Three Reasons You Couldn’t Go To Work The Next Day (2011)

1. It’s still the holiday.

2. There’s not a good enought excuse to break up that four day weekend.

3. You’re too full.
Overindulging in turkey and dressing-
Causes the need for next day resting.




Three Drives (2011)

1. Computer.
2. Cross country.
3. Toy.
Once again-
Taking care of all of
our children.




Three To Do During The Drought (2011)

1. Daily water the golf greens.

2. Soak your own front and back yard.

3. Let the kids spray themselves outside for as long as they can stand it.


To waterhog, a new sport-

One in which, most should not court.



Three Changes (2015)

1. Weather.
2. Year.
3. $20 bill.
Voting on hand-
Great choice Harriet Tubman.


Three City Songs (2011)

1. New York, New York.
2. Viva Las Vegas.
3. Galveston.
The Isle-
That stood the test, in grand style.


Three To Bite (2011)


1. Dog and cat.
2. A certain boxer.
3. Republican vs. Republican.
Vying for that top post-
The ones who will bite the most.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 499


We used to write by hand-
Now we tend to use the keyboard, whenever we can.



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