Three Original Folks (2011)

1 Indians.

2. Aztecs.

3. Hito.
Originals on Easter Island-
With a protest, for land
ownership, much on hand.

Three On The Way (2011)

1. Showers.
2. Easter.
3. Hurricane season.
Waiting, in the background.


Three To See At The Grocery (2011)

1. Baked goods.

2. Flowers.

3. More produce.
To change the diet-
To have the chance, to try it.

Three Things That Older Folks Like (2011)

1. Gardening.

2. A day on the golf course.

3. A Christmas card from a young person.


Generational meetings-

Bring joyous season greetings.

Three About That Eggnog (2011)

1. It got its start in British aristrocracy.

2. They used sherry and brandy.

3. When it got to the U.S., rum was used.


And, when that got low-

Moonshine added was the way to go.

Three Requests For Santa Claus (2011)

1. Toys.

2. Electronics.

3. Job for Mom and Dad.


Time spent-

By the little ones, requesting

parental employment.


Three In The Air (2011)

1. Clouds.

2. Rain.

3. Christmas carols.


In December, this type of song-

Is played often, with many singing along.

Three Things Creepy (2011)

1. Monsters.

2. The unknown.

3. Your phone tracking you.
Intensity to grow-
In regards, to everywhere,
you go.


Three That Make The Perfect Scary House (2011)

1. Ghosts.

2. Goblins.

3. The unexpected.


To summize-

There must be the element of surprise.


Three Really Really Scary Things (2011)

1. Ghosts.

2. Vampires.

3. Running out of candy.


What a fright-

For Halloween night.


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