Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 410 (Where We Used To Go)

The modern world does not know-
That we used to go every weekend,
to the drive-in show.
We’d bring our pillows and blankets,
and wear our pajama too-
Because, we’d always fall asleep,
before the movie was over and through.
We’d always get popcorn and and a drink,
before the movie would start-
Sometimes Mama would make something
else to eat, a la carte.
There was always a swing, in front, of the
Where many playing children, were often
For Mama and Daddy could watch them
from the car-
Which was parked up next to the speaker
stand, that was never very far.
The speaker was on a pole, attached to
a wire-
As the years went by, a portable radio,
went into immediate hire.
The skeeters were taken care of, and
put on the run-
By the lighting, of a funny
smelling contraption.
And as soon as the sun went down-
All eyes, on the screen, is what was found.
Commercials, of delicious popcorn being
Included with, soda drinks being poured
Of course, we’d have to get a preview, of
what was going, to show, for the next
We’d already made our plans, anyway,
for at the drive-in, more time we would
The children would always delight in what
came after, on the screen-
For a cartoon, for the young and old, was
always shown and seen.
When we’d leave, we usually ride over
a thing that would thump-
It was called the no return bump.

For if you rode, into the exit way-
Your tires wouldn’t be any good, for
the next day.
The whole family could get in, for a
certain fee-
And, yes, there were those who attempted
to get in, for free.
Two in the front seat, and two in the back,
is what the ticket taker would see-
Sometimes, not knowing that there were
four more, in the trunk to be.
The modern world does not know-
That we used to go, every weekend,
to the drive-in show.

Three To Do On Sunday (2012)

1. Late breaksfast.

2. Church service.

3. Dread Monday.


To wish for one more day-

To keep that Monday morning away.

Three Diet Tips (2010)

1. Watch those calories.

2. Watch that fat.

3. Watch out for the weekend.


We tend to stray-

On Saturday and Sunday.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (184)

I’m going to try and teach our rooster to calm down-

Especially when Saturday and Sunday mornings come around.


Three That We Look Forward To (2014)

1. Friday.

2. Saturday.

3. Sunday.


In that order-

With a festive highlighted border.


Three Things About That Biltmore Estate In North Carolina (2010)

1. It was opened to friends and family on Christmas Eve 1895.

2. The main house covers 4 acres, with 250 rooms, 34 bedrooms,
43 bathrooms, and a bowling alley in the basement.

3. The President and the First Lady took a tour this weekend.
A grand way to spend-
Part of a weekend.

To Revisit Oscar-That Always Causes A Stir # 18

Three things about “The Lost Weekend” (1945):

1. Year awarded: 1946.

2. Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California.

3. Actor/Actresses: Ray Milland and Jane Wyman.
Too much drinking-
Including much of a past thinking.

Three Short Lists (2010)

1. Foods that we don’t like.

2. Those who want to work the whole weekend.

3. Those in Hollywood, who will not get botox
Careers may lag-
With a natural sag.

A Quick Say-In My Own Way # 887

For all to have the opportunity to spend-

A peaceful and leisure weekend.

A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 886

Fridays, are our favorite days-

Because the weekend is almost here, and we will

shortly, immerse ourselves, into our playing ways.

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