Three To Drain (2016)

1. Sink.
2. Bathtub.
3. Entire city.
Much drainage to gain-
After the huge heavy rain.





Three Steps For Mother Nature (2016)

1. Wake-up.

2. Blow wind.

3. Thunderstorm show.
All to bring in that cooler air-
Part of that mid autumn weather fare.


Three Places To Find Beautiful Artwork (2016)

1. Museum.

2. Art show.

3. International Quilt Festival.
A delight to see-
Another form of creative beauty.


Three Funny Clowns (2016)


1. Binky.

2. Krusty.

3. Bozo.


Quite stark-

From the ones

scary, the ones dark.





Three Weapons For The Truth (2016)

  1. Honesty.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Cell phones.


To begin to see-

What was once swept under the rug,

in past history.


Three Music Types (2016)

1. Rock.
2. Classical.
3. Zydeco.
You know the one-
Simply Cajun.




Three To Dream About At Night (2016)

1. Stars.
2. Moon.
3. Blackheads.
The will-
To black out a
well played, all
night commercial.



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