Three That Are Seasonal (2011)

1. Fall festivals.

2. Halloween costumes.

3. The McRib.


Eaten and seen-

Until November 14.


Three To Dislike (2011)

1. Irene.

2. Lee.

3. The next one to come along.


Normal to dislike the hurricane-

With so much unwanted wind and

flooding, to gain.


Three Times To Take Pics During Hurricane Season (2011)

1. After the hurricane.

2. During cleanup.

3. Before the hurricane.
Before all is destroyed or blown:
To capture, all that you own.

Three About Watching Those British Dramas (2011)

1. They are intense.

2. Many are historical.

3. You get an itch to buy a tea set.


Tea time-

In the midst of writing rhyme.

Three Books (2013)

1. The Wasp Factory.

2. Consider Phlebas.

3. The Quarry.


In both general and science fiction-

Iain M. Banks aka Iain Banks, he

knew how to get that writing done.


Three Ways To Work On That Book (2011)

1. Write daily.
2. Work hard.
3. Gather your tweets.
Creating a sensation-
Tweeting yourself into publication.



The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 525

Mama used to bake cupcakes, to bring to celebrate

the birthday at school-

But, nowadays, due to obesity, it is against the golden


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