A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (44)

Our goals have been met-

We went to the park, and played on the slide, and the swing set.





Three That Kids Used To Do (2015)

1. Swing.
2. Run.
3. Play.
At best-
A moment of recess.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 569 (Until The Day Is Done)

We used to play, in the summer sun-
From the early morning, til the day was done.
Outside we had so much fun-
Of course, using our imagination.
A program or two, on TV, we’d get to see-
And, then the rest, of the time, outside we
would be.
Climbing trees and making mud pies-
Counting bees, and catching flies.
Running, til we could run no more-
Always wondering, what next, would be
in store.
Playing hide and seek-
With that once, in a while peek.
Sitting under a tree-
Talking of what we would do next,
and what we’d grow up to be.
We used to play, in the summer sun-
From the early morning, til the day was done.



A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (234)

Sometimes we don’t need real toys to play

For we can play with stick and rocks, with our imagination underway.



Three Things To Do When You Are Young (2010)

1. Act silly.

2. Play games.

3. Write songs.
A winning, at the age of 20, is quite clear-
As Taylor Swift, accepts the BMI Songwriter
of the Year.

Three Songs To Play (2012)

  1. 1. Your favorite.

2. An uplifting one.

3. One without permission.


In politics, not taken to task-

To get permission, to ask.

A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 710

Saturday, in which to play-
Without, too much mischief,
getting in the way.


Three Fun Games (2006)

1. Monopoly.
2. Mother May I.
3. Red light, green light.
Pay as you go-
As the redlight camera locations,
continue to grow.

Three To Play With At The Pawn Shop (2012)

1. Games.

2. Buttons on TV’s.

3. Loaded handguns.


In Alaska, the four year old boy did-

Luckily, only shooting the ceiling, as

the bullets, from him, should have

been hid.

Three Things That Folks In Their 80’s Used To Do (2011)

1. Relax in the rocker.

2. Play with the great-grandchildren.

3. Enjoy their golden years.


Now still for hire-

For they are not yet ready to retire.


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