Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 481 (To Stand By That Wall)

We used to stand by the wall-
When we made a phone call.
For the line, was in the wall-
And, it was the only choice
to make a call.
And then we able to move,
through cordless-
Sometimes, it wasn’t always
clear, but, we gave it our
Of course, time improved the
And, then, oh, yes, the cell
finally came around.
We could then talk from our
We could talk even when we
traveled far.
We could talk in the store-
We could talk wherever we
wanted, and then some more.
But, sometime out in the wood-
Our signal wouldn’t pick up, as
it should.
We used to stand by the wall-
When we made a phone call.

Three Regarding The Border Wall According To Recently Signed Spending Bill

1. To repair and build previously-approved fencing.
2. Only approval for currently deployed steel bollard designs.
3. No construction on a wildlife preserve.
A true call-
Not much work to be done regarding that “new” wall.

Three To Write On (2016)

1. Paper.
2. Wall.
3. Sidewalk.
As of late-
Best way to decorate.




Three Offshore (2016)

1. Fish.
2. Shells.
3. Art.
Port call-
Hanging on nontaxable




Three Places For Kids To Color (2016)

1. Coloring book.
2. Online.
3. On the wall.
With marks to face-
To eventually do an erase.



Three Ways To Stop Illegal Drugs From Coming Across The Border (2015)

1. Put up a wall.
2. Use more law enforcement.
3. Stop using them.
A meaningful excuse-
To stop this abuse.





A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (323)

At school, there will be turkeys on the wall-

And turkeys in the school hall.



A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (303)

Our posters on our bedroom wall-

If we could we’d put them in the hall.


The Need-To Read # 492

A stack of books-
Can be re-arranged,
on the wall, for good


Three On The Wall (2014)

1. Writing.
2. Paint.
3. Artwork.
A sailor, a guy-
Look it’s Popeye!



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