Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 413 (The Huge Dinner)

On Thanksgiving Day-
Much eating got underway.
We ate green bean casserole-
We ate a buttered roll.
We ate some cranberry sauce-
What to eat next, we were at
a loss.
We ate some gravy with the dressing-
We paused for a moment, we were
in the midst of resting.
We ate black olives, and of course turkey-
Pretty full, is what we were getting to be.
We ate corn on the cob, and a bit of
sweet potato-
How much more we could eat, we just
didn’t know.
Of course, we were thankful to be together
for this fine meal-
As every year, it was top bill.
After all of this eating, we left a bit, of space-
For some pie, whether it be pumpkin or apple,
at least one piece, we had to face.
On Thanksgiving Day-
Much eating got underway.

Casualty And Reality # 419

That is one small turkey-

But of course, I am thankful, for

there are many that have less than me.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 675 (The Black Olive Tree)

The black olive tree was full-

It had its youth, it was beautiful.


The olives that it bore-

Were filled to the core.


And, then one day, some men came-

Making things, no longer the same.


They picked the olives til they were all gone-

Not one left, not one left on the lawn.


The tree was bare until the very next year-

But, one thing, out of all of this was clear.


There were millions of black olives for

Thanksgiving Day-

To highlight the turkey, that was cooked

for this special holiday.


The black olive tree was full-

It had its youth, it was beautiful.

Three High Numbers (2011)

1. 100.

2. 1000.

3. 43 million.


Make room-

For the amount of turkeys

that America will consume.

Three Busy Communications (2011)

1. Teens texting.

2. Family members calling each other.

3. The Butterball Turkey Talk Line.


To call-



Three Meats On That Menu For The First Thanksgiving (2011)

1. Turkey.

2. Deer.

3. Eel.


Fish and lobster too-

Plenty of meat, for the

crowd to get through.


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet # 922

Turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie, and green bean casserole-

Black olives, cranberry sauce, as the Thanksgiving dinner

continues to unfold.

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