Clowning Around While Carrying A Purse (2001)

As a child I was always amazed at how twenty clowns could climb out of a Volkswagon.

Of course, as an adult I know the magic trick, and no one could tell me otherwise.


At least I thought no one would try and pull another one of those stunts-especially on an

adult until I saw a commercial featuring “The Perfect Purse”.


“The Perfect Purse” is supposed to make my life more easy and managable. All I have to do

is swing it by the skinny strap over my shoulders and off I go. It’s portable and has two

compartments and is about four times the size of a coin purse. I was waiting for the commercial,

to head in the direction, of pulling the kitchen sink out of “the perfect purse”, for that is what is

required for most women, including myself.


My life could be more managable if I didn’t have everything excluding the kitchen sink in my purse.

How could I possibly manage getting through the day without digging for my keys, while coming upson several

small toys that the kids had thrown in when I wasn’t looking? Or while at the grocery store,

how could I check out without digging out not only my checkbook and identification,

but also those coupons that I had seen in the purse last week.


No!”The Perfect Purse” is not for me, even though they throw in two more purses for the same price.

(Still not enough room.) The only way that I could deal with the ordering of The Perfect Purse is to

have a suitcase to carry under it. Kinda reminds you of those clowns getting out of the Volkswagon doesn’t it?



“In the purse a little more room must be found-
And as an expert I’m not just saying that in order
to clown around!”


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