Three To Expand (2014)

1. Waistlines.
2. Roadway construction.
3. Sinkholes.
Width to amass-
Deep in the heart of West Texas.



Three Things Going On In West Texas (2010)

1. Heat.

2. Summer fun.

3. The burying of nuclear material from
36 other states.
Jobs and money-
We’re in Texas, honey.


Three That Can Be Out Of Place (2013)

1. Your hair.

2. Lots of stuff, in the kitchen.

3. Spotless Comma Butterfly.
Generally, from Mexico City, seen in
West Texas-
To travel from home, with about 1000
miles, to amass.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 980 (The Bottom Line)

The bottom line-

Throughout time is what we can find.


Not enough lifeboats, in reserve-

To highlight that profit making curve.


No building safety inspections, to ring-

Crowded workplaces, with more profit to bring.


Only a little bit of insurance is required-

Depite the damage that could follow, is again, profit

gain inspired.


In the world, people have been cursed-

As profits over people have come first.


The bottom line-

Throughout time is what we can find.




Three Reasons To Sing (2013)

1. For joy.

2. For entertainment.

3. To take care of a town, near your hometown.


With Willie Nelson, generosity, to see-

To do what he can regarding the West, Texas tragedy.



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