To Clean The Air For A Special Celebration (2015)

It’s that time of the year when we are about to enter into the holiday season.

Immediately after the Labor Day weekend, the feeling begins.


Decorations come to mind, and instead of spring cleaning, it’s another time

to get cleaned up for those holidays.


The pumpkins will begin to come out and all of the holiday scents. We’ll

decorate our yards, in the midst of raking all of those falling leaves.

We’ll begin to make lists. Parties and festivals come to mind. Once it gets

started there is no end until after the New Year.


As with every holiday, cleaning is required. No one wants to host a special

event with leftover dust from the summer.


Which brings to mind what happened last week. China put on a special event

to highlight their military. A celebration of their victory of WWWIII. The parade

included soldiers and all of their military equipment, that shined in the sun. What

was even more remarkable is the clean air. This is not the norm, for everyday



What was even more amazing is what they did to ensure that they had a smog free

day. They cleaned house in a way that is unusual, to say the least. For two weeks they

shut down almost everything.


And we are not talking about just major stuff, we are talking about just about everything.

The shops, the factories, and everything else that makes the smog a daily event.


Surely after the parade was over, the smog was turned back on again. No regulations is

the normal. Many citizens wear masks, all year long. If only they could be smog free all the



“To cleanup for a good reason-

As we enter into the autumn season.”



MEinRhyme Twitter Feed (Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times) 3/22/2017

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three Tapped (2017)

Three To Defend (2017)

Three Places To Look For A Leak (2017)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

Three To Skip:
1. Meeting.
2. Cracks on sidewalk.
3. One hour of sleep.
Not too hard-
As we spring forward.

Three Not Quite Right:
1. Sideways.
2. Wrong.
3. Upside down.
To remember when-
Spicer adjusted
his worn USA pin.



Three To Dodge:
1. Bus.
2. Ball.
3. The American People.
A no peek-
Hide and seek.


3 Purple:
1. Skies.
2. Ground.
3. Dreams.
To stand still-
To be enlightened
in purple.


3 Tuna:
1. “A Tuna Christmas”.
2. “Red, White, and Tuna”.
3. “Tuna Does Vegas”.
Oh wow!
“Greater Tuna” playing now.


3 To Miss:
1. Hillary’s e-mails.
2. 1 more Benghazi hearing..
3. Truth.
& lies.


3 Left Behind:
1. Crumbs.
2. Backpacks.
3. Bumblebee footprints.
Left scent.


3 In Control Of This Flight:
1. Pilot.
2. Sec. of State.
3. WH.
Mid air-
Shhh.. fare.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

3 To Not Mess With:
1. Grandma
2. TX.
3. Black panther.
Much awe-
With active claw.


Three For Plays:
1. Sports.
2. Childhoods.
3. On the stage.
A sure Saga UK win-

3 Dug Lately:
1. Tut’s Tomb/Egypt.
2. Richard III/Engliand parking lot.
3. Colonists coffins/PA.
From ground-
History found.

3 To Shrink Over Years:
1. Food products.
2. Manners.
3. Airline seats.
To squeeze-
Like chin on knees.

3 To Pass Thru
Local W. VA Drugstore:
1. Cherry cokes.
2. Candy sales.
3. 9 mil opioid pills.
Over 2 years-
Bringing state
many tears.

3 Complicated Jobs:
1. Scientists.
2. Mathematicians.
3. Sean Spicer.
Difference to beg-
Rounded lies being fitted into
a square peg.

3 Closed:
1. Shop.
2. Media invite to
travel with Sec. of State
to Miexico?
3. Armadillos.


What was phony in the past
3 Federal Employees Do:
1. Follow law.
2. No selling of wares..
3. Represent citizens.
Profiteering to drop a jaw-
Regarding ethics law.

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