Three Ways To See At Night (2016)

1. Flashlight.
2. Lighthouse.
3. Bright lights on your car.
Never mind that oncoming
traffic is in the blind-
For you deserve the right to
see, and the oncoming drivers
don’t tend to mind. (LOL)




Three Once A-Okay (2016)

1. Tobacco.
2. Lard.
3. Coal.
Of course, only the dirty kind-
With only the “clean” kind left to find.



A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (482)

There are times that we can be as quiet as a mouse-

When we are up high, in our backyard tree house.




Three About That Latest Ronald Reagan Move That Was Almost Made (2016)

  1. It wasn’t right.
  2. It wasn’t respectful.
  3. Alzheimer’s is one serious and sad issue.


But regarding that second term, not one word-

About someone, with Alzheimer symptoms, running our

country,  not one single word heard.


To Carry A Heavy Load-While Driving On The Road (103)

With a police officer, in sight-

Everyone drove so nice, and even stopped on the yellow light.



In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (70)

Back in 1977, we were all afloat-

When we sat down and watched the Love Boat.



Ever So Hard-To Write A Greeting Card (57)

You knew that this day would come-

And your age would change some.

(Happy Birthday)



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