The Need-To Read # 314

The thought, to read fairytales
highlighted in snow-
Will surely, this month, continue
to grow.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 435 (Oh Fudge)

The Christmas fudge went first-
As soon as I saw it, I knew that I was cursed.

One piece after another-
The whole familiy, including the sister and the brother.
And, then we came to see-
The empty plate, that included the brownie.
Next went the candy-
One more piece, to eat, always came in handy.

And, as all of this was going on-
Not one piece, of the fruitcake, was gone.

A slice of leftover ham and turkey-
Was the next delight, to be.

Once more the fruitcake was out of touch-
For we knew that we didn’t like it very much.

After all of the other treats were done-
It looked like the fruitcake, alone, was the only one.

As we approached it, we began to shiver-
But, opted instead, to one small sliver.

And, before you knew it, we had eaten it all-
No one would admit it though, it wasn’t our call.

The next year as we ate a piece of fudge-
Away, from the fruitcake, we would not budge.

For it tasted pretty good even though it had a
bad reputation-
Like generations, before us, it is now a sensation.

The Christmas fudge went first-
As soon as I saw it, I knew that I was cursed.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # (02) Vincent Price Scares Us To The Max

Vincent Price scares us to the max-
The House of Wax.
To try and sit still-
House on Haunted Hill.
The nerves do hum-
The Pit and the Pendulum.
To hold your breath-
The Masque of the Red Death.
To sit in awe over and over again-
The Raven.
In your seat to stir-
The Tingler.
Oh, my gosh, how could that happen
and why?
The Fly.
More terror as it were-
The House of Usher.
Vincent Price scares us to the max-
The House of Wax.



Three Ways That Halloween Is Different Than It Used To Be (2008)


1. We ate popcorn balls that we picked up at a strangers house.

2. The use of an x-ray machine was to check for a broken bone.

3. We actually called the holiday, HALLOWEEN.


Happy Halloween 2008-

To trick or treat, we can hardly wait.


Three Halloween Costume Accessories (2013)

1. Rain boots.

2. Umbrellas.

3. Raincoats.


Mother Nature better not give

us a fright-

By sending us too much rain

on Halloween night.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 597

A seed, planted, in the ground-

In the same spot, where the beautiful plant can now be found.



Three To Grow In Size (2012)

1. Plants.

2. Children.

3. Overhead bins on the airplane.


Relaxed nerves, to loom-

After being given a bit more room.



Three MayFlowers (2013)

1. Ship.

2. Moving company.

3. Town in Arkansas.


Now we know that pipelines do

not leak, but it happened once


Tar sands oil seeping up and over

the bend.


Three Things That Come Suddenly (2011)

1. That train.

2. The end of a good movie.

3. That sneeze.


Suddenly there-

Subject to hankie fare.


The Adventures of Father Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou (The Very Beginning) 2011

