Halloween On The Way

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves begin to fall off of the

trees and the costumes begin to appear in the stores.

We know that Halloween is coming. We see the festivals listed

and the candy sales are out in droves.

Halloween is no longer just for kids as the adults are now highly


The word chocolate comes to mind. I remember always looking

for chocolate in my bag. Of course the other sweets are cool too.

Halloween has certainly expanded. We used to make our own

costumes and now they must be store bought. The characters

have also become endless. Both scary and fun, there is something

for everyone.

Parties, recipes, and every treat imaginable. The prep is

certainly underway.

To have a safe Halloween is the real deal. To watch out for trick

or treaters on the street especially after dark.


“Trick or treat smell my feet-

Let’s all enjoy something good to eat.”




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