Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Solo Ice Cream)

While waiting in line at the bank, I overheard two women


discussing a little ice cream machine. Rock salt is what you


put in it and then you had to stir it for a long time. One woman


said that she would be too lazy to stir it for a long time, and the


other one said that is why you invite friends over.


The conversation concluded with the thought that there would


not be enough ice cream for the people invited over to stir.



The solution was easy enough as it was stated that was the time


for the invited company to go home. Problem solved.

“A cold cold scheme-
To create and eat homemade ice cream”.



Three To Make You Filled With Wonder

  1. Life.
  2. Mountains.
  3. Stuff like this.


Not to miss-

Nominated for what purpose?

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Original Shakers)

The European Shakers made their way-

To America in 1774 back in the day.


For freedom of religion and movement-

Via founder Mother Ann Lee, along the Hudson

River on New York is where they went.


With any problems of frontier life they did better fare-

As they ate healthy, were clean , and practiced good healthcare.


With decoration being offensive to God they created their

very own furniture-

That contained simplicity and beauty that to this day

still does endure.


They expanded to New England, New

York, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio-

Eventually dying out, with their furniture

giving way for their history to grow.


A small second order of Shakers today in Sabbathday Lake, Maine-

Keepers of the faith with supporting the heritage to gain.

Three Said Often

1. Hoax.
2. Fake news.
3. Whatever it takes to offset truth.
In full spin-
To attempt to stop that truth
finding and digging in.


Three That Folks In Alabama Don’t Need

1. Clean air-less regulations.

2.Clean water-less enforcement of EPA.

3. No CHIPS.


Numbers to find-

That 84,000 folks with kids

(both Repub and Dem)

will “not” be put in a bind.

P. S. Next comes the downsizing of

Social Security and Medicare, and Medicaid,

to offset those tax cuts for the rich. (Let’s

celebrate and MAGA. This time like

back in the old day without

slavery, as per good old Roy Moore.


Three To Call Names

1. A woman.
2. Someone’s mother.
3. Your fellow countrywoman.
A presidential bully for sure-
Rightfully so to endure?

P. S. No complaints heard when and if it

is your Mama or Grandma being “downsized”.

Three To Pass The Time

1. Shop.
2. Run around the block.
3. Investigate Hillary’s e-mails.
As we proceed-
To continue to investigate
the Trump/Russia collusion deed.

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