Three Regarding The Border Wall According To Recently Signed Spending Bill

1. To repair and build previously-approved fencing.
2. Only approval for currently deployed steel bollard designs.
3. No construction on a wildlife preserve.
A true call-
Not much work to be done regarding that “new” wall.


Three For A Combination


1. Man wearing t-shirt that says come and take it.

2. Same man walking with his wife and children at an Easter festival.

3. Students gathered around world to protest school violence and deaths.


With no compromise found-

May all children in the world stay safe and sound.


Three Going On This Morning

1. Opinion.
2. Stance
3. Protests.
Demanding school life-
Minus the death and strife.

Three Planned For The Weekend

1. Fun.
2. Relaxation.
3. Anything to distract the country.
From that awful fright-
60 Minutes coming on Sunday night.

Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three For Lunch:

  1. Bread.
  2. Meat.
  3. Other stuff.


To pass the test-

On Fridays it always tastes best.

Three Easy To Frame

1. Art.
2. Family pics.
3. The White House?
And so they say-
With all of those known
and purposely self-inflicted done details
in the way?

Three Who Ordered That $31,000 HUD Desk

Three Who Ordered That $31,000 Desk:

1. Aliens from outer space.

2. Hobos traveling country.



More or less a bit of greed and strife-

Really and truly ordered by the Secretary’s wife.



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