Three About That Sleep Time (2016)

1. Needed.
2. Wanted.
3. Sometimes inappropriate.
Trouble, in store-
When you didn’t get enough, the night before.




Three Wanted (2015)

1. Gifts.
2. Presents.
3. Proper returns.
No rift-
For that unwanted gift.





Three Things About That Granny Bandit (2011)

1. She did many a stick-up.

2. She had her own wanted poster.

3. She was not 80 years old.
But, at age 51, did not age well-
As all of the use, of those drugs, and
alcohol can tell.

Three Campaigns (2011)

1. For a political candidate.

2. To acquire, a larger blood supply.

3. To keep a TV show.
“America’s Most Wanted” should stay
on the air-
As many want to continue,
to participate, in the national manhunt,
and don’t think
its fair.

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