Three To Look For (2014)

1. New eatery.
2. Vacation spot.
3. Voting location.
To take special note-
The place to go and vote.


Three Uses For A Hotel (2012)

1. To use during a vacation.

2. To keep, out of town guests.

3. To use as an address, in order to vote, in

a place, that you are not allowed.


The will-

To vote, illegal.


Three Things About That Biltmore Estate In North Carolina (2010)

1. It was opened to friends and family on Christmas Eve 1895.

2. The main house covers 4 acres, with 250 rooms, 34 bedrooms,
43 bathrooms, and a bowling alley in the basement.

3. The President and the First Lady took a tour this weekend.
A grand way to spend-
Part of a weekend.

Three Amounts Of Time That A Person Needs In Order To Get Their Affairs Together Before Going To Prison (2006)

1. Poor person-none.

2. Middle class person-see number one.

3. Rich person-as much time as his lawyer can beg for.


A pure money flow-

Decisions about prison, as to when, or when it is not time to go!


Three things to do when you are overworked (2007)

1. Take a vacation.

2. Pace yourself.

3. Take off every Friday.
Congress, wanting to work less-
Has quite an issue to address.

Three To Do WIth Your Siblings In Later Life (2012)

1. Admire each other’s grandchildren.

2. Vacation.

3. Enter the AARP Spelling Bee.


Three sisters and a brother-

Sibling rivalry, like no other.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (430)

Off to the sea-

With the entire family.



Three Brand New (2016)

1. Shoes.
2. Day.
3. You.
To take that vacation, to find the will-
To find a brand new you, to travel.




Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (403)

On hand-

Many plans, to put their feet, in the sand.



Three To Escape (2016)

  1. Prisoner.
  2. Bird in cage.
  3. You.


Has to be done-

For everyone deserves a vacation.





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