Three Things That Men Do Not Fear (2010)

1. Spiders.

2. Mice.

3. Face and body creams.
For in the end-
We all like to take care of our
skin, over and over again.




Three Funny Things Seen While Driving Down The Road (2010)

1. Folks who do not see the red light.

2. Folks who do not stop at the corner before entering
a main road.

3. Folks who weave in and out of traffic, gaining no ground.
The reason that those weaving, do not gain ground-
Because when I stop at the next red light, their happy
faces are also found.


Three Things About Those Tweets Acquired By The Library Of Congress (2010)

1. They’re short.

2. Some are trivial.

3. Some have momentum.
A modern collection of history-
For the future to pick through and see.

Three That Enjoy Dancing And Music (2010)

1. Grownups.

2. Children.

3. Our pets.
On the internet, the whole world of animals
get the chance-
To listen to that music, and perform a dance.

Three Ways To Keep From Cheating On Your Diet Late At Night (2010)


1. Lock the fridge.

2. Have someone hide the car keys.

3. Get some of those loud chip bags.
A deter, as it would-
Wake up the whole neighborhood.





Three that multiply (2010)

1. Rabbits.

2. Mathematicians.

3. Elephants at the Dallas Zoo.
Jenny used to be the only one on
But, now two years later, five more
are being added to make things right.


Three Reasons To Continue Space Exploration (2010)

1. It has contended that it can be done at a

“reasonable” cost.

2. To satisfy our curiosity of the beyond.

3. NASA and its’ employees depend on it.


Reasonable at what cost-

To ensure that no jobs are lost.

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