Three Things Creepy (2011)

1. Monsters.

2. The unknown.

3. Your phone tracking you.
Intensity to grow-
In regards, to everywhere,
you go.


Three That Make The Perfect Scary House (2011)

1. Ghosts.

2. Goblins.

3. The unexpected.


To summize-

There must be the element of surprise.


Three Really Really Scary Things (2011)

1. Ghosts.

2. Vampires.

3. Running out of candy.


What a fright-

For Halloween night.


Three To See At The Grocery (2011)

1. Baked goods.

2. Flowers.

3. More produce.
To change the diet-
To have the chance, to try it.

Three Places To Hear Much Gossip (2011)

1. Around the water cooler at work.

2. At the grocery store.

3. While driving a carpool.


Making the trip-

In the midst, of much lip.


Three Reasons One Could Not See The Fishing Fleet Return (2011)

1. Fog.

2. Bad weather.

3. Large windmills.
In Holland, one will find-
The spread of the huge wind

Three To Study (2011)

1. Earth-Live there.

2. Moon-Been there.

3. Mars-Going there.


NASA Rover on the way-

To take details, for another day.

Three Things That Swim Upstream (2011)

1. Fish.

2. Some people.

3. Those that are behind on their blog.
Feels like it anyway-
Trying to catch up someday.


Three That Thrive Well (2011)

1. Football ticket sales.

2. Certain plants.

3. Conspiracy theories.
Always underway-
With a bit more to say.


Three Ways To Cool The Earth (2011)

1. Brighten clouds with sea water.

2. Paint the roof white.

3. Plant light colored crops.


With NO climate change to exist-

Why are these plans in our midst?

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