Three Changes (2015)

1. Weather.
2. Year.
3. $20 bill.
Voting on hand-
Great choice Harriet Tubman.


Three City Songs (2011)

1. New York, New York.
2. Viva Las Vegas.
3. Galveston.
The Isle-
That stood the test, in grand style.


Three To Bite (2011)


1. Dog and cat.
2. A certain boxer.
3. Republican vs. Republican.
Vying for that top post-
The ones who will bite the most.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 499


We used to write by hand-
Now we tend to use the keyboard, whenever we can.



Three Popular Today (2011)

1. Certain music.

2. Certain shoe styles.

3. That black trademark turtleneck.


The one that Steve Jobs wore-

Sales, at this time, in much soar.


Three You Don’t Want To See Fail (2011)

1. Your business.

2. Your children.

3. A nuclear plant generator.


In the U.S., a better maintenance plan-

Should be directly on hand.


Three To Grow Richer (2011)

1. Those who volunteer.

2. Those who make the right decisions.

3. Members of Congress.


To endure-

To do better than the middle class and the poor.


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