Three Places To Find Trash (2011)

1. Along the roadside.

2. Waiting to be picked up in the front yard.

3. On the moon.


Alongside the moon buggy tracks-

Are the thrown out astronaut backpacks.

Three Types Of Juice (2011)

1. Apple.

2. Orange.

3. Electrical.


Time spent-

Making our use more efficient.

Three Reasons That This Does Not Rhyme (2011)

1. Not in the mood.

2. Couldn’t think.

3. Seeing too much orange.


And, we all know-

That orange and rhyme do not go.

Three To Be Seen At Work (2011)

1.  Loads of paperwork.

2. Full candy jars.

3. Invisible tattoos.


To sink your teeth-

To bear them underneath.

Three Reasons That Pets Can Be Sad (2011)

1. It’s not dinnertime yet.

2. They lost one of their toys.

3. The children are now back in school.


A longer day-

With less play.

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 525

Mama used to bake cupcakes, to bring to celebrate

the birthday at school-

But, nowadays, due to obesity, it is against the golden rule.

Three Games (2011)

Three games:

1. Hopscotch.

2. Chinese jumprope.

3. Chicken.
Regarding the debt ceiling.

Three Bloomers (2011)

1. Plants.

2. Flowers.

3. Queen Victoria’s.


Silk ones found-

That became auction bound.


Three To Go Bold (2011)

1. Shy folks.

2. Letters of the alphabet.

3. The rats in New York City.


On the platform, on the track, and even

in the train-

Before long they will be riding in the lunch

car, ordering up some grain.

Three That Need To Come Back (2011)

1. Old fashioned penmanship classes.

2. Family picnics.

3. Made in the USA.
Makers of Frisbees and Hula-Hoops, Wham-O-
Moving back to US, from production in
China and Mexico.

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