Three Tony Curtis Movies (2010)

1. Some Like It Hot.

2. Houdini.

3. The Vikings.
Part of a large movie list-
A move career man, that
was loved and will be missed.


Three Things That Are Worse Than Looking Old (2010)

1. Lumps on the face.

2. Redness.

3. Scars.
When it goes wrong that facelift filler-
For the emotions, can turn out to be a killer.

Three That Always Believe That You Didn’t Do What You Are Accused Of Doing (2010)

1. Your mother.

2. Your father.

3. Your highly paid lawyer.



Doesn’t always come free.


Three Ways To Know That You Are Driving The Speed Limit On A Regulary Traveled Route (2010)

1. Your speedometer matches the speed limit
sign on the road.
2. You have it down pat as to what angle your
foot rest on the gas pedal.
3. Everyone, and I mean everyone, (including your
grandmother), is passing you on the road.
The idea that the speed limit is too slow-
Is a fact that most drivers practice on the go.


Three Descriptions Of A Real Hero (2010)

1. Those who step out, to help others.

2. Those who take that extra step, to help others.

3. Those who for no particular reason, help others.
Much cheer-
To the non-self serving volunteer.

Three Different Occasions When You Know That Your Small Child Is Going To Have To Use The Restroom (2010)

1. After drinking several cups of juice.
2. The sight of the entrance of a department or
grocery store.
3. A few moments after the settling in of that wonderful
bubble bath you were looking forward to.
Kids can do the math-
At the exact time of their Mom’s bath!


Three Things To Do While Getting Over A Spring Cold (2010)

1. Relax.

2. Drink plenty of fluids.

3. Use so many cough drops that in
the future you never want to see
or taste another one again or see
anything that resembles one.


Of a taste, to be tired.



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