Father Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou had known
each other for a long time-
As soon as they met each other, it was like they had
belonged together, as in a rhyme.
They had both decided to devote their lives to God, and
to help people that were in need-
And, throughout the years, they helped many people,
together, indeed.
The paths that they had taken had enriched both each in
their own world-
And, when they got together, well, the blessings continued
to swirl.
Sister Mary Duckalou was not too large, but she could take
care of things, with her strong yellow beak-
She could help out with many things, those that she did
seek, and those that happened, upon her without seek.
She was white in color and wore a French hat, which looked
large, on her head-
But, it was easy to keep on, is what she always had said.
Her rosary was black, and she kept it polished to a shine-
She always took a hold of it, when or when she was not in
a bind.
Saying the rosary was the thing that she most loved to do-
She would get it started, and follow it the whole way through.
Sister Mary Duckalou knew that the beads would protect her
through prayer-
So, of them, she always took extra special care.
Father Pigaloptus, on the other hand was as strong, as he
could be-
With his favorite hobby in life, eating as everyone who knew
him could see.
A hearty appetite is what he carried with him, as he worked along-
He did lot of good things, but with a good meal, he just couldn’t
go wrong.
Of course, even though, he was strong, he also took care-
To spend much of his free time in much thought, in much
As in the style of pig, in which he was born, he was highlighted
in brown and black-
Always wearing a black suit, with a large hat, and of course on
his neck, a white spot he did not lack.
Father Pigaloptus was in his homeland of Vietnam, while
Sister Mary Duckalou, was visiting from France-
And, how they met each other, was simply by chance.
Sister Mary Duckalou had been swimming in a pond, that was
beautiful and clear-
While Father Pigaloptus was admiring the scenery, that was
The day was nice and everyone was amused at play-
And then an awful yell came across the park, out of
nowhere, it came full way.
Father Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou heard the big cry-
And, they both stopped what they were doing, and ran to the
sound that was pitched high.
Sister Mary Duckalou first had to get out of the pond, as quick
as she could-
While Father Pigaloptus up and skipped over to the site as fast
as any priest could.
There was a crowd and as they both looked to see-
Someone was stuck in a hole, and was in quite a bit, of misery.
They learned that it was a bunny named Spring who was stuck,
and in shock-
Whoever was going to save her would have to hurry, for there
was not much time on the clock.
Although, it had been a beautiful day, there were now
black clouds, looming in the sky-
A sudden difference, thanks to Mother Nature, is the reason
In this part of the country when it rains it usually pours and
before too long-
Not only would it get muddy, but the flooding would also
come along.
It flooded when rain it did-
And, would wash away Spring, of her, it would get rid.
Sister Mary Duckalou stuck  her beak in-
And, tried to retrieve Spring, over and over again.
The crowd that had gathered around began to pray-
They prayed that Spring would eventually see the
light of day.
They also prayed that Sister Mary Duckalou could figure
this all out-
They prayed that all this would be taken care of without
having to suffer any doubt.
They prayed that Father Pigaloptus would be able to
figure out his part-
For they all knew that he was smart and had a good heart.
They prayed that the rain would go away-
And, of course come back another day.
They prayed that all would have a happy endng-
That this situation would be solved and would quickly
turn to mending.
They all got out their rosaries and began to pray some more-
They got on their knees, and hoped that Jesus would open up
the door.
But, it did no good for Sister Mary Duckalou’s beak was not
long enough-
The hole was so deep and the dirt around it was so rough.
Suddenly Father Pigaloptus began to dig, into the earth-
His snout became like a drill, he gave it all his worth.
He digged deep around the hole as to not touch Spring-
He dug up as much dirt as his snout could bring.
As he dug, it made it a shorter distance to retrieve Spring-
And, then once again, Sister Mary Duckalou, did her thing.
She stuck her beak way deep own inside the hole-
As Father Pigaloptus grabbed her webbed feet and took hold.
It was a sight to see with Sister MaryDuckalou being upside
But, with all the action going on, no one really noticed, that
was standing around.
For all the eyes were on that hold and everyone was in prayer-
That Spring would be spared and brought back up with care.
As it began to rain, more and more time was running out-
The moment was tense, there was mounting doubt.
Sister Mary Duckalou stretched further and further until
her neck could stretch no more-
While Father Pigaloptus held on tighter and tighter, with
no more thought of what was in store.
All they could do is stretch and hold on as tight as they ever
did in life-
So that they would have a good outcome and put an end
to this strife.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, Sister Mary Duckalou had Spring’s
ears in her beak-
They had finally come to the point that they had prayed so hard
to seek.
Father Pigaloptus looked around and knew that the park would
be flooded real soon-
The monsoon season was like that, it was never out of tune.
That hole would be filled but, now there was no more hurry-
Spring, was about out, there would be no more worry.
They pulled and pulled until both Father Pigaloptus and Sister
Mary Duckalou were on the ground-
With Spring still in the clasp of Sister Mary Duckalou’s beak,
which was celebrated all around.
The huge crowd clapped and joy was the sound-
It was noisy, and could be heard for miles all around.
And just about the time they got Spring out of that hole-
The flood came and the filling of that hole began to unfold.
It was perfect timing for Spring would not have survived the
water in the hole-
What a great story, if only it could be retold.
By coincidence, just about that time a reporter just happened
to pass by-
And, to get most of the story, he did try.
He was from Animal World News and as he listened to each detail-
He knew that this would make front page news without fail.
This was a story that would travel around the world-
For heroes, such as this are newsworthy bound.
To take the time to save someone you do not know-
Yes, this story was going to be big and continue to grow.
Father Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou, and Spring,
all posed for their pictures with a smile-
For not to be rude was their natural style.
But, as far as publicity went, well they could do without-
For helping others for nothing, is what their lives were all
Helping others who are in need was the reason why Father
Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou becamce a Priest and
a Nun-
For they had decided between the two of them they could
get a lot of work done.
Whether they had a story written about them or not they
could not care-
Because saving and taking care of people was their
regular fare.
But, the reporter from ANW insisted, so they did as they were
Giving no thought as to whether or not fame or fortune would
The crowd gathered around and they were all so amazed too-
Of how Father Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou had helped
Spring to get through.
A special dinner would be in store for heroes such as this-
Of course, now that is something that Father Pigaloptus would
not want to miss.
After this special dinner Father Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou
took a long walk-
And, during this walk, they had a serious talk.
Sister Mary Duckalou did not know the country quite well-
She had just been visiting, and only planned to stay for a
But, while having this walk and talk with Father Pigaloptus, she
decided to stay a little longer-
For the work they they could do together, would certainly
make the life in Vietnam a whole lot stronger.
She loved the people and their way of life-
She wanted to do what she could to end any type of strife.
Sister Mary Duckalou was the one who always knew what to
But, on some occasions, she needed Father Pigaloptus to
help her get through.
Such as the case was when they saved Spring in that great big
Without that dig, and that holding on, that miracle was not
possible to unfold.
Together, they did their best-
And, surely God did the rest.
Father Pigaloptus agreed but although he did help and make
things right-
Without Sister Mary Duckalou’s determination and beak, the
situation would not have come to light.
Her beak alone could not reach deep-
But, together, much results they did reap.
Now some might think it strange for a pig and a duck to
work together-
But, as time went on, the situation, appeared to be for
so much the better.
A new team had been formed that would last a lifetime
to make for a better day-
Father Pigaloptus and Sister Mary Duckalou became
best friends, who met in the month of May.

****COMING SOON****The Adventures of Father Pigaloptus
and Sister Mary Duckalou (An Introduction With A Special

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