A Santa Claus Chocolate Fish Pop (2001)

Small children can say the darnest things and every once in a while they’ll combine a couple of stories to make a real interesting one.

Amber had just finished watching a cartoon where a penguin who was going on a picnic, decided to pack some frozen “fish” pops.

I know it doesn’t sound very appetizing but to a penguin cartoon character it’s a real treat.
Anyway about the same time I remembered about the extra Santa Claus chocolate pop that I had bought for Amber and stuck it on the refrigerator.
When we went into the kitchen we discovered that it was gone. Obviously we had to point the finger at my eldest daughter.

I told Amber that she would have to ask her older sister about her missing Santa Claus chocolate pop.
A short time later with her hands on her hips she said to her sister, “Did you eat my Santa Claus chocolate fish pop?”
Of course my eldest daughter had never heard of such a thing and thought that it was disgusting, but in the end she learned what she was talking about.

Apparently she had enjoyed Amber’s Santa Claus chocolate pop and was certainly relieved that it had no fish ingredients in it.
Small children can say cute things. It makes us all smile every once in a while especially at Christmas time when all the little children around the world

should all be enjoying a Santa Claus chocolate pop. and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all this is reading this!

“It’s the childhood way- To have those cute things to say”



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