Three For The Perfect Affair

  1. Dinner.
  2. Wine.
  3. Someone that reminds you of your daughter?


The perfect quest-

With a tinge of incest?



Three For Radio Listening (2017)

1. Whole family together.

2. Adults.

3. Teens.
Changes in music formats to see-
Through the years, in much variety.


Three That Bother Me (2016)

1. Poison Ivy.

2. Hoaders.

3. A man who “admires” his daughter so
much that if it wasn’t his daughter, he
admits that he’d
DATE her.
Not to miss-
But there is a funny word for the
third thing on this list.


Three Sayings For Bad Santa (2016)

1. You better watch out.

2. You better be good.

3. You need to set a good example.
Good behavior to pursue-
As the children are depending on you.


Three Found In One Spot: (2016)

1. Children at school.

2. Bingo players in the hall.

3. Dinner.
The variety lot-
In that one pot.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Adults Allowed Too)

Children have always been on the scene-

When it comes to Halloween.


Dressed in costume, with a container in hand-

Searching for candy, all throughout the land.


But over the years the holiday has grown-

And of course has taken on a different tone.


No longer is it just for the children-

For the adults now participate over and over again.


After taking the little ones to trick and treat-

At a special outing or party is where they find a seat.


Dressed in costume galore-

Looking to outdo one another, and so much more.


Children have always been on the scene-

When it comes to Halloween.



Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (441)

Trees to climb-

Little poets to rhyme.



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