Three That Count (2010)

1. Ideas.
2. Thoughts.
3. Facts.
Some facts depend on
who you are listening to-
For in many cases the
“real” facts do not happen
to come through.


Three Things Required For All Cruise Ships (2010)

1. Swimming pools.

2. Lifeboats.

3. Hospital beds.


To well serve-

To keep in reserve.


Three Examples Of If There Is A Will There Is A Way (2010)

1. It will happen.

2. It will be done.

3. They will get through.


Telemarketers still insist-

On finding ways around that no call list.


Three Reasons To Keep Your Eyes On The Road (2010)


1. To see what is ahead.

2. You’re supposed to.

3. To keep from running over something or somebody else for that matter.
No distraction-
Is the key to this one.


Three Types Of Shoes To Wear (2010)

1. Boots.

2. Tennis.

3. Someone else’s.
With a bit of time spent-
One’s outlook, might look
quite different.


Three Things That I Like About Little Old Ladies (2010)


1. They’re sweet.

2. They’re kind.

3. When they pull out in front of you on the road it is not
because they have low self esteem and have to get a
boost to that ego, it is because they cannot see.
Some drive down the road-
Carrying more than a heavy load.


Three Ingredients For A Good Movie (2010)

1. A good plot.
2. Colorful characters.
3. Not so many commercials to the point that you forget what you are watching.
What show?
After this commercial and that one, and 4 more, I just don’t know.


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