Three On Board


1. Driver.

2. Lots of cats.

3. Plenty of dogs.


No suspense-

A rescue school bus ride

while fleeing Hurricane Florence.




Three To Tolerate

1. Construction noise.
2. Street congestion.
3. Those coming by to look.
As HGTV renovates the “1973”
Brady Bunch house-
Where that family gathered
with kids times three for
each spouse.

Three On That Word Change

1. Would.
2. Wouldn’t.
3. Watch Putin’s face.
A cinch-
Not one face pinch.



P.S. Took 24 hours to change. Would

not have done it with Putin by side.

Three Necessary (2016)

1. Clean air.

2. Safe food.

3. Germ and chemical free water.
For what it is worth-
Required all thoughout the earth.


Three Reasons For Regulations (2016)

1. To keep things safe.

2. To keep things viable.

3. To protect the above from greed.
The world is not kind-
When the only thing that
matters is that bottom line.


Three For New Years’ Eve (2016)

1. Dropping the ball.

2. Fireworks.

3. Comet 45p.
In the sky, with binoculars
readily seen-
A natural light in vivid blue-


Three Firsts (2016)

1. Date.

2. Kiss.

3. Occasion to apologize for lying.
In many years, as of late-
Many many occasions, in the world of a news station
to exaggerate.


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