Halloween in 2003

Orange and black is the color this month. the cool weather is upon us and before too long we will be experiencing those shorter days.

Fall festivals and/or halloweening is on the menu. kids just love to think about what they are going to wear and the fun that they will have.
I can remember as a child getting out of school and hardly being able to finish eating my dinner knowing that the night had come.

Surely I was going to get a bagful as I went house to house. we used to eat popcorn balls that were homemade. can you imagine that? We didn’t know what house they came from, but ate them anyway because back in those days no harm could come to us.

Of course we have to be more careful today, but the fun is still there. the makeup and the costumes let the children be whomever they want to be for the night.

Some are scary figures while many others are just downright fun. I’ve seen my grandchildren dress as the teletubbies and some Disney characters. one of my grandsons was a pirate one year and the way that his hat was made reminded me of Napoleon.

My husband used to dress real scary back in the old days but with the little ones we don’t want them to get scared so he has had to tone it down quite a bit.

One year I decided not to dress up at all and I still got a compliment. a lady came up to me and said, “that is amazing what you did with your hair!” I guess that my hair can get out of hand every once in a while. all I had done is brush it so you can go figure.
I see the candy corn and all the games that amber and my grandchildren are going to play. this is the season for the little ones and a lot of fun they do have.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the children around town as they sport their costumes. there is just no other holiday like this one.

“Fun is one thing
that does not lack-
In this exciting
season of orange and



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