Three Bowls (2014)

1. Super.
2. Dust.
3. Rice.
For many a great excuse-
In more households being
put to use.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 571 (Far Away From Home)

He must have taken a wrong turn-
And, the idea, of lost, caused much concern.
He landed on the New Zealand shore-
When he was spotted, he caused quite a roar.
For this far away, from home, it had been at
least 44 years-
Since an Emperor penguin, such as he, had
been spotted, but, it still brought cheers.
But, what to do with him, no one did not know-
Surely, nature taking its course, would be the
way to go.
Where he came from was dark 24 hours a day-
It just wasn’t natural for humans, to head that
He had been eating sand, probably thinking it
was snow-
It would be several weeks before his hunger,
would once again grow.
In the meantime, the world is enjoying his
Perhaps one day, he will return on an
outgoing flight.
Antarctica, lost one of its own-
With the Emperor penguin, temporarily
being a special guest, via a New Zealand loan.
He must have taken a wrong turn-
And, the idea, of lost, caused much concern.


Three Things To Look At Closer (2010)

1. What you are eating.

2. Those birds in the yard.

3. The Titanic.
Another trip, they will take to see-
More of the Titanic, to map visually,
in 3D.

Picky Eaters Take Care Of Themselves (2001)

I was reading an ad the other day about kids being fussy eaters. I can believe that one for I had three of them and as a matter of fact I was once one myself.

The main thought that I got from the ad sponsored by pork, the other white meat, was that kids are much more likely to eat something that they help to prepare. I can imagine that the helping of the preparation makes it more interesting. a stir here, or a put that here gets the childs interest.

I think that the worst part of a child being a fussy eater is the parents worry that the child eats so little, that he or she may starve to death. My grandfather told me in later years that he just knew that I was going to starve to death when I was little because it seemed like I ate less than a bird. And then he added, but of course time takes care of itself, for as I got older I took more of an interest in eating. Only a grandfather could get away with saying such a thing. That of course would be another story in itself.

It was true that when I was younger food was not my best friend. I can remember hiding my toast behind the stove so I wouldn’t have to eat it. Apparently my dog was out of reach or I could have disposed of it in that fashion.

Getting back to the kids eating habits, the youngest daughter will take a bite or two and then she’s finished. I can remember taking my two elder daughters to McDonalds and buying one small hamburger. Between the two there would be enough left over for several more kids and one of my brothers would be in the middle of a candy bar and he’d leave the other half on the table.

Actually there is a secret to this whole situation-kids will eat enough to substain themselves whether we think so or not. As parents we don’t need to worry so much. Of course the the little tips that we pick up along the way, such as getting the kids involved in meal preparation doesn’t hurt, for as they say every little bit helps no matter how little.

“Children have to develop the right mood-
In order to sit down and have enough of the proper food!”



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (157)

The dining table, regular seating-

For dinner eating.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet # 447

At the rodeo, we get a tickle-

When we think of eating a fried pickle.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (170)

We like to watch cable-

When we are sitting at the dinner table.



Three Breaks (2011)

1. School break.

2. Winter break.

3. Eating break.


Between Thanksgiving and

Christmas Day-

Much cutting back is underway.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Winter Season (504)

To eat ice cream-

In the middle, of a winter dream.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (6)

To sit and rake-

Over that recently acquired fruitcake.



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