Three That Are Gone Too Soon (2011)

1. That favorite piece of pie.

2. Springtime.

3. Musical talents.
Great voices and tune-
Gone too soon.

Three Ways To Communicate (2013)

1. In a soft voice.

2. With little words.

3. With a loud voice.


One has to agree-

There is much variety.



Three Wonderful Feelings (2012)

1. Getting a surprise.

2. Winning a contest.

3. Voting for the first time.


To pick your choice-

To have your voice.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 357

If you’re gonna state your opinion-
Then how about doing a bit of
research, before getting it said and

Three For Music Talent (2015)

1. Great voice.
2. Presentation.
3. Fans.
To set the tone-
The true backbone.


Three For Politics

1. Democrat.
2. Republican.
3. Other.
A choice-
Given by every voter,
every single voice.


Three Early (2016)

  1. Sunrise.
  2. Birds.
  3. Voters.


An early time to voice-

Your presidential choice.


It Rocks-To Head To Ballot Box (403)

Your choice-

Your voice.



Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (507)

You know-

The certain places, that you must keep your voice low.



Three To See Today (2016)

1. Nature.
2. Happiness.
3. Whatever you want to see.
Your choice-
Your voice.




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