipe.

3. To make a path, in the midst,

of all, of that snow.


In Alaska, Cordova, a small fishing town-

A larger shovel, with a scoop, is making

its’ round.

Three Places To Feel A Sudden Hunger Pain (2012)

1. At home.

2. At work.

3. At school.


Obviously, the students are not getting enough to eat-

So the USDA is going to allow more grains and meat.

Three That Will Tire You Out (2012)

1. A long road trip.

2. Those algebra problems.

3. Feedback.


More than a bit, of time spent-

For just a bit, of your time, that

will only take a moment.

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