Three Who Can Tell The Future

1. Tarot card readers.

2. Those who look into crystal balls.

3. Politicians?

This went on and was seen-

Back in 2016.


Never mind Hillary.

Pay attention to Putin wish list, puppet. and NATO.




Three Both Sides

1. Both Sides Now.
2. Both Sides of the Sky.
3. Both Sides of the Story.
And now sad for our country to see-
Russia and USA per Trump sharing
Both Sides Of Responsibility.

Three Trump Souvenirs To Be Brought Back From Latest Trip

1. Golf tee from country club.

2. Photoshopped photos of the crowds gathered minus protest signs.

3. Those 12 Russian agents indicted.


Like any patriotic American President would do-

No exceptions, through and through.

Three Ways To Know That The People Are With You

1. You say so.
2. You wish so.
3. You ignore the huge crowds.
At best-
In your direction-PROTEST.

Three For Trump’s Scotland

  1. Golf course.
  2. Visit.
  3. Protesters.


The birthplace of his immigrant mother-

Who was welcomed this week like no other.




Three For Fake News

1. Do an interview.
2. Deny what you said.
3. Call it fake news.
Let it play-
While some continue to
see it in the confusing lying way.


No suspense-

Makes no sense.

Three To Avoid

1. Certain people.
2. Crowds.
3. Those who don’t care for you.
At best-
While stating that everyone likes you, it
is best to stay out of sight of any protest.


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