Three Examples Of Green (2010)

1. Spring coming.

2. Environmental tasks.

3. St. Patrick’s Day.


Much green-

Will be drank, eaten, and seen.


Three Reasons That Laws Have To Be Passed To Prevent Texting While Driving (2010)

1. For the safety of lives on the road.

2. For irresponsibility.

3. For stupidity.


Don’t we know?

That we’ve gone beyond showing our selfish ego?



Three Reasons To Turn Your Blinker On In The Car When Needing To Get Into Another Lane (2010)

1. It is the law.
2. It is just plain courtesy.
3. It is a sure sign that you are in no
hurry to switch lanes.
Let me in, let me in-
As I watch yall speed up,
over and over again.


Three Ways To Depict A Lonely Day (2010)

1. You didn’t get any junk e-mails.

2. You didn’t get any junk mail in the regular snail mail.

3. No one called you on your cell phone or your land
line to try and sell you something.
Considered a lonely day-
In the high tech marketing way.


Three Who Do Not Apologize (2010)

1. Those who have nothing to apologize for.

2. Those who are not sorry for what they have done.

3. Those who are too important to apologize.


To really know-

One’s own ego.


Three Reasons To Brag About Yourself (2010)

1. You have the right to.

2. You deserve it.

3. Something is missing.


There is a problem when-

You have to validate yourself over and over again.


Three Who Suffer From Mental Illness (2010)

1. Men.

2. Women.

3. Children.
Time spent-
Figuring out the best treatment.



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