Three Uses For Rudolph’s Nose (2011)

1. To make children laugh.

2. To guide Santa.

3. To encourage you to use the Bing search engine.


The will-

To follow a Microsoft commercial.

Three To Find In The Chimney (2011)

1. Soot.

2. Santa.

3. A Texas man.


First locked out-

And, then unfortunately, tried

another route.



Three Naps (2011)

1. Two hour.

2. Four hour.

3. Twelve hour.


Once in a while-

To make-up rest, in grand style.

Three To Bite (2011)

1. Dog and cat.

2. A certain boxer.

3. Republican vs. Republican.


Vying for that top post-

The ones who will bite the most.


Three About The Great Plains (2011)

1. It snowed.

2. The roads iced over.

3. The traffic came to a halt.


Stranded and in rescue mode-

Drivers carrying a heavy load.

Three Sentences To Be Heard This Week (2011)

1. I don’t have anything to do.

2. Where’s Aunt Hildy?

3. Pass the turkey.


Much of that passing around-

At the Thanksgiving table, will be found.

Three Types Of Pies (2011)

1. Strawberry.

2. Lemon.

3. Pumpkin.


Since 1967 folks have stood in line-

In Houston, at the Flying Saucer Pie

Company, a Thanksgiving tradition,

to find.


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