Favorite Saying

This is my favorite original saying in order to combat
the hypocrisy that I hear on a daily basis.



“I’m a good girl, as I only listen to Elvis “Christian” music.


Three Pics In The Living Room (2017)

1. Elvis.

2. Trump.

3. Putin.
In the case-
Of covering a complete fan base.


To Sing Along-When You Hear Your Favorite Song (2)

Hound Dog, first recorded by Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton, in 1953-

Then done again in 1956, by Elvis Presley.



Three Conspiracy Theories (2016)

1. Fracking does not shake earth.
2. Elvis seen at gas station.
3. Pillow found on face.
Looking to-
Another conspiracy theory
coming through.



Three Second Hand (2016)

1. Elvis.
2. Marilyn Monroe.
3. Donald Trump.
Impersonators, that is-
In the world of showbiz.




Three For Mississippi (2016)

1. Blues.
2. Elvis.
3. That roast.
Mississippi Roast-
With goodness to boast.





Three Regarding Elvis (2016)

1. Stepped into Sun Records.
2. Became bigger than life.
3. Took a stand.
He was once told to leave those
“black girls” (Sweet Inspirations) at
On his first appearance at the
Houston Astrodome.


P.S. Needless to say he wouldn’t
come without them. And then he
demanded that the person who
said that, to get his daughter, to drive
them around the dome, to the stage.

And the rest is history……


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