Three Things Being Added To The Backyard (2010)

1. Flowers.
2. Bushes.
3. Chickens.


Yielding both fresh eggs and a new family pet-

A new trend, that is now being set.

Three reasons that brand new grandparents carry such large smiles (2010)

1. The new grandbaby is so cute.

2. The grandparent lived long enough to see another generation.

3. This time around the grandparent plays while they watch the
children they raised do all the work.
Reap what you sow-
As you watch the grandchildren grow!

Three Things That Thirteen Year Olds Do (2010)

1. Study.

2. Text.

3. Climb mountains.
Jordan Romero, a 13-year-old American
boy, became the youngest one-
To reach the top of Mount Everest, to
complete and get the job done.

Three Famous Streets (2010)

1. Main.

2. Pennsylvania.

3. Chocolate.
The original, more than a
century old, Hershey plant
will be shutdown-
Replaced with the new, as
the company has to cover
more ground.

Three things to do in your spare time (2010)

1. Sew.

2. Plant a garden.

3. Drop a ship anchor.
And so on the cruise, the intoxiated man-
Dropped the anchor, by his own omission,
and hand.

Three To Plant A Tree (2010)

1. Your neighbor.
2. Johnny Appleseed.
3. Bill Coats.


The founder for the Hermann Park Conservancy

and Trees for Houston, he came to be-

A naturalist organization that has planted

more than 375,000 trees around the

city since 1983.

Three To Fight Over (2010)

1. Land.

2. Money.

3. An 840-pound emerald.
Found 10 years ago, in the
jungles, of eastern Brazil, in
a mine-
Is in the courts now, with a
lawful owner to find.

Three Dangerous Things On The Road (2010)

1. Dropped boxes.

2. Slick spots.

3. Road rage.


The angry peon ego-

Is an unfortunate danger to contend with and know.


Three Things To Do At A Dude Ranch (2010)

1. Ride horses.

2. Rope a cow.

3. Enjoy a breakfast over a charcoal fire.

Pure relaxation-
During this, back in time, sensation.

Three Ways To Know That It’s Gonna Be A Hot Day (2010)

1. The sun is shining bright.

2. You are sweating.

3. It’s already 85 degrees, and you just woke up.
Already working up a sweat-
And we haven’t even had breakfast yet.

